Sampson Lute Book (Anonymous)

Sheet Music


PDF scanned by Gerbode
Stefan Apke (2017/6/14)

Publisher. Info. Manuscript, n.d.
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General Information

Work Title Sampson Lute Book
Alternative. Title
Composer Anonymous
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
First Publication. 1610 ca.
Piece Style Renaissance
Instrumentation lute
External Links Dartmouth

Misc. Comments

Content (fol.-numbering contained in the PDF-bookmarks; normally, title/author, if given, is placed where the piece ends):

3 An Almane. (2 lutes) (Anonymous, Almain, 1st part)
3 the præcedent Almane after the treble waye (Anonymous, Almain, 2nd part)
3v Rogero (Anonymous, Ruggiero)
3v The Spanish pavin (Francis Pilkington, Spanish Pavan)
4 Heaven and earth. (Anonymous, Heaven and Earth/King's Pavan)
4 ./. (Anonymous, Willson's wild)
6 ./. (Anonymous, Lord Hay's Courant)
6 ./. (Anonymous, Volta?)
6v A pavin (Anonymous, Pavane)
6v A Galliard by Dowla: (John Dowland, Dowland's Galliard)
7 Mrs Whites choice (John Dowland, Mrs White's Choice/Thing)
7 Mrs Whites choyce (John Dowland, Mrs White's Choice/Thing)
7v The battaile Galliarde by Johnson (John Dowland, Battle Galliard/King of Denmark's Galliard/Mr Mildmay's Galliard)
8 The Quadran pavin (John Johnson, Quadran Pavan)
8v The Galliard to the Quadran pavin (Anonymous, Quadran Galliard)
9 packingtoune galiarde (2 lutes) (Anonymous, Packington's Galliard)
9 preludiume (Anonymous, Prelude)
9v Leueche pavinn[e] (Anonymous, Lavecchia Pavan)
10 a allmayne by R Alisoune (Richard Allison, Almain)
10v-11 delatrumba (Anonymous, De la Tromba, 2nd part of duet)
11 i / a fancy for ij lute[s] by Jhon Danniell (John Danyel, A Fancy)
11v ij / an allman for ij lute[s] mr Marchant (Marchant/Pilkington, Echo Almain, 1st part of duet)
11v 3 lo: wi=lobies welcom hom. / by Jho Dowland (John Dowland, Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home/Roland, duet/consort part)
12 duncomes galiarde for 2 lute[s] (Anonymous, Duncome's galliard)
12 a mery moode for 2 lute[s] (Anonymous, A Merry Mood)
12v bo peep for 2 lute[s] an allmane (Thomas Robinson, Bo Peep/A Toy)
12v-13 for ij lute[s] 5 / a galiard for ij lute[s] (Anonymous, Squire's Galliard)
13v a galiarde by mr Dowland (John Dowland, The Earl of Derby's Galliard)