List of works by Havergal Brian

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Under copyright worldwide, apart from earlier works (published before 1928) which are PD in the USA.
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Works having assigned Opus #

  • Opus 1: Stars of a summer night (Longfellow), SSAATTBB choir a cappella, 1905
  • Opus 2: Pantalon and Columbine, small orchestra, ?1902–04 — 'LOST, but reconstructed from English Suite No.1
  • Opus 3: Burlesque Variations on an old Theme, large orchestra, 1903
  • Opus 4: Legende for large orchestra, c.1903–04? — LOST
  • Opus 5: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? (Shakespeare), SATB choir a cappella, 1903/04
  • Opus 6: Three Songs for Baritone or Contralto, ?1904–05
  • Opus 7: For valour, concert overture for large orchestra and organ, 1904
  • Opus 8: Hero and Leander, symphonic poem for large orchestra, 1904–06 — LOST
  • Opus 9: Psalm 23, The Lord is my Shepherd (BCP, Coverdale), Tenor, SATB choir, orchestra, c. 1904, reconstructed 1944–45 (see HBS. At least 2 distinct commercial recordings.)
  • Opus 10: Irish cradle song, SATB choir a cappella, ?1905 — LOST
  • Opus 11: Psalm 137, By the waters of Babylon (BCP, Coverdale), Baritone, choir, orchestra, 1905/09 — full score LOST
  • Opus 12: English Suite No.1 for large orchestra, 1906
  • Opus 13: a) Soliloquy upon a dead child (Cumberland), soprano or tenor, piano, 1906
    • b) Three Songs for Tenor (Cumberland), 1906: Day and night; When I lie ill; If I could speak
    • c) A faery song (Yeats), mezzo-soprano, piano, 1906
    • d) Tell me, thou soul of her I love (J. Thomson), SATB choir a cappella, 1906
  • Opus 14: Carmilhan (Longfellow), soli, choir, orchestra, 1906 — LOST
  • Opus 15: The vision of Cleopatra, tragic poem (Cumberland), soli, choirs, orchestra, 1907 — full score LOST; vocal score published 1909 by Bosworth, republished 2015 (see WorldCat) and available in an orchestral reconstruction also from Bosworth (see Musicsalesclassical)

Catalogue of compositions [under construction]

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Note: Works from catalogue number 1 up to 146 or so may be in the public domain in the USA, if the catalogue number is given in bold.
Otherwise all works are under copyright worldwide. No posting without written permission from the copyright owner.
The abbreviation B&H is used for Breitkopf & Härtel, not Boosey & Hawkes, which does not seem to have published Brian's music.

# Work Opus Genre Year Notes Publication
001 Canadian Boat Song (T. Moore?) Song 1892c.1892 for voice, piano LOST
002 I shot an arrow (H.W. Longfellow) Song 1895.1?1895–96 for voice, piano LOST
003 Wanderer’s night song (J.W.v. Goethe, trans. Morley) Song 1895.2?1895–96 for voice, piano LOST
004 Today and tomorrow (Gunby Hadath) Song 1895.3?1895–96 for voice, piano LOST
005 [title unknown] (Gunby Hadath) Song 1895.4?1895–96 for voice, piano LOST
006 Anthem [text unknown] Choral 1896 for choir LOST
007 Requiem Choral 1898c.1898–99 for baritone solo, SATB choir, orchestra LOST
008 Other juvenilia ZOther 1899.0s LOST
009 Tragic prelude Orchestral 1900c.1900–02 for orchestra LOST
010 Pantalon and Columbine 02 Orchestral 1902?1902–04 for small orchestra LOST
011 Burlesque Variations on an old Theme 03 Orchestral 1903.09Spring and Summer 1903 for large orchestra United Music Publishers Limited
012 Legende 04 Orchestral 1903.2c.1903–04? for large orchestra LOST
013 [title unknown] Chamber 1904.1?1904 for string quartet LOST
014 Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? (Wm Shakespeare) 05 Partsong 1903.3/04 for SATB choir a cappella 1905Breitkopf & Härtel (B&H), 1905
015 Sorrow song (S. Daniel) 06.16/1 Song 1904.4?1904–05 for alto or baritone, piano 1913.01B&H, 1913
Published with The Message and Farewell as Three Songs for Contralto or Baritone.
016 The message (J. Donne) 06.26/2 Song 1904.5?1904–05 for alto or baritone, piano 1913.02B&H, 1913
017 Farewell (Bp R. Heber) 06.36/3 Song 1904.6?1904–05 for alto or baritone, piano 1913.03B&H, 1913
018 [title, author unknown] 06.46/4 Song 1905.5before 1906 for alto or baritone, piano, was originally op.6, no.4 LOST
019 For valour, concert overture 07 Orchestral 1904.2 for large orchestra and organ 1914.01B&H, 1914
020 Hero and Leander, symphonic poem 08 Orchestral 1904.71904–06 for large orchestra LOST
021 Psalm 23, The Lord is my Shepherd (BCP, M. Coverdale) 09 Choral 1904.3c.1904, 1944–45 for tenor solo, SATB choir, orchestra, original score lost, reconstructed 1944–45 1970sMusica Viva, Chelmsford, 1970s (VS)
022 Psalm 137, By the waters of Babylon (BCP, Coverdale) 11 Choral 1905.11905/09 for baritone solo, choir, orchestra 1914.02B&H, 1914 (VS)
023 Stars of a summer night (Longfellow) 01 Partsong 1905.21905 for SSAATTBB choir a cappella 1908.01Novello, 1908
024 Elegaic melodies Orchestral 1905.3?1905 for violin solo, orchestra LOST
025 Irish cradle song 10 Choral 1905.4?1905 for SATB choir a cappella LOST
026 English Suite No.1 12 Orchestral 1906.01 for large orchestra 1914.03B&H, 1914
027 Day and night (G. Cumberland [C.F. Kenyon]) 13.21b/1 Song 1906.021906 for tenor, piano 1913.04Published 1913
028 When I lie ill (Cumberland) 13.22b/2 Song 1906.03 for tenor, piano 1913.05Published 1913
029 If I could speak (Cumberland) 13.23b/3 Song 1906.04 for tenor, piano 1913.06Published 1913
030 [title unknown] (probably Cumberland) 13.24b/4 Song 1906.05 for tenor, piano, was originally op.13b, no.4 LOST
031.131A Little Sleeper (Ḥāfiẓ, trans. R. le Gallienne) Song 1906.06/1972 for soprano or tenor, piano, revised 1972
031.231B Soliloquy upon a dead child (Cumberland) 13.1a Song 1906.07 for soprano or tenor, piano
032 Carmilhan (Longfellow) 14 Choral 1906.08 for soli, choir, orchestra LOST
033 A faery song (W.B. Yeats) 13.3c Song 1906.09 for mezzo-soprano, piano
034.134A [title unknown] (P. Marston) Partsong 1906.10 for SATB choir a cappella LOST
034.234B Soul star (H. Bantock) Partsong 1906.11 for SATB choir a cappella 1907B&H, 1907
035 Lullaby of an Infant chief (W. Scott) Partsong 1906.12 for SATB choir a cappella 1914.04B&H, 1914
Musica Viva, 1977 (with wrong title, see Northwestern University)
UMP, 2010
036 Come o’er the sea (Th. Moore) Partsong 1906.13 for SATB choir a cappella 1908.02B&H, 1908
UMP, 2010
037 In a fairy boat, rondel, (B. Weller) Choral 1906.14 for SSAA choir a cappella 1908.03B&H, 1908
038 Tell me, thou soul of her I love (J. Thomson) 13.41d/1 Partsong 1906.15 for SATB choir a cappella 1906.01Novello, 1906
039 Twilight [text unknown, Longfellow?] 13.42d/2 Partsong 1906.16?1906 for SATB choir a cappella, was op.13d, no.2, probably 1906 LOST
040 Psalm 68, Let God arise (BCP, Coverdale) 15(15) Choral 1906.17?1906–07 for choir, orchestra, was briefly numbered op.15 LOST
041 [title unknown] Chamber 1906.18–07 for violoncello, piano LOST
042 The mad maid’s song (R. Herrick) Song 1907.011907 for mezzo-soprano, piano or orchestra 1913.07B&H, 1913 (VS)
043 The vision of Cleopatra, tragic poem (Cumberland) 15 Choral 1907.021907 for soli, choirs, orchestra 1909Bosworth, 1908/09 (VS)
(Reconstructed, available from publisher)
044.144A A fantastic symphony, E major Symphony 1907.031907–08 for orchestra (originally Symphony No.1) LOST
(though not entirely: scavenged for other works, see below)
044.244B Humorous Legend on Three Blind Mice Orchestral 1907.081908–09 for orchestra (revision of 44A) LOST
044.344C Festal Dance Orchestral 1908.011908–09 for orchestra, piano ad lib. (final movement of 44B) 1914.05B&H, 1914
044.444D Fantastic Variations on an old Rhyme Orchestral 1909.011909/12 for orchestra, organ ad lib. (first movement of 44A) 1914.06B&H, 1914
UMP, 1995/6
045 [title unknown] (Scott) Choral 1908.021908–09 for chorus, orchestra LOST
046 The soldier’s dream (T. Campbell) Orchestral 1909.02 for orchestra, or voices and orchestra LOST
047.147A Fairies’ song (P. Marston) Partsong 1908.03 for SSAA choir a cappella LOST
047.247B Fairies’ song (Cumberland) Partsong 1908.04 for SSAA choir a cappella (revision of 47A) 1908.04Novello, 1908
048 Why dost thou wound and break my heart (Herrick) Song 1910.01033 January 1910 for tenor, piano 1913.08B&H/Chester, 1913
049 The night piece (Herrick) Song 1910.01066 January 1910 for tenor, piano or orchestra FS: LOST
050 Daybreak (Longfellow) Partsong 1910.03 for SATB choir a cappella 1912.01Novello, 1912
UMP, 2010
051 In memoriam, symphonic poem Orchestral 1910.04 for orchestra 1913.01B&H, 1913
052 Doctor Merryheart, comedy overture no.1 Orchestral 1911.1–12 for orchestra 1913.02B&H, 1913
053 Go, happy rose (Herrick) Partsong 1912.01 for SSAA choir, piano LOST
054 Requiem for the rose (Herrick) Choral 1912.02 for SSAA choir, piano or orchestra
055 The hag (Herrick) Choral 1912.03 for SSAA choir, piano or orchestra
056 Pilgrimage to Kevlaar (H. Heine transl. Todhunter) Choral 1913.1–14 for chorus, orchestra LOST
057–104 47 works from 1914, mostly unordered 1914 for various forces
057.0157.1 Grace for a child (Herrick) Partsong 1914.0102probably 2 January 1914 for SA choir, piano 1914.07J. Curwen & Sons 71439, 1914
057.0257.2 What does little birdie say? (A. Tennyson) Song 1914.0115probably 15 January 1914 for voice/unison, piano 1914.10Curwen 71439, 1914
057.03157.3 The maiden and the flower garden, children’s operetta (Cumberland) Opera 1914.02early 1914 for choir, piano LOST
057.03157.3A Three dances Orchestral 1914.021early 1914 for small orchestra LOST
057.0457.4 Robin redbreast [author unknown] Song 1914.0214early February 1914, by 28 February for voice, piano LOST
057.0557.5 The sands of Dee (Ch. Kingsley) Partsong 1914.0331late March or April 1914, by 18 April for SATB choir a cappella Sold to AugenerLOST
057.0657.6 Meg Merrilies (J. Keats) Partsong 1914.0409between 9 and 18 April 1914 for TTBB? choir a cappella Sold to Augener — LOST
057.0757.7 The legend of Altenahr [author unknown] Partsong 1914.0415mid April 1914, by 18 April for TTBB? choir a cappella Rejected by Augener — LOST
057.0857.8 The owl [author unknown] Partsong 1914.0418mid April 1914, by 18 April for SSAA? choir a cappella Sold to Augener — LOST
057.0957.9 The mountain and the squirrel (R.W. Emerson) Song 1914.0419mid April 1914, by 19 April for voice/unison, piano 1914.11Curwen 71455, 1914
057.10 Clown’s song (Shakespeare) Partsong 1914.042525 April 1914 for choir a cappella Sold to Augener — LOST
057.11 Piping down the valleys wild (Wm Blake) Song 1914.0430late April 1914, by 1 May for voice/unison, piano 1929.01Augener 16423, 1929r
057.12 The chimney sweeper (Blake) Song 1914.05011 May 1914 for voice/unison, piano 1929.02Augener 16424, 1929r
057.13 Red May, military march Orchestral 1914.05157 – 15 May 1914 for orchestra LOST
057.14 The lost doll (Kingsley) Song 1914.052 for voice, piano 1929.03Augener, 1929r
057.15 The little black boy (Blake) Song 1914.0527mid May 1914, by 27 May for voice/unison, piano 1929.04Augener 16422, 1929r
057.16 The blossom (Blake) Song 1914.0531probably late May 1914 for voice, piano (originally titled Merry merry sparrow – the first line of the poem) 1929.05Augener 16425, 1929r
057.17 The moon (Cumberland) Partsong 1914.0531late May 1914, by 31 May for SA choir, piano 1917.01Augener, 1917
057.18 Summer has come, little children (Cumberland) Partsong 1914.0601probably first week of June 1914 for SA choir, piano 1914.12Curwen 71436, 1914
057.19 The river (Cumberland) Partsong 1914.06066 June 1914 for SA choir, piano 1922.01Augener, 1922
057.20 The fly (Blake) Song 1914.0606probably 6 or 7 June 1914 for voice/unison, piano 1922.02Augener 15737, 1922
057.21 Ye spotted snakes (Shakespeare) Partsong 1914.21 for SSAA choir a cappella 1914.13Curwen, 1914
057.22 He was a rat (Anonymous) Partsong 1914.22 for SATB choir a cappella 1914.14Published 1914?
UMP, 2010
057.23 Goodbye to summer (Wm Allingham) Partsong 1914.23 for SA children’s choir, piano 1914.15Novello, 1914
UMP, 2010
057.24 The lamb (Blake) Partsong 1914.24 for SSA choir, piano 1914.16Augener, 1914
057.25 And will he not come again? (Shakespeare) Partsong 1914.25 for SSAA choir, piano 1922.03Augener, 1922
057.26 The little boy lost (Blake) Partsong 1914.26 for SA choir, piano 1917.02Augener, 1917
057.27 The little boy found (Blake) Partsong 1914.27 for SA choir, piano 1917.03Augener, 1917
057.28 If I had but two little wings (S.T. Coleridge) Partsong 1914.28 for SA choir, piano 1914.17Augener, 1914
UMP, 2010
057.29 A song of willow (Shakespeare) Partsong 1914.29 for SSA choir, piano 1922.04Augener, 1922
057.30 Little white lily (G. MacDonald) Partsong 1914.30 for SSA choir, piano 1914.18Augener, 1914
057.31 Violets (Herrick) Partsong 1914.31 for SSA choir, piano 1917.04Augener, 1917
057.32 Laughing song (Blake) Partsong 1914.32 for SSA choir, piano 1917.05Augener, 1917
UMP, 2010
057.33 Infant joy (Blake) Partsong 1914.33 for SSA choir a cappella 1917.06Augener, 1917
057.34 Pastoral: the shepherd (Blake) Partsong 1914.34 for SSA choir a cappella Previously publ.
057.35 Spring - sound the flute (Blake) Partsong 1914.35 for SSA choir, piano 1919.1Augener, 1919, 1922
057.36 The dream (Blake) Partsong 1914.36 for SSA choir, piano 1922.05Augener, 1922
UMP, 2010
057.37 The echoing green (Blake) Partsong 1914.37 for SSA choir, piano 1922.06Augener, 1922
057.38 A child’s prayer (M. Bethan-Edwards) Partsong 1914.38 for SA choir, piano 1917.07Augener, 1917
UMP, 2010
057.39 The knight’s leap [author unknown] Partsong 1914.39 for choir a cappella LOST
057.40 A gypsy song (Ben Jonson) Partsong 1914.40 for SSAA choir a cappella LOST
057.41 Marching along [author unknown] Partsong 1914.41 for TTBB? choir a cappella LOST
057.42 The sweetest dream [author unknown] Partsong 1914.42 for choir a cappella LOST
057.43 Will you buy any rope? [author unknown] Partsong 1914.43 for choir a cappella LOST
057.44 Sympathy [author unknown] Partsong 1914.44 for choir a cappella LOST
057.45 Hie upon hielands (Traditional) Partsong 1914.45 for TTBB? choir a cappella LOST
057.46 Love’s remorse [author unknown] Partsong 1914.46 for choir a cappella LOST
057.47 The curate and the mulberry-tree [author unknown] Partsong 1914.47 for choir a cappella LOST
105 English Suite No.2, »Night portraits« Orchestral 1915.01 for orchestra, 1915 LOST
106 The fairy palace (M. Drayton) Partsong 1915.02 for SSA choir, piano 1922.1Augener, 1922
UMP, 2010
107 O mistress mine (Shakespeare) Partsong 1915.03 for voices a cappella LOST?
108 Legend Orchestral 1915.1114by 14 November 1915 for orchestra LOST
109 [title unknown] Orchestral 1915.112October – November 1915 for orchestra, companion piece for Legend LOST
110 Razamoff, symphonic drama Orchestral 1916.1–17 for orchestra LOST
111.1A Three Illuminations Chamber 1916.1207completed 7 December 1916 for piano, speaker ad lib. 1917.08J.&W. Chester 1917, 1996
111.2B Three comedy dances Orchestral 1916.1228completed 28 December 1916 for orchestra (revision of 111A) LOST
112 The Tigers, burlesque opera, prologue and 3 acts (H. Brian) Opera 1919.03071917 – 7 March 1919; orch. 1921–22/28–29 for soli, choirs, large orchestra 1932.01Cranz 47300, 1932 (VS)
112.1 Symphonic variations on Has anybody here seen Kelly? Orchestral 1921.01–22 for orchestra (excerpt from The Tigers, prologue)
112.2 Wild horsemen Orchestral 1921.02–22 for orchestra (excerpt from The Tigers, prologue)
112.3 Green pastures Orchestral 1921.03–22 for orchestra (excerpt from The Tigers, act 2)
112.4 Gargoyles Orchestral 1921.04–22 for orchestra (excerpt from The Tigers, act 3)
112.5 Lacryma Orchestral 1921.05–22 for orchestra (excerpt from The Tigers, act 3)
112.6 Shadow dance Orchestral 1921.06–22 for orchestra (excerpt from The Tigers, act 3)
112.7 Fanfare from The grotesques Chamber 1921.12by December 1921 for piano 1921.01Fanfare, vol. 1(5), 1 December 1921 (also published by Goodwin & Tabb)
112.8 Prologue (re-orchestration) Orchestral 1969February – March 1969 for orchestra (excerpt from The Tigers, prologue)
113 When the sun goes down (Temple Keble [W.M. Ayrston]) Song 1918.1101Winter, late 1918 for voice, piano 1920.1Enoch, 1920
114 On parting (Temple Keble) Song 1918.1102Winter, late 1918 for voice, piano 1920.2Enoch, 1920
115 Love is a merry game (Temple Keble) Song 1918.1103Winter, late 1918 for voice, piano 1920.3Enoch, 1920
116 The phantom wooer (T.L. Beddoes) Partsong 1918.121918 for SATB choir a cappella 1922.2Augener, 1922
117 Two scenas (C.R. Barber) Song 1918.131918 for baritone, piano or orchestra LOST
118 Renunciation (Temple Keble) Song 1919.0101Winter 1918/19 for voice, piano 1920.4Enoch, 1920
119 Lady Ellayne (Temple Keble) Song 1919.0102Winter 1918/19 for medium voice, piano 1920.5Enoch, 1920
120 The defiled sanctuary (Blake) Song 1919.0112Winter 1918/19, by 12 January 1919 for medium voice, piano 1920.6Enoch, 1920
121 The birds (Blake) Song 1919.012626 January 1919 for voice, piano 1932.02Augener, 1932
122 The land of dreams (Blake) Song 1919.0131by 1 February 1919 for voice, piano 1932.03Augener, 1932
123 Four miniatures Chamber 1919.021920 for piano 1921.02Augener 15441, 1921
124 Tell me where is fancy bred (Shakespeare) Partsong 1919.20? for SSAA choir a cappella Unpublished
125 When icicles hang by the wall (Shakespeare) Song 1919.21 for voice, piano 1927.01W. Paxton, 1927
126 Care-charmer sleep (S. Daniel) Song 1919.22 for voice, piano
127 Ah! County guy! (Scott) Partsong 1919.23 for 2 equal voices a cappella 1926.01W. Paxton, 1926
UMP, 2010
128 A wish [text, author unknown] Partsong 1919.24 for 2 voices, piano LOST
129 The poet’s dream [author unknown] Song 1919.25 for voice, piano LOST
130 On a poet’s lips I slept (P.B. Shelley) Song 1919.26 for voice, piano LOST
131 Music when soft voices die (Shelley) Song 1919.27 for voice, piano LOST
132 Call for the robin redbreast (J. Webster) Song 1919.28 for voice, piano LOST
133 Sonnet: my lute (Wm Drummond) Song 1919.29 for voice, piano LOST
134 Hymn to Diana (Jonson) Song 1919.30 for voice, piano LOST
135 Pack clouds away (T. Heywood) Partsong 1919.31 for SSA choir, piano 1922.3Augener, 1922
136 Absence (Anonymous) Partsong 1919.32 for SSAA choir a cappella 1922.4Augener, 1922
137 Under the greenwood tree (Shakespeare) Partsong 1919.33 for SSA choir, piano 1922.5Augener, 1922
138 Spring, the sweet spring (Th. Nashe) Partsong 1919.34 for SA choir, piano 1922.6Augener, 1922
UMP, 2010
139 It was a lover and his lass (Shakespeare) Partsong 1919.35 for SSAA choir, piano 1922.7Augener, 1922
UMP, 2010
140 Fear no more the heat of the sun (Shakespeare) Partsong 1919.36 for SATB choir a cappella 1922.8Augener, 1922
141 Mine be a cot beside the hill (S. Rogers) Partsong 1919.37 for SA choir, piano LOST
142 Fair pledges of a fruitful tree (Herrick) Partsong 1919.38 for SA choir, piano 1927.02OUP, 1927
143 To daffodils (Herrick) Partsong 1919.39 for SA choir, piano Unpublished
144 Legend Chamber for violin, piano 1976Musica Viva, 1976
144.1 The Book of Thel (Blake) Choral abandoned
144.2 Riders to the Sea (J.M. Synge) Opera abandoned
145.1A Piano Suite Chamber 1919.01 for piano (music preserved in English Suite No.3) LOST
145.2B English Suite No.3 Orchestral 1919.02 for orchestra
146 Take, O take those lips away (Shakespeare) Song 1919.1–21 for voice, piano
147 Symphony No.01 in D minor, »The Gothic« Symphony 1927.11919–27 for SATB soli, double choruses, very large orchestra 1932.04Cranz 47301, 1932
148 The soul of steel (C.M. Masterman) Song 1920.1–21 for voice, piano 1921.03Enoch, 1921
149 Tales of olden times Orchestral for small orchestra LOST
150 Full fathom five (Shakespeare) Partsong 1921.1 for SSAA choir, piano Unpublished
151 Since love is dead (F. Bowles) Song 1922.01c.1922–23 for voice, piano
152 I know, and you! (Bowles) Song 1922.02c.1922–23 for voice, piano LOST
153 Go, happy rose (Herrick) Song 1922.03c.1922–23 for voice, piano LOST
154 A proposal [author unknown] Song 1922.04c.1922–23 for voice, piano LOST
155 The twilight house (Bowles) Song 1922.05c.1922–23 for voice, piano LOST
156 Stars of destiny [author unknown] Song 1922.06c.1922–23 for voice, piano LOST
157 Where shadows flee [author unknown] Song 1922.07c.1922–23 for voice, piano LOST
158 Far from thee (F. Taylor) Song 1922.08c.1922–23 for voice, piano LOST
159 Overture (inspired by Buster Keaton) Orchestral for orchestra, sketches unfinished LOST
160 Introit. Amen Choral 1924.1 for SATB choir a cappella UMP, 2010
161 O happiness, celestial fair (Hannah More) Partsong, canon 1924.2 for SATB choir a cappella Published ?1941/42
UMP, 2010
162 Sweet solitude (Hannah More) Partsong, canon 1924.3 for SATB choir a cappella UMP, 2010
163 Shall I then be spared? (Hannah More) Partsong, canon 1924.4 for SATB choir a cappella UMP, 2010
164 Vital spark of heavenly flame (A. Pope) Partsong, canon 1924.5 for SSAA choir a cappella Unpublished
165 Prelude and fugue in C minor Chamber 1924.6 for piano 1948.1Augener, 1948
166 Prelude and fugue in D minor/major Chamber 1924.7 for piano 1948.2Augener, 1948
167 Double fugue in E Chamber 1924.8 for piano 1948.3Augener, 1948
168 English Suite No.4, »Kindergarten« Orchestral 1924.9 for orchestra
169 Blow, blow thou winter wind (Shakespeare) Partsong 1925.1 for SATB choir a cappella UMP, 2010 (publ. previously)
170 Come away, death (Shakespeare) Partsong 1925.2 for TBarB choir, piano Unpublished
171 At candlelight (Gunby Hadath) Song 1926.1 for voice, piano LOST
172 Without you (Gunby Hadath) Song 1926.2 for voice, piano LOST
173 Song of betrothal (Gunby Hadath) Song 1926.3 for voice, piano LOST
174 The battle song Orchestral FS: LOST
175 Symphony No.02 in E minor Symphony 1931.04June 1930 – 6 April 1931 for large orchestra (originally Symphony No.3) 1973.01Musica Viva, 1973
176 Symphony No.03 in C minor Symphony 1932.0512 April 1931 – 28 May 1932 for large orchestra (originally Symphony No.4) 1988.01United Music Publishers (UMP), 1988?
Published score is missing first page of 3rd movement.
177 Symphony No.04 in C major, »Das Siegeslied« (Psalm 68, Luther) Symphony 1933.1220 June 1932 – 10 December 1933 for soprano solo, mixed-voice double choir, very large orchestra (originally Symphony No.5) Havergal Brian Estate/UMP, 2013
178 Prelude Choral 1933.2 for soprano, double chorus LOST
179 Violin concerto [No.1] Orchestral 1934.06January – June 1934 for solo violin and orchestra LOST
180 Prelude: John Dowland’s fancy Chamber 1934 for piano 1934.0fJoseph Williams, 1934
181 Violin concerto [No.2] in C major Orchestral 1935.0608July 1934 – 8 June 1935 for solo violin and orchestra UMP, 1986? (full score and reduction)
182 [title unknown] Chamber for organ LOST
183 Symphony No.05, »Wine of summer« (Lord Alfred Douglas) Symphony 1937.06?March – 18 June 1937 for baritone solo, orchestra (originally Symphony No.6)
184 Prometheus unbound (Shelley) Opera 1944.0910 November 1937 – September 1944 for soli, mixed-voice choir, large orchestra FS: LOST
184.1 From unremembered ages Partsong 1939.03by March 1939 for SATB choir a cappella (Chorus from Prometheus unbound, Act I) Unpublished
184.2 Three semichoruses: 1. The path through which that lovely twain Partsong 1942.1by June 1942 for SAATB choir a cappella (excerpt from Prometheus unbound, Act II) Unpublished
184.3 Three semichoruses: 2. There the voluptuous nightingales Partsong 1942.2by June 1942 for SSAA choir, flute, harp (excerpt from Prometheus unbound, Act II) Unpublished
184.4 Three semichoruses: 3. There those enchanted eddies Partsong 1942.3by June 1942 for SATB choir a cappella (excerpt from Prometheus unbound, Act II) Unpublished
185 Legend Chamber 1944.06before June 1944 for cello or bass clarinet, piano LOST
186 Adagio e dolente Chamber 1945 for cello, piano; fragment
187 Deirdre of the sorrows (Synge) Opera 1948.011947/48 unfinished, destroyed; prologue incorporated in Sinfonia tragica LOST
188 Symphony No.06, »Sinfonia tragica« Symphony 1948.02late 1947 – 28 February 1948 for orchestra (renamed with addition of “Symphony No.6”, 1967) 1974.01Musica Viva, 1974
189 The tinker’s wedding, comedy overture no.2 Orchestral 1948.0327 January – 6 March 1948 for orchestra
190 Symphony No.07 in C major Symphony 1948.09March – 14 September 1948 for orchestra 1974.02Musica Viva, 1974 (rare?)
UMP, 1986?
191 Symphony No.08 in B minor Symphony 1949.0525 January – 17 May 1949 for orchestra, revised with organ pedals ad lib., 1971 1973.03Musica Viva, 1973
192 Turandot, prinzessin von China, music drama in three acts (F. Schiller, abridged Brian) Opera 1951.051950 – 18 May 1951 for soli, mixed-voice choir, orchestra
192.1–3 Three pieces from Turandot Orchestral 1962.0 for orchestra
193 Symphony No.09 in A minor Symphony 1951.11July – November 1951 for orchestra 1974.03Musica Viva, 1974
194 The Cenci, music drama in eight scenes (Shelley) Opera 1952.121951 – December 1952 for soli, mixed-voice choir, orchestra 2002UMP, 2002
as "The Cenci : opera in eight scenes"
194.1 Preludio tragico Orchestral 1952.1 for orchestra (excerpt from The Cenci)
194.2 Flourish Orchestral 1952.11 for 4 trumpets (excerpt from The Cenci)
195 English Suite No.5, »Rustic Scenes« Orchestral 1953.06completed 27 June 1953 for orchestra 2009UMP/Havergal Brian Estate, 2009
196 Symphony No.10 in C minor Symphony 1954.011953 – 16 January 1954 for orchestra 1973.04Musica Viva, 1973
197 Symphony No.11 Symphony 1954.04January – 29 April 1954 for orchestra 1988.02UMP, 1988
198 Elegy Orchestral 1954.06June 1954 for orchestra, originally entitled A Song of Sorrow
199 Faust : der Tragödie erster Teil, music drama in prologue and four acts (Goethe, abridged Brian) Opera 1956.0501955 – May 1956 for soli, mixed-voice choir, orchestra UMP, 1992?
199.1 Prelude: Durch die Luft Orchestral 1956.051 for orchestra (excerpt from Faust, prelude to Act II)
199.2 Abend Orchestral 1956.052 for orchestra (excerpt from Faust, prelude to Act II, scene 2)
199.3 Gretchen songs Orchestral 1956.053 for soprano solo, orchestra or piano (excerpt from Faust, Act II)
199.4 Dom (Cathedral scene) Orchestral 1956.054 for soprano and bass soli, mixed-voice chorus, organ, orchestra (excerpt from Faust, Act III, scene 2)
199.5 Nacht-Offen Feld (Night ride of Faust and Mephistopheles) Orchestral 1956.055 for orchestra (excerpt from Faust, Act IV, scene 2)
200 Symphony No.12 Symphony 1957.02completed February 1957 for orchestra
201 Agamemnon, music drama in one act (Aeschylus transl. J.S. Blackie) Opera 1957.04February – April 1957 for soli, mixed-voice choir, orchestra
202 Symphony No.13 in C major Symphony 1959.12October – 7 December 1959 for orchestra
203 Symphony No.14 in F minor Symphony 1960.02January – 10 February 1960 for orchestra UMP/Havergal Brian Estate, 2013.
204 Symphony No.15 in A major Symphony 1960.04February – April 1960 for orchestra UMP, ©1995.
205 Symphony No.16 Symphony 1960.09June – September 1960 for orchestra
206 Symphony No.17 Symphony 1961.02November 1960 – 7 February 1961 for orchestra
207 Symphony No.18 Symphony 1961.05March – May 1961 for orchestra
208 Symphony No.19 in E minor Symphony 1961.12September – December 1961 for orchestra
209 The jolly miller, comedy overture no.3 Orchestral 1962.04March – 13 April 1962 for orchestra
210 Symphony No.20 in C minor Symphony 1962.07March – 14 July 1962 for orchestra
211 Symphony No.21 in E major Symphony 1963.11July – November 1963 for orchestra 1973.05Musica Viva, 1973
212 Symphonic movement Orchestral 1964.01mid-January 1964 destroyed LOST
213 Cello concerto Orchestral 1964.05February – May 1964 for violoncello, small orchestra UMP, unknown?
214 Concerto for orchestra Orchestral 1964.09July – September 1964 for orchestra UMP, 2010
215 Symphony No.22, »Symphonia brevis« Symphony 1965.02December 1964 – 6 February 1965 for orchestra Musica Viva, 1977
216 Symphony No.23 [»Symphonia grandis«] Symphony 1965.04February – 27 April 1965 for orchestra
217 Symphony No.24 in D major Symphony 1965.08May – August 1965 for orchestra UMP, 2010
218 Symphony No.25 in A minor Symphony 1966.02October 1965 – February? 1966 for orchestra
219 Symphony No.26 Symphony 1966.06March – June 1966 for orchestra
220 Symphony No.27 in C major Symphony 1967.01August 1966 – early January 1967 for orchestra
221 Symphony No.28 in C minor, »Sinfonia« Symphony 1967.05?March – May 1967 for orchestra
222 Symphony No.29 in E major Symphony 1967.08mid-May – 11 August 1967 for orchestra
223 Oedipus Coloneus (Sophocles trans. Sir George Young) Opera 1967.09September 1967 unfinished, incorporated into Symphony No.30 LOST
224 Symphony No.30 in B minor Symphony 1967.11October – November 1967 for orchestra
225 Festival fanfare Orchestral 1968.01Christmas 1967/68 for brass orchestra, originally entitled “Fanfare for the orchestral brass”
226 Symphony No.31 Symphony 1968.04March – April 1968 for orchestra
227 Legend »Ave atque vale« [»Hail and farewell«] Orchestral 1968.06May – June 1968 for orchestra
228 Symphony No.32 in A major Symphony 1968.10June – 8 October 1968 for orchestra