The Most Popular series

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This was a series of music books published from ca.1905 to 1920 by Hinds, Hayden & Eldredge of New York. This series was in competition with Appleton of New York's contemporaneous The whole world series.


Arrangers and Editors

Albert Ernest Wier (1879-1945)
Ernest Richard Kroeger (1862-1934)
Edward Julius Biedermann (1849-1933)
Carrie Bullard Lewis (1865—1951)




  • selections for cornet and piano
  • clarinet solos
  • saxophone solos
  • Violin Pieces
  • violin solos
  • new violin solos
  • selections for violin and piano
  • violin dance pieces
  • folk songs for violin and piano
  • selections from grand operas for violin
  • Children's Piano Duets
  • piano pieces
  • modern piano instructor
  • modern piano duets
  • modern piano pieces
  • vocal duets
  • plantation songs,
  • home songs
  • hymns
  • sacred songs
  • national songs
  • songs for the guitar
  • mandolin operatic pieces
  • Mother Goose songs
  • Songs of Patriotism
  • selections from the operas
  • songs from the operas
  • songs for every occasion
  • sacred songs
  • college songs
  • songs from the comic operas.