Vinzenz Kratochwill

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Typical instrumental work cover (1870s)
Typical Operetta cover (1886)


Vinzenz Kratochwill published popular music in Vienna from 1873 onwards, at a frenetic pace, meriting 1260 HMB entries. In addition to dances in many arrangements, it published zither music, especially Paschinger's "Wiener Zither-Journal f. elegische u. heitere Piècen" (204 items) and "Bunte Blatter" (174 items). The firm absorbed Wessely & Büsing in 1885, but finally ran into problems publishing operettas and was taken over by Bosworth & Co. in 1889.

Authority control

  • VIAF (V. Kratochwill Wien)
  • VIAF (V. Kratochwill & Co. Nachfolger Wien)