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This Parisian firm was founded by L. Bathlot in 1868 and was first known by that name. Bathlot had acquired the business of the music copyist and publisher Isidore Royol who had been in business since 1846 (since 1852 as a publisher).

Over 20 years later Martin-Célestin Joubert (1861–1934), a lawyer who had Bathlot as a client, joined the firm in 1891 (Krummel/Sadie, Music printing and publishing, p.305) causing the imprint to be changed to L. Bathlot-Joubert. This Belle Epoque decade was a time of vast output of popular songs and operettas.

The name C. Joubert was adopted by 1896, and the firm acquired a voluminous catalog of French 19th works of all types when it took over Brandus (actually known as Philippe Maquet from 1887 to 1899) in 1899. It published mainly dances, songs, and operettas, but also some serious works, such as Franck's les Beatitudes (1889). Its last publication in the BNF catalog is of Jack Ledru (1922-) in 1967.

This firm should not be confused with John Jobert or Editions Jobert, founded in 1921.


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • L. Bathlot (1868–ca.1887)
  • L. Bathlot & Héraud / L. Bathlot & Vve. Héraud (1887–ca.1891)
  • L. Bathlot-Joubert (1891–1896)
  • C. Joubert (1896–?)
  • C. Joubert et Cie.


  • Paris 37 Rue Eschiquier (1868–ca.1896)
  • Paris 25 Rue d'Hauteville (1897–?)

Engraving and Printing Partners

Plate Numbers

The format for the firm's plate numbers followed the changes in company name. Dates in italics are estimated.

  • L.B. #### (1868–?)
  • C.J. or J. #### (1891–?)
Plate Composer Work Year
0437 Litolff La boîte de Pandore (vocal score) 1872
0516 Grisart Memnon (vocal score) 1872
0603 Battmann Pluie de mélodies, Op.326 1872
1520 Planquette Les cloches de Corneville (vocal score) 1877
2336 Deffès Les noces de Fernande (vocal score) 1880
2664 Collin, L. La Jarretière bleue, chansonette 1880
6702 Dédé Méphisto masqué (for piano) 1889
6712 Dédé Méphisto masqué (for orchestra) 1889
8026 Pessard Marche triomphante, Op.100 (pf) 1893
8085 Cazaneuve Gavotte des pages (pf) 1893
8089 Cazaneuve Sur les pointes (pf.) 1893
8145 Bachmann Souviens-toi (pf.) 1894
8158 Brès, J. La Fauvette des Tuileries, romance 1893
8586 Damaré Polka des Capucines, Op.198 (pf.) 1896
8587 Planquette Les cloches de Corneville (selections for piano arr. Bull) 1896
8648 Cazaneuve Adonide, sérénade 1896
8748 Clérice Pavie (v.s.) 1897
8774 Chiesa, M. Campanella, bluette 1897
9025 Malo Comédie à Compiègne (vocal score) 1902
9163 Tavan Fantaisie sur 'Lischen et Fritzchen' 1904
9207 Vieu Arlette (vocal score) 1905
9256 Lecocq Romance for Violin 1905

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