The Gresse Manuscript, UB Utrecht Hs.20 B 9 (Anonymous)

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Fynnjamin (2018/10/28)

Publisher. Info. Manuscript, n.d. (c.1650-1680).
Misc. Notes UB Utrecht Hs. 20 B 9
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Editor Hans-Thomas Müller-Schmidt (b. 1957)
Publisher. Info. Hans-Thomas Müller-Schmidt, 2020.
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General Information

Work Title The Gresse Manuscript
Alternative. Title
Composer Anonymous
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 53 pieces (2 sections written in different hands). see below
First Section
rudiments chart
  1. Bargamasko.
  2. Stockendans.
  3. Tricoté.
  4. La Bouré Dartus. (possibly by Artus Aux-Cousteaux)
  5. Balet.
  6. La Moustarde.
  7. La Moustarde Reformé.
  8. La Grideliné.
  9. Le Minuette.
  10. Herders hij is Geboren.
  11. O Herders Alsoetjes.
  12. Welkom kindeken Jesu zoet.
  13. La Coquille.
  14. La Canari.
  15. La Lande.
Second Section
Opening recitation, Miserere, 5-part chords (possibly a motto)
  1. Preludium. (G major)
  2. Almande. "J.S."
  3. Courante.
  4. Sarabande.
  5. Air, dans un bois. (by Lully) (C major)
  6. Almande. "L.B." (possibly by Leonhard Beer, fl.1644-51) (D minor) (also appears in the 1678 Clavicordium Buch, D-B Staatsbibl.40623 - this manuscript has been lost since World War II)
  7. Courante. (possibly by Leonhard Beer)
  8. Sarabande. (possibly by Leonhard Beer. Appears as "Selebrand Beare" in Elizabeth Rogers' Virginal Book of c.1656, GB-Lbl Add.10337, and copied in New York, Drexel 5609)
  9. Almande. (by Benjamin Sandley, in Musick's Hand-maide, 1663) (G major)
  10. Courante. (Sandley)
  11. Sarabande. (Sandley)
  12. Jegg. (Sandley)
  13. Menuets du Dauphin. (D minor)
  14. Alcide. (Alcide est vainquer from Lully's Alceste, 1674) (C major)
  15. Praeludium. (A minor)
  16. Almande.
  17. Courante.
  18. Sarabande.
  19. Jigge.
  20. Sarabande de la Royne. (G minor)
  21. Allemande / Jb. Gresse. (D major)
  22. Les plaisirs. (Hébé's air & chorus, Act II Scene 7 from Lully's Isis, 1677) (D minor)
  23. Ay mes profitez. (Nymph's duet from Lully's Isis) (G minor)
  24. Canzonna. (G major)
  25. Que ces lieux. (G minor)
  26. Allemande /Jb. Gresse. (D minor)
  27. Courante / Jb. Gresse.
  28. Sarabande / Jb. Gresse.
  29. Untitled (probably an arrangement from a work by Lully) (G minor)
  30. Canzon. (A minor)
  31. Allemande / Jb. Gresse. (D minor)
  32. Courante / Jb. Gresse.
  33. Sarabande / Jb. Gresse.
  34. Preludium. (arrangement of the opening of Toccata XX by Froberger) (A minor)
  35. Preludium. (A minor)
  36. Allemande / Jb. Gresse. (A major)
  37. Untitled (version of No.5 Dans un bois) (C major), plus sketches/scribblings
  38. Untitled, possibly incomplete, in the style of a French ouverture (C major)
First Publication. 1650-80 ca.
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation keyboard