Berg's Concert Series


  • Issued by S.M. Berg in 1917 the nineteen numbers (consisting of seven compositions as four of the works were multi-movement pieces) published in this series were intended for the use of theater orchestras. Berg had begun issuing short orchestral works in 1916 as part of Berg's Incidental Series intended for use by theater orchestras as accompaniment for silent movies. Typically, the works were scored for an orchestra consisting of the following: flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, bassoon, 2 horns, 2 cornets, trombone, timpani, percussion, piano, and strings. Through the use of cross cueing the works could also be performed by a reduced-sized orchestra typically consisting of the following: flute, clarinet, 2 cornets, trombone, timpani, percussion, piano, and strings. The parts used for both sizes of orchestra were identical. Belwin Concert Edition might have been a continuation of this series as the firm S.M. Berg was acquired by (or perhaps merged into) Belwin, Inc. by late 1918.


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Number Title Subtitle/Movement Title Composer Publication Date Notes
101 Oriental Pictures: Mvt. I Sunrise and Incantations Borch 1917
102 Oriental Pictures: Mvt. II The Caravan Borch 1917
103 Oriental Pictures: Mvt. III Rest Borch 1917
104 Oriental Pictures: Mvt. IV Shadows of Night Borch 1917
105 Serenata Characteristic Napolitan Crespi 1917
106 Sonata Pathétique: Mvt. I Grave-Allegro molto Beethoven 1917 Bergé, arranger
107 Sonata Pathétique: Mvt. II Adagio cantabile Beethoven 1917 Bergé, arranger
108 Sonata Pathétique: Mvt. III Rondo Beethoven 1917 Bergé, arranger
109 Alborada Caprice espagnole Andino 1917
111 Mountain Music Suite: Mvt. I Sunrise on the Mountain Borch 1917
112 Mountain Music Suite: Mvt. II Moutaineer's March Borch 1917
113 Mountain Music Suite: Mvt. III Mountain Song Borch 1917
114 Mountain Music Suite: Mvt. IV Mountaineer's Dance Borch 1917
115 Frills and Furbellows Rondo Rococo Fanchette-Crespi 1917 Arranged by Bergé, copyright registration noted that Fanchette-Crespi was a pseudonym, not confirmed as no.115 but it was re-issued by Belwin as no.5 in the Belwin Concert Edition series (Mountain Music being nos.1-4 and the Symphonette being nos.6-9).
116 Symphonette in four parts-on one theme: Mvt. I I. Lento-Allegro Bergé 1917
117 Symphonette in four parts-on one theme: Mvt. II II. Adagietto Bergé 1917
118 Symphonette in four parts-on one theme: Mvt. III III. Scherzetto Bergé 1917
119 Symphonette in four parts-on one theme: Mvt. IV IV. Finale Bergé 1917
120 May-Dreams Romance Borch 1918 Issued by Belwin under number 120 but listed as no.10 in its catalog of Belwin Concert Edition suggesting it originated as Berg's property although copyright registration confirms published by Belwin in 1918.