List of works by Igor Stravinsky

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The table below gives the following information for works by Igor Stravinsky (where applicable):

  • K.Kirchmeyer catalogue number
  • Op. — opus numbers (up to Op. 9); works without Op. or K. numbers appear at the end of the list
  • Title — as used on IMSLP; these are usually translated into English, followed by Russian (Cyrillic), but some are given in French where they are widely used in preference to their English equivalents
  • Date — the year(s) of composition, where known.
  • Forces — the instrumentation used (see IMSLP:Abbreviations for Instruments)
  • Genre — works are grouped in the following broad categories: Stage, Vocal, Orchestral, Chamber and Keyboard.
  • Published – the year in which the work was first published; dates of the vocal score (vs) or piano reduction (ps) are given if they appeared before the full score (fs)
  • Notes — other important notes concerning the work.
K. Op. Title Forces Date Genre Published Notes
K001 Piano Sonata pf 1903–04 Keyboard 1974
K002 Op.2 The Faun and the Shepherdess (Фавнъ и пастушка), song suite:
  1. The Shepherdess (Пастушка)
  2. The Faun (Фавн)
  3. The Torrent (Река)
mez orch 1905–06 Vocal 1908 (vs)
1913 (fs)
K003 Op.1 Symphony in E-flat major orch 1905, rev. 1907–14? Orchestral 1914
K004 Op.6 Songs (2):
  1. Spring: The Cloister (Весна: Монаcтырская)
  2. A Song of the Dew (Росянка)
mez pf 1907–08 Vocal 1912 To words by Sergey Gorodetsky
K005 Op.3 Scherzo fantastique orch 1907–08 Orchestral 1909
K006 Pastorale sop pf 1907 Vocal 1910 1st version
K006 Pastorale sop ob eh cl bn 1923 Vocal 1929 2nd version
K006 Pastorale vn pf 1933 Chamber 1934 3rd version
K006 Pastorale ob eh cl bn vn 1933 Chamber 1934 4th version
K007 Op.4 Fireworks (Феиерверк) (Feu d'artifice) orch 1908 –09 Orchestral 1910
K008 Op.5 Chant funèbre (Funeral Song) orch 1908 Orchestral 2018 In memory of Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov
K009 Op.7 Etudes (4) pf 1908 Keyboard 1910
K010 The Firebird (Жар-птица) (L'oiseau de feu), ballet in 2 scenes orch 1909–10 Stage 1911 See also the 3 concert suites
K010 The Firebird (Жар-птица) (L'oiseau de feu), concert suite:
  1. Introduction
  2. Supplication de l'oiseau de feu
  3. Jeu des princesses avec les pommes d'or
  4. Rondes des princesses (Khorovode)
  5. Danse infernale du roi Kastcher
orch 1910–11 Orchestra 1911 1st suite (5 numbers)
K010 The Firebird (Жар-птица) (L'oiseau de feu), concert suite:
  1. Introduction
  2. L'oiseau de feu et sa danse
  3. Variation de l'oiseau de feu
  4. Rondes des princesses (Khorovode)
  5. Danse infernale du roi Kastcher
  6. Berceuse
  7. Finale
orch 1918–19 Orchestra 1921 2nd suite (7 numbers)
K010 The Firebird (Жар-птица) (L'oiseau de feu), concert suite:
  1. Introduction
  2. Prelude and Dance
  3. Variations
  4. Pantomime I
  5. Pas de deux
  6. Pantomime II
  7. Scherzo
  8. Pantomime III
  9. Rondo (Chorovod)
  10. Infernal Dance
  11. Lullaby
  12. Final Hymn
orch 1945 Orchestra 1947 3rd suite (12 numbers)
K011 Op.9 Songs (2):
  1. Sagesse (Un grand sommeil)
  2. La Bonne Chanson (La lune blanche)
bar pf 1910 Vocal 1911 To poems by Paul Verlaine. 1st version
K011 Op.9 Poems (2):
  1. La Bonne Chanson (La lune blanche)
  2. Sagesse (Un grand sommeil)
bar orch 1951–52 Vocal 1953 To poems by Paul Verlaine. 2nd version
K012 Petrushka (Pétrouchka), scènes burlesques en 4 tableaux orch 1910–11 Stage 1912 1st version
K012 Petrushka (Pétrouchka), burlesque in 4 scenes orch 1947 Stage 1948 2nd version
K012 Petrushka (Pétrouchka), 3 movements:
  1. Danse russe (Russian Dance)
  2. Petrouchka (Petrushka)
  3. Fête populaire de la semaine grasse (The Shrove-Tide Fair)
pf 1921 Keyboard 1922 3 excerpts arr. from the ballet
K013 Poems by Konstantin Balmont (2):
  1. Forget-Me-Not (The Flower) (Незабудочка цветочек)
  2. The Dove (Голубь)
sop pf 1911 Vocal 1912 1st version
K013 Poems by Konstantin Balmont (2):
  1. Forget-Me-Not (The Flower) (Незабудочка цветочек)
  2. The Dove (Голубь)
sop orch 1954 Vocal 1955 2nd version
K014 Le Roi des étoiles (Звездоликий), cantata mch orch 1911 Vocal 1913
K015 The Rite of Spring (Le Sacre du Printemps), ballet orch 1910–13 Stage 1922 Danse sacrale rev. 1945
K015 The Rite of Spring (Le Sacre du Printemps), ballet pf4h 1910–13 Stage 1913
K016 Poems to Japanese Lyrics (3):
  1. Akahito
  2. Mazatsumi
  3. Tsaraiuki
sop picc 2fl 2cl bcl 2vn va vc pf 1913 Vocal 1913
K017 Little Songs (Recollections of Childhood) (3):
  1. The Magpie (Сороченька)
  2. The Rock (Ворона)
  3. The Jackdaw (Чичер-ячер)
v pf 1906–13 Vocal 1914 1st version
K017 Little Songs (Recollections of Childhood) (3):
  1. The Magpie (Сороченька)
  2. The Rock (Ворона)
  3. The Jackdaw (Чичер-ячер)
v orch 1929–30 Vocal 1934 2nd version
K018 The Nightingale (Соловей) (Le Rossignol), musical fairy tale in 3 acts vv ch orch 1908–14 Stage 1914 (vs)
1923 (fs)
Extracts used in K026
K019 Pieces for String Quartet (3) 2vn va vc 1914 Chamber 1st version
K019 Pieces for String Quartet (3) pf4h 1914 Chamber arr. of 1st version
K019 Pieces for String Quartet (3) 2vn va vc 1918–21 Chamber 1922 2nd version; arr. for orch as Nos. 1–3 of K051
K020 Pribaoutki (Chansons plaisantes) v fl ob eh cl bn vn va vc db 1914 Vocal 1917
K021 Easy Pieces (3):
  1. March
  2. Waltz
  3. Polka
pf3h 1915 Keyboard 1917 Arr. for orch as Nos. 1–3 of in K038. No. 3 first published in 1915?
K022 Berceuses du chat (Cat's Cradle Songs) (4):
  1. Sur le poêle
  2. Intérieur
  3. Dodo
  4. Ce qi'il á, le chat
alt 2cl bcl 1915–16 Vocal 1917
K023 Renard (Reynard) (Байка), histoire burlesque 2ten 2bass orch 1915–16 Stage 1917 (vs)
1930 (fs)
K024 Histoires pour enfants (Tales for Children) (3):
  1. Tilimbom
  2. Les Canards, les Cygnes, les Oies (Geese and Swans)
  3. L'Ours (The Bear)
v pf 1915–17 Vocal 1927 No. 1 rev. later (see below). Nos. 1 and 2 rev. in K083 (Nos. 3 and 4)
K024/1 Tilimbom' v orch 1923 Vocal 1923 2nd version, rev. for v orch
K024/1 Tilimbom' v pf 1927 Vocal 1927 3rd version, used in later editions of K024
K025 Easy Pieces (5):
  1. Andante
  2. Española
  3. Balalaika
  4. Napolitana
  5. Galop
pf4h 1916–17 Keyboard 1917 Nos. 1–4 arr. for orch as K045. No. 5 arr. for orch as No. 5 of K038
K026 Le Chant du rossignol (Song of the Nightingale), symphonic poem orch 1916–17 Orchestral 1921 Based on themes from K018
K027 Etude for Pianola pf 1917 Keyboard 1921 Piano roll. Arr. for orch as No. 4 of K051
K028 Russian Peasant Songs (Подблюдныя) (4):
  1. On Saints' Days in Chigisakh (У Cпаса в Чигисах)
  2. Ovsen (Овсень)
  3. The Pike (Щука)
  4. Master Portly (Пузиш)
fch 1918 Vocal 1930 Sometimes known as "Saucers"
K029 Histoire du soldat (Soldier's Tale) nar cl bn crt tbn perc vn db 1918 Stage 1924
K029 Histoire du soldat (Soldier's Tale), concert suite:
  1. Marche du Soldat
  2. Le Violon du Soldat
  3. Marche royale
  4. Petit concert
  5. Trois Danses
  6. Danse du Diable
  7. Choral
  8. Marche triomphale du Diable
cl bn crt tbn perc vn db 1918 Orchestral 1924 (ps) 8 numbers; also arr. for pf
K029 Histoire du soldat (Soldier's Tale), suite:
  1. The Soldier's March
  2. The Soldier's Violin
  3. The Little Concert
  4. Tango, Waltz, Ragtime
  5. The Devil's Dance
vn cl pf 1918–19 Chamber 1920 5 numbers arr. for pf trio
K030 Rag-Time fl cl hn crt tbn perc 2vn va db 1917–18 Chamber 1919 (ps)
1920 (fs)
also arr. for pf
K031 Russian Songs (Chants russes) (4):
  1. Canard (Селезень)
  2. Chanson pour compter (Запевная)
  3. Le moineau est assis (Подблюдная)
  4. Chant dissident (Cектантска)
sop pf 1918–19 Vocal 1919 Nos. 1 and 3 rev. in K083 (Nos. 1 and 2)
K032 Piano-Rag Music pf 1918–19 Keyboard 1920
K033 Pieces for Clarinet Solo (3) cl 1919 Chamber 1920
K034 Pulcinella, ballet in 1 act sop ten bass orch 1920, rev. 1947, 1965 Stage 1920 (ps)
1924 (fs)
See also the four suites
K034 Pulcinella, concert suite:
  1. Sinfonia
  2. Serenata
  3. Scherzino
  4. Tarantella
  5. Toccata
  6. Gavotta
  7. Duetto
  8. Minuetto et Finale
orch 1920 Orchestral 1924 8 movements extracted from the ballet
K034 Suite italienne:
  1. Introduzione
  2. Serenata
  3. Aria
  4. Tarantella
  5. Minuetto e Finale
vc pf 1932–33 Chamber 1934 5 excerpts from K034a, arr. with Gregor Piatigorsky
K034 Suite Italienne:
  1. Introduzione
  2. Serenata
  3. Tarantella
  4. Gavotta con due Variazioni
  5. Scherzino
  6. Minuetto e Finale
vn pf 1934 Chamber 1934 6 excerpts from K034, arr. with Samuel Dushkin
K035 Concertino, for strng quartet 2vn va vc 1920 Chamber 1923 1st version
K035 Concertino, for 12 instruments fl ob eh cl 2bn 2tpt 2tbn vn vc 1952 Chamber 1953 2nd version
K036 Symphonies of Wind Instruments picc 3fl afl 2ob eh 2cl bsthn/bcl 3bn cbn 4hn 3tpt 3tbn tba 1920 Orchestral 1920 1st version
K036 Symphonies of Wind Instruments 3fl 2ob eh 3cl 3bn cbn 4hn 3tpt 3tbn tba 1947 Orchestral 1952 2nd version
K037 Les cinq doigts, 8 pièces très faciles sur 5 notes:
  1. Andantino
  2. Allegro
  3. Allegretto
  4. Larghetto
  5. Moderato
  6. Lento
  7. Vivo
  8. Pesante
pf 1921 Keyboard 1922 1st version; rev. as K037b
K037 Instrumental Miniatures for 15 Players (8):
  1. Andantino
  2. Vivace
  3. Lento
  4. Allegretto
  5. Moderato alla breva
  6. Tempo di Marcia
  7. Larghetto
  8. Tempo di Tango
2fl 2ob 2cl 2bn hn 2vn 2va 2vc 1961–62 Orchestral 1962 2nd version of K037a; numbers correspond to Nos. 1, 7, 6, 3, 5, 2, 4, 8 from the 1st version
K038 Suite No.2, for small orchestra:
  1. Marche
  2. Valse
  3. Polka
  4. Galop
orch 1915–21 Orchestral 1925 Arr. of Nos. 1–3 from K021, and No. 5 from K025
K039 Mavra (Мавра), opera buffa in 1 act sop mez alt ten orch 1921–22 Stage 1925 Libretto by Boris Kochno. Parasha's Aria also arr. for vn pf by Stravinsky with Samuel Dushkin (1937)
K040 Les Noces (The Wedding) (Свадебка), Russian dance scenes sop mez ten bass ch perc 4pf 1914–23 Stage 1923 (vs)
1924 (fs)
K041 Octet for wind instruments fl cl 2bn 2tpt 2tbn 1922–23, rev. 1952 Chamber 1924
K042 Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments pf orch 1923–24 Orchestral 1924 (ps)
1936 (fs)
K043 Piano Sonata pf 1924 Keyboard 1925
K044 Serenade in A pf 1925 Keyboard 1926
K045 Suite No.1, for small orchestra:
  1. Andante
  2. Napolitana
  3. Española
  4. Balalaika
orch 1925 Orchestral 1926 arr. of Nos. 1–4 from K025
K046 Pater noster ch 1926 Vocal 1932 1st version (Slavonic text)
K046 Pater noster ch 1949 Vocal 1949 2nd version (Latin text)
K047 Oedipus Rex (Царь Эдип), opera-oratorio in 2 acts vv mch orch 1926–27, rev. 1948 Stage 1927 (vs)
1949 (fs)
Libretto by Jean Cocteau
K048 Apollon musagète, ballet in 2 scenes 2vn va db str 1927–28, rev. 1947 Stage 1928
K049 Le Baiser de la fée (The Fairy's Kiss), allegorical ballet in 4 scenes orch 1928, rev. 1950 Stage 1928 (ps)
1950 (fs)
Homage to Tchaikovsky, making use of several melodies from his works. Extracts used in K049b, K049c
K049 Divertimento, symphonic suite
  1. Sinfonia
  2. Danses russes'
  3. Scherzo
  4. Pas de deux
orch 1928–34, rev. 1949 Orchestral 1938 Concert suite from K049a; arr. for vn pf as K049c
K049 Divertimento
  1. Sinfonia
  2. Danses suisses
  3. Scherzo
  4. Pas de deux
vn pf 1934 Chamber 1934 Arr. with Samuel Dushkin from K049b
K049 Ballad, from The Fairy's Kiss vn pf 1947 Chamber 1951 Arr. with Jeanne Gautier, based on a theme from K049a
K050 Capriccio pf orch 1928–29, rev. 1949 Orchestral 1930
K051 Etudes for Orchestra (4):
  1. Danse
  2. Excentrique
  3. Cantique
  4. Madrid
orch 1914–28, rev. 1952 Orchestral 1930 Arr. from K019 and K027
K052 Symphony of Psalms ch orch 1930, rev. 1948 Vocal 1931
K053 Violin Concerto in D major vn orch 1931 Orchestral 1931 Violin solo part written with the advice of Samuel Dushkin
K054 Duo concertant vn pf 1931–32 Chamber 1933 Violin part written with the advice of Samuel Dushkin
K055 Russian Credo (Символъ Веры) ch 1926, rev. 1964 Vocal 1933 1st version, with Russian (Church Slavonic) text
K055 Russian Credo (Символъ Веры) ch 1949 Vocal 1952 2nd version, with Latin text
K056 Perséphone, melodrama in 3 scenes nar ten cch ch orch 1933–34, rev. 1949 Stage 1934 (vs)
1950 (fs)
Libretto by André Gide
K057 Ave Maria (Богороднце Дево) ch 1934 Vocal 1934 1st version, with Russian (Church Slavonic) text
K057 Ave Maria (Богороднце Дево) ch 1949 Vocal 1949 2nd version, with Latin text
K058 Concerto for 2 Pianos 2pf 1932–35 Keyboard 1936
K059 Jeu de cartes, ballet in 3 deals orch 1936 Stage 1937 Also known in English as A Card Game or A Card Party
K060 Concerto for chamber orchestra (Dumbarton Oaks) fl cl bn 2hn 3vn 3va 2vc 3db 1937–38 Orchestral 1938
K061 Symphony in C major orch 1938–40 Orchestral 1946
K062 Tango pf 1940 Keyboard 1941 1st version
K062 Tango 4cl bcl 4tpt 3tbn gtr 3vn va vc db 1953 Orchestral 1954 2nd version
K063 Danses concertantes orch 1940–42 Orchestral 1944
K064 Circus Polka, for a young elephant orch 1942 Orchestral 1943 (ps)
1944 (fs)
also arr. for pf (1942)
K065 Norwegian Moods (4):
  1. Intrada
  2. Song
  3. Wedding Dance
  4. Cortège
orch 1942 Orchestral 1944
K066 Ode, elegiacal chant in 3 parts orch 1943 Orchestral 1947
K067 Sonata for 2 Pianos 2pf 1943 Keyboard 1945
K068 Babel, cantata nar mch orch 1944 Vocal 1952 (vs)
1953 (fs)
K069 Scènes de ballet orch 1943–44 Stage 1945
K070 Scherzo à la russe orch 1943–44 Orchestral 1945 1st version, for symphony orchestra; also arr. for 2pf
K070 Scherzo à la russe orch 1944 Orchestral 1996 2nd version, for Paul Whiteman's jazz ensemble
K071 Hommage á Nadia Boulange (Petit canon) sop alt 1947 Vocal 1982
K072 Elegie, for solo viola or violin va/vn 1944 Chamber 1945 In memory of Alphonse Onnou
K073 Symphony in 3 Movements orch 1942–45? Orchestral 1946
K074 Ebony Concerto, for jazz orchestra cl jazz 1945 Orchestral 1946 Written for Woody Herman's jazz band
K075 Concerto in D major ("Basel Concerto") str 1946, rev. 1947 Orchestral 1947 For the 20th anniversary of the Basel Chamber Orchestra
K076 Orpheus, ballet in 3 scenes orch 1946–47 Stage 1948
K077 Mass sop alt ten bass ch 2ob eh 2bn 2tpt 3tbn 1944–48 Vocal 1948
K078 The Rake's Progress, opera in 3 acts vv ch orch 1947–51 Stage 1951 Libretto by Wynstan Hugh Auden and Chester Kallman
K079 Cantata sop ten fch 2fl 2ob eh vc 1951–52 Vocal 1952
K080 Septet ("1953") cl hn bn vn va vc pf 1952–53 Chamber 1953
K081 Songs from William Shakespeare (3):
  1. Musick to Heare
  2. Full Fadom Five
  3. When Dasies Pied
mez fl cl va 1953 Vocal 1954
K082 Praeludium, for jazz ensemble 4sax 3tpt 2tbn perc gtr 3vn va vc db 1936–37, rev. 1953 Orchestral 1968
K083 Russian Songs (4):
  1. The Drake (Селезень)
  2. A Russian Spiritual (Сектантская)
  3. Geese and Swans (Гуси, лебеди)
  4. Tilimbom (Тилимъ-бомъ)
v fl hp gtr 1953–54 Vocal 1955 Arr. from K031 (Nos. 1 and 4), K024 (Nos. 2 and 1)
K084 In memoriam Dylan Thomas ten 4tbn 2vn va vc 1954 Vocal 1954
K085 Greeting Prelude orch 1955 Orchestral 1956 For the 80th birthday of Pierre Monteux
K086 Canticum Sacrum ten bar ch orch 1955 Vocal 1956
K087 Choral-Variationen (Choral Variations) ch orch 1955–56 Vocal 1956 Based on Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her, BWV 769, by Johann Sebastian Bach
K088 Agon, ballet for 12 dancers orch 1953–57 Stage 1957
K089 Threni, lamentations of the prophet Jeremiah sop alt 2ten 2bass ch orch 1958 Vocal 1958
K090 Epitaphium (Epitaph) fl cl hp 1959 Chamber 1959 For the Tombstone of Prince Max Egon zu Fürstenberg
K091 Movements for Piano and Orchestra pf orch 1958–59 Orchestral 1960
K092 Double Canon, for string quartet 2vn va vc 1959 Chamber 1960 In memory of Raoul Dufy
K093 Tres Sacrae Cantiones:
  1. Da pacem Domine
  2. Assumpta est Maria
  3. Illumina nos
ch 1957–59 Vocal 1960 Completion of 3 works by Carlo Gesualdo, for the 400th anniversary of his birth. No. 3 was first published separately (1957)
K094 Monumentum pro Gesualdo di Venosa:
  1. Asciugate i begli occhi
  2. Ma tu, cagion di quella
  3. Beltà poi che t'assenti
orch 1960 Orchestral 1960 Arr. of 3 maddrigals by Carlo Gesualdo, for the 400th anniversary of his birth
K095 A Sermon, a Narrative and a Prayer, cantata alt sop nar ch orch 1960–61 Vocal 1961
K096 Anthem ("The Dove Descending Breaks the Air") ch 1962 Vocal 1962
K097 Lullaby v pf 1917 Vocal 1962
K098 The Flood, musical play vv ch orch 1961–62 Stage 1963 Libretto by Robert Craft
K099 Canzonetta cl bcl 4hn hp db 1963 Chamber 1964 Arr. of the Canzonetta (No.1) from 2 Pieces from Kuolema, Op.62, by Jean Sibelius
K100 Elegy for J.F.K. bar/mez 3cl 1964 Vocal 1964 In memory of President John F. Kennedy. Words by Wynstan Hugh Auden and Chester Kallman
K101 Abraham and Isaac, a sacred ballad bar orch 1962–63 Vocal 1965
K102 Fanfare for a New Theater 2tpt 1964 Chamber 1968 For the opening of the New York State Theater
K103 Variations (Aldous Huxley in memoriam) orch 1963–64 Orchestral In memory of Aldous Huxley
K104 Introitus (T. S. Eliot in memoriam) mch hp pf perc va db 1965 Vocal 1965 In memory of Thomas Stearns Eliot
K105 Canon on a Popular Russian Tune orch 1965 Orchestral 1973 The popular Russian tune is the finale from The Firebird
K106 Requiem Canticles alt bass ch orch 1965–66 Vocal 1967
K107 The Owl and the Pussy-Cat sop pf 1966 Vocal 1967
K108 Sacred Songs by Hugo Wolf (2):
  1. Herr, was trägt der Boden hier
  2. Wunden trägst du mein Geliebter
mez 3cl 2hn 2vn va vc db 1966 Vocal 1969 Arr. of 2 songs from Spanisches Liederbuch by Hugo Wolf
K109 Piano Sonata pf 1967 Keyboard Two uncompeted sketches (unpublished)
K110 Preludes and Fugues 3cl 2bn str 1969 Orchestral Orchestration of Nos. 4, 10, 24 from the and No. 6 from Das wohltemperierte Klavier II, BWV 870-893 (unpublished)
KN01 Tarantella pf 1898 Keyboard Student work (unpublished)
KN02 Scherzo pf 1902 Keyboard 1973
KN03 Storm Cloud v pf 1902 Vocal 1982 Song to words by Aleksandr Pushkin
KN04 Cantata ch pf 1904 Vocal Lost
KN05 The Mushrooms Go to War bass pf 1904 Vocal 1979 Incomplete song
KN06 Tarantula v pf 1906 Vocal Song (lost)
KN07 Kobold orch 1909 Stage Arr. of No. 3 of the Lyric Pieces, Op.71, by Edvard Grieg, for inclusion in the ballet Le Festin
KN08 Nocturne / Valse Brillante orch 1909 Stage Arr. of No. 3 of the Nocturnes, Op.32 )and the Grande valse brillante, Op.18, by Frédéric Chopin, for inclusion in the ballet Les Sylphides
KN09 Song of the Flea [Beethoven] bass orch 1909 Vocal 1913 Arr. of No. 3 of the 6 Gesänge, Op.75, by Ludwig van Beethoven
KN10 Song of the Flea [Mussorgsky] bass pf 1909 Vocal 1914 Arr. of Mephistopheles's Song in Auerbach's Cellar by Modest Mussorgsky
KN11 Schaklowiti's Aria / Choral Finale vv orch 1913 Vocal Completion of 2 extracts from the opera Khovanshchina by Modest Mussorgsky (unpublished)
KN12 Valse des fleurs pf4h 1914 Keyboard 1997
KN14 Souvenir d'une Marche Boche pf 1915 Keyboard 1915
KN15 Chant des bateliers du Volga (Song of the Volga Boatmen) orch 1917 Orchestral Unpublished
KN16 Valse pour les enfants pf 1917 Keyboard 1922
KN17 Canon 2hn 1917 Unpublished
KN18 Choeur du Prologue pf 1918 Keyboard 1997 Arr. of the choral prologue from the opera Boris Godunov by Modest Mussorgsky
KN19 Lied ohne Name 2bn 1918 Chamber 1977
KN20 La Marseillaise vn 1919 Chamber Arr. of the French national anthem
KN21 La Belle au Bois Dormant, 2 movements orch 1921 Stage 1981 Arr. of Nos. 15b and 18 from the ballet The Sleeping Beauty, Op. 66, by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. See also KN27
KN22 Prayer ch 1930 Vocal Fragment only
KN23 Dialogue between Joy and Reason (Dialogue de la Joye et de la Raison) 2vv pf 1933 Vocal 1982
KN24 Petit Ramusianum Harmonique v/vv 1937 Vocal 1938 Written for the 60th birthday of Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz
KN25 To Mister Paul v Vocal Written for Paul Sachs (unpublished)
KN26 The Star-Spangled Banner ch orch 1941 Vocal 1941 Arrangement of the American national anthem
KN27 Pas de deux (Le Oiseau Bleu) orch 1941 Stage 1953 Arr. of No. 25 from the ballet The Sleeping Beauty, Op. 66, by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. See also KN21
KN28 Welcome Richard 1945 Written for Richard Rodzinski (unpublished)
KN29 Birthday Chorale ch 1946 Vocal 1982 Arr. of a poem and melody by Georges Balanchine
KN30 Happy Birthday 1951 Written for the zimablist Mary Curtis (unpublished)
KN31 To Paul Hindemith 1951 Written for Paul Hindemith (unpublished)
KN32 Chorale Theme org 1951 Keyboard Written for Marcel Dupré
KN33 Succès 1954 Written for Darius Milhaud
Berceuse v pf 1918 Vocal Words by Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz
Chorale ch 1920 Vocal Premiered 1921-06-10 in London, cond. Serge Koussevitzky
Pour Pablo Picasso cl 1917 Chamber Written for the artist Pablo Picasso on a telegram form
Suite vn pf 1925 Chamber On themes and fragments by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi