Select Musicall Ayres and Dialogues (Playford, John)

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Publisher. Info. London: printed for John Playford, 1652.
Misc. Notes Royal College of Music Library, London (GB-Lcm): C48/1
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Publisher. Info. London: printed by Thomas Harper, for John Playford, 1652.
Misc. Notes Royal College of Music Library, London (GB-Lcm): C48/2
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4 more: Complete Books 1-3 • The First Book (Ayres) • The Second Book (Pastoral Dialogues) • The Third Book (Ayres For Three Voices)

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Publisher. Info. London: T. H. for John Playford, 1653.
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General Information

Work Title Select musicall ayres and dialogues, in three bookes
Alternative. Title
Composer Playford, John
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 3
  • For 1 or 2 voices to sing to the Theorbo, Lute or Bass Viol
  1. Lanier: Like Hermit poor
  2. Wilson: Take, o take those lips away
  3. Johnson: As I walked forth one summer’s day
  4. R. Smith: She which would not I would chuse
  5. Lawes: Why shouldst thou swear I am forsworn
  6. Lanier: I whish no more thou shouldst love me
  7. Anonymous: When thou didst think I did not love
  8. Lawes: Come lovers all to me
  9. Lanier: Thou art not fair for all thy red and white
  10. Lawes: Amidst the myrtles
  11. Lawes: Faith be no longer coy
  12. Lawes: I am confirmed a woman can
  13. Lawes: How cool and temperate I am grown
  14. Lawes: A lover once I did espy
  15. Lawes: O My Clarissa
  16. Lanier: Neither sighs nor tears
  17. Webb: Of the kind boy I ask no red and white
  18. Webb: She that loves me for myself
  19. Mr. Caesar: If any live that fain would prove
  20. Lawes: Tell me you wandering spirits of the air
  21. Lawes: Bid me but live
  22. Lawes: Tell me no more her eyes are like
  23. Lawes: If the quick spirit of your eye
  24. Lawes: Phillis, why should we delay
  25. Webb: Victorious beauty! through your eyes
  26. Lawes: How happy art thou and I
  27. Joh. Taylor: Lay that sullen Garland by
  28. Lawes: Fain would I Chloris e're I die
  29. Wilson: I love a lass, but cannot show it
  30. Wilson: Cloris, false love made Clora weep,
  31. Anonymous: Wer't thou more fairer the thou art
  32. Coleman: Stay, stay, o stay, that heart
  33. Coleman: Wake my Adonis, do not die
  34. Coleman: Bright Aurelia, I do owe
  35. Coleman: Never perswade me too't,
  36. Coleman: How am I changed from what I was
  37. Wilson: Since love hath in thine and mine eye
  38. Lawes: About the Sweet Bag of the Bee
  39. Lawes: Cloris, farewell, I now must go
  40. Lawes: Let not thy beauty make thee proud
  41. Lawes: Come lovely Phillis since it thy will is
  42. Lawes: A willow garland thou didst send
  43. Lawes: Little love serves my turn
  44. Lawes: By all thy glories willingly I go
  45. Lawes: No no fair Heretick
  46. Lawes: Beauty and Love once fell at odds
  47. Webb: Go, go, and bestride the southern wind
  48. Cenci: Fuggi, fuggi, fuggi da lieti amanti (alternate lyrics set to Fuggi, fuggi, fuggi da questo cielo)
  49. Coleman: To Bacchus, we to Bacchus sing
  50. Coleman: Quench insprightly wine
  • Dialogues
  1. Lanier: I preethee keep my sheep for me
  2. Lanier: Shephard in faith I cannot stay
  3. Lawes: Come my Daphne come away
  4. Mr. Caesar, For beare fond swain, I cannot love
  5. Coleman: Dear Silva let thy Thirsis know
  6. Coleman: Did not you once Lucinda vow
  7. Lawes: Charon, O Charon draw thy Boat
  8. Lawes: Charon, O gentle Charon
  • Ayres or Songs for 3 voyces
  1. Webb: I wish no more
  2. Lanier: Yong and simple though I Am
  3. Lanier: Though I am yong, and cannot tell
  4. Lawes: Gather your Rose-buds
  5. Webb: Let her give her hand
  6. Webb: Not that I wish my Mistresse
  7. Webb: Chloris, farewell, I must go
  8. Webb: As the sweet breath and gentle gales
  9. Webb: Tell me O Damon
First Publication. 1652
Language English ; Latin; Italian
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Baroque
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation 1-3 voices, continuo (theorbo and/or bass-viol)
Related Works This collection by John Playford had a second printing in 1659 titled "Select Ayres and Dialogues" which was reprinted as "The Treasury of Musick" in 1669

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Named composers (no links for those without IMSLP pages): Dr John Wilson, Jeremy Savile, John Taylor, William Smegergill (alias William Caesar), Mr Charles, Mr Warner, Thomas Brewer, William Tompkins.