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Regular Issues (Leipzig: 1800-present)

Note: The dates given in plain type have been confirmed in the Hofmeister Monatsbericht, Fuld, or similar sources. Dates in italics are estimates.

C.F. Peters Corp. (New York) Imprints

Plate Number Composer Work/album title Editor(s) Publ. Date (Est.) Ed. Number
Schoenberg Phantasy for Violin and Piano, Op.47 1952 6060
Porter, Quincy Sonata for Piano 1966 6669
Adler, Samuel Symphony No.3 (Diptych) for winds (score) 1985 6453
51177 Wuorinen Adagio for Piano 1994**
66138 Riley, Dennis 5 Little Movements 1971
66139 Riley, Dennis 6 Canonic Variations 1971
66785 Wuorinen Fast Fantasy (sc&pt) 1979
66878 Babbitt Ars combinatoria (score) 1981
67017 Wuorinen Concertino for Piano or 15 Solo Instr. 2001
67087 Babbitt Piano Concerto (No.1) (score) 1990
67189 Imbrie Dream Sequence for chamber ens 1989
67194 Babbitt Transfigured notes (sc) 1987
67255 Wuorinen Violin Sonata (sc&pt) 1990
67264 Babbitt Whirled Series (sc&pt) 1987
67870 Babbitt When shall we three meet again? (sc) 1996
68226 Wuorinen Piano Sonata No.4 2007

**The Wuorinen adagio (commissioned by pianist Peter Serkin) is copyright 1991, with plate 51177, and was published 1994, with plate 68364, apparently. An interesting case.

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