W.H. Paling

cover ca.1890
Paling's Annual cover ca.1890
Paling's store ca.1890
Paling's store interior ca.1890



William Henry Paling (1825-1895), grew up in the Netherlands, where he studied the violin under Berthold Tours. He arrived in Sydney in 1853. Paling was wide ranging in his musical activities: he taught music privately and in schools, opened a music store, composed dances, performed on the violin, and opened an academy of music He also inaugurated a Quartette and Glee Club for Gentlemen Amateurs, and a society, Erudito Musica, which first met in January 1856.

W.H Paling & Co. published music from about 1860 until 1950. The items were mainly domestic in character, including a long series of annuals, similar to those published by E.W. Cole and Allan & Co. Palings's retail store operated from 1884 to 1960.

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  • Sydney

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Plate Composer Work Year
0132 MacLean Reverie and Brindisian Serenade 1897
0284 Ascher Alice, Where Art Thou? (arr. cornet & piano) 1911
1482 MacLean Rondo in A major 1929

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