Preludes and Fugues (Seger, Josef Ferdinand Norbert)

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Publisher. Info. Manuscript, n.d.
Misc. Notes RISM 225003257
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Publisher. Info. Museum für Orgel-Spieler, Vol.1
Prague: Marco Berra, n.d.(ca.1835). Plate M: B: 550. a.-f..
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General Information

Work Title Preludes and Fugues
Alternative. Title
Composer Seger, Josef Ferdinand Norbert
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Key Various
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 150
  1. Præambulum, G major [p.1]
  2. Fuga con Sogetto doppio, D minor [p.2]
  3. Præambulum, D major [p.4]
  4. Fuga, D major [p.8]
  5. Præambulum, C major [p.10]
  6. Præambulum, C major [p.12]
  7. Fuga, C major [p.14]
  8. Phantasia (Andante com moto), D minor [p.16]
  9. Prælude, G major [p.20]
  10. [Præambulum] Mobile perpetual, C major [p.22]
  11. Fuga, C major [p.27]
  12. Prælude, B-flat major [p.28]
  13. Prælude, B-flat major [p.30]
  14. Fuga, C minor [p.32]
  15. [Præambulum] Transitus per omenes Sonos, C major [p.34]
  16. [Præambulum], C major [p.40]
    16bis. Fuga, C major [p.42]
  17. Præludium, E-flat major [p.44]
  18. Præambulum (Andante), B-flat major [p.46]
  19. Præludium, A major [p.48]
  20. Præludium, C major [p.50]
  21. Fuga, A minor [p.52]
  22. Prælude, D major [p.54]
  23. Fuga, A major [p.57]
  24. Prælude, A minor [p. 58]
  25. Fuga, A minor [p.60]
  26. Præludium, C major [p.62]
  27. Prælude, B-flat major [p.67]
  28. Transitus Tonorum, C major [p.70]
  29. Fuga, A minor [p. 75]
  30. Præambulum, C major [p.76]
  31. Fuga, D minor [p.78]
  32. Præambulum, D major [p.81]
  33. Præambulum, C major [p.84]
  34. Præambulum, F major [p.86]
  35. Præambulum, A minor [p.90]
  36. Fuga, A minor [p.93]
  37. Præambulum, G major [p.96]
  38. Fuga, G major [p.98]
  39. Præambulum, C major [p.100]
  40. Fuga, C major [p.104]
  41. [Præambulum], D major [p.106]
  42. Præambulum, D major [p.109]
  43. Fuga, B minor [p.112]
  44. Præambulum, C major [p.114]
  45. Fuga, A minor [p.116]
  46. Præambulum, C major [p.118]
  47. Præambulum, D major [p.121]
  48. Fuga, A minor [p.124]
  49. Præambulum, F major [p.126]
  50. Præambulum, C major [p.127]
  51. Præambulum, C major [p.130]
  52. Præambulum, D major [p.132]
  53. Phantasia, A major [p.135]
  54. Fuga, E minor [p.136]
  55. Præambulum, C major [p.138]
  56. Fuga, E minor [p.140]
  57. Præambulum, C major [p.143]
  58. Toccata, E major [p.146]
  59. Phantasia, E major [p.147]
  60. Fuga, E minor [p.148]
  61. Præludium, C major [p.150]
  62. Toccata, D major [p.152]
  63. Præludium, C major [p.153]
    64a.Præambulum, C major [p.154]
  64. Fuga, C major [p.156]
  65. Præambulum, C major [p.158]
  66. Fuga, D minor [p.160]
  67. Præambulum, C major [p.163]
  68. Fuga, a 2 subjectis cum duobus reversis, D minor [p.165]
  69. Præambulum, F major [p.167]
  70. Præambulum (Pastorale), C major [p.169]
  71. Fuga, A minor [p.170]
  72. Præambulum, C major [p.172]
  73. Fuga, G minor [p.175]
  74. Præambulum, C major [p.176]
  75. Præambulum, C major [p.181]
  76. Fuga, C major [p.184]
  77. Præambulum, C major [p.186]
  78. Phantasia, F major [p.188]
  79. Præludium, F major [p.190]
  80. Præambulum, E major [p.193]
  81. Præambulum, C major [p.194]
  82. Præambulum, C major [p.197]
  83. Fuga, C minor [p.204]
  84. Præambulum, D major [p.206]
  85. Fuga, D major [p.208]
  86. [Præambulum], D major [p.211]
  87. Præambulum, E major [p.216]
  88. Præambulum, E minor [p.219]
  89. Phantasia, G major [p.221]
  90. Præambulum, G major [p.224]
  91. Præambulum, C major [p.226]
  92. Præambulum, A-flat major [p.230]
  93. Præambulum, C minor [p.231]
  94. Præambulum, F major [p.234]
  95. Præambulum, B-flat major [p.235]
  96. Præambulum, A major [p.237]
  97. Præambulum, D major [p.238]
  98. Præambulum, C major [p.240]
  99. Fuga, C major [p.241]
  100. Præambulum, C major [p.244]
  101. Præambulum, A major [p.246]
  102. Præambulum, C major [p.247]
  103. Præambulum, D-flat major [p.249]
  104. Fuga, A minor [p.251]
  105. Præambulum, G major [p.254]
  106. Præambulum, E-flat major [p.256]
  107. Præambulum, F major [p.258]
  108. Præambulum, E major [p.260]
  109. Præambulum, C major [p.262]
  110. Præambulum, C major [p.264]
  111. Præambulum, C major [p.266]
  112. Præambulum, C major [p.268]
  113. Præambulum, C major [p.270]
  114. Cadenza, A minor [p.271]
  115. Præambulum, F major [p.272]
  116. Præambulum, C major [p.274]
  117. Præambulum, C major [p.276]
  118. Præambulumm F major [p.278]
  119. Præambulum, C major [p.280]
  120. Præambulum, C major [p.282]
  121. Fuga, F minor [p.285]
  122. Phantasia, C major [p.286]
  123. Præambulum, D major [p.289]
  124. Fuga, D major [p.290]
  125. Cadenza, A major [p.291]
  126. Præambulum, A major [p.292]
  127. Fuga, D minor [p.294]
  128. Præambulum, C major [p.297]
  129. Fuga, C major [p.300]
  130. Fuga, D minor [p.302]
  131. Fuga, E minor [p.304]
  132. Præambulum, D minor [p.305]
  133. Fuga, D minor [p.307]
  134. Præambulum, C major [p.310]
  135. Fuga, C minor [p.313]
  136. Præambulum, F major [p.315]
  137. Fuga, F major [p.319]
  138. Præambulum, D major [p.321]
  139. Præambulum, C major [p.327]
  140. Fuga, G minor [p.335]
  141. Præambulum, D major [p.337]
  142. Præambulum, D major [p.342]
  143. Præambulum, C major [p.345]
  144. Fuga (Adagio), A minor [p.352]
  145. Præambulum, G major [p.354] ** [in 2 parts: 4/4 free style + 6/8, D major]
  146. Fuga, D minor [p.360]
  147. Imitation supra intonation: Ite Missa est, A minor [p.364]
  148. Imitation supra Alleluia Pascale, G major [p.367]
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Classical
Piece Style Classical
Instrumentation organ