Social Harmony (Various)

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Fynnjamin (2010/7/5)

Editor Thomas Hale
Publisher. Info. [Liverpool: Hale & Son, 1763]
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General Information

Work Title Social Harmony, Consisting of a Collection of Songs and Catches In 2, 3, 4 and 5 Parts, From the Works of the most eminent Masters To which are added Several Choice Songs on Masonry By Thomas Hale of Darnhall Cheshire
Alternative. Title
Composer Various
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 3 parts and supplement:
  • Part 1 (Masonic Songs)
  1. Brother Orme: Arise, gentle Muse and thy wisdom impart (a3) [p.1-1]
  2. Mr. Ridley: Begin, o ye Muses a free Mason's strain (a4) [p.1-5]
  3. Hayes: An Ode Sacred to Masonry (a2-4) [p.1.-3]
  • Part 2 (Songs)
An Alphabetical Table of the Songs in Part 2
  1. Mr. Hicks: Boast no more, no more fond love (a3) [p.2-1]
  2. Purcell: Come, let us leave the town from The Fairy Queen (a2+b.c.) [p.2-3]
  3. Eccles: Fill all the glasses, fill 'em high (a2) [p.2-6]
  4. Purcell: For folded flocks and fruitful plains from King Arthur (a3) [p.2-9]
  5. Purcell: Fair Cloe my breast so alarms (a2+b.c.) [p.2-12]
  6. Travers: Fair and Ugly from 18 Canzonets (a3) [p.2-17]
  7. Purcell: For love ev'ry creature is form'd (a2+b.c.) [p.2-19]
  8. Arne: From tyrant laws and customs free from Comus (a2+b.c.) [p.2-22]
  9. Greene: Great ruler of the restless waves (a1-3+b.c.) [p.2-26]
  10. Blow: Go perjur'd man and if thou e'er return (a2+b.c.) [p.2-32]
  11. Blow: Go perjur'd maid to all extremes (a2+b.c.) [p.2-36]
  12. Greene: Hail British isle of mighty fame (a3) [p.2-40]
  13. Eccles: Inspire Us Genius of the Day (a3+b.c.) [p.2-46]
  14. Travers: I, like a bee, with toil and pain from 18 Canzonets (a2+b.c.) [p.2-51]
  15. Weldon: Let ambition fire thy mind (a4) [p.2-52]
  16. Purcell: Let Caesar and Urania live (a2+b.c.) [p.2-54]
  17. Purcell: Nestor, who did to thrice Man's age attain (a2+b.c.) [p.2-58]
  18. Wise: Old Chiron's Advice to Achilles (a2) [p.2-61]
  19. Travers: The Old Bacchanalian from 18 Canzonets (a3) [p.2-64]
  20. Purcell: Put briskly round the sparkling glass (a3) [p.2-68]
  21. Purcell: Sing, sing all ye Muses (a2+b.c.) [p.2-70]
  22. Travers: Says Pontius, in rage, contradicting his wife from 18 Canzonets (a2+b.c.) [p.2-79]
  23. Anonymous: Since nature mankind for society fram'd (a2) [p.2-82]
  24. Travers: Soft Cupid, wanton am'rous boy from 18 Canzonets (a3) [p.2-84]
  25. Purcell: To arms your ensigns straight display from Bonduca (a2; chorus add b.c.) [p.2-90]
  26. Brewer: Turn Amarillis to thy swain (a3) [p.2-93]
  27. Eccles: The loud alarms of war must cease (a2) [p.2-95]
  28. Purcell: 'Tis wine was made to rule the day (a1-3+b.c.) [p.2-97]
  29. Handel: The flocks shall leave the mountains from Acis and Galatea (a3+vln, b.c.) [p.2-101]
  30. Mr. Ridley: The morning is charming (A Hunting Song) (a3+b.c) [p.2-108]
  31. Travers: When Bibo thought fit from the world to retreat from 18 Canzonets (a2+b.c.) [p.2-113]
  32. Eccles: Wine does wonders ev'ry day (a3) [p.2-117]
  33. Greene: When with good wine the Table's crowned (a2+b.c.) [p.2-119]
  34. Purcell: When Myra sings (a2+b.c.) [p.2-123]
  35. Travers: Why thus from the Plain does my Shepherdess rove (Chanson Françoise) from 18 Canzonets (a2+b.c.) [p.2-127]
  36. Greene: Why all this whining, why all this pining (a2+b.c.) [p.2-130]
  37. Morley: Where Art Thou, Wanton (a3) [p.2-134]
  • Part 3 (Catches)
An Alphabetical Table of the Catches in Part 3
  1. Purcell: Bring the Bowl and cool Nantz (a3) [p.3-1]
  2. Ives: Boy go down and fill the other quart (a3) [p.3-2]
  3. Hayes: Be not sparing, leave off swearing (a5) [p.3-2]
  4. Hayes: Come buy my fine wares (a3) [p.3-3]
  5. Dr. Caesar: Come here's the good health (a3) [p.3-4]
  6. Ives: Come honest friends and jovial boys (a3) [p.3-5]
  7. Hilton: Come my lads let's now be merry (a3) [p.3-6]
  8. Edward Nelham: Come follow me merrily, merrily lads (a3) [p.3-6]
  9. Hayes: Three Oxford Cries (a3) [p.3-7]
  10. Greene: Come let us laugh (a3) [p.3-7]
  11. Greene: Come, come all noble souls (a3) [p.3-8]
  12. Purcell: Come, come let us drink (a3) [p.3-9]
  13. Hayes: Democritus, dear droll (a3) [p.3-10]
  14. Hayes: Fie! nay! prithee John! (A Chiding Catch) (a3) [p.3-10]
  15. Hayes: Giles Jolt (a3) [p.3-11]
  16. Anonymous: Good, good indeed, the herb's good weed (A Catch on Tobacco) (a4) [p.3-12]
  17. Holmes: Have you observ'd the wench in the street (a3) [p.3-14]
  18. Aldrich: Hark! the bonny Christchurch bells (a3) [p.3-15]
  19. Eccles: Hark! Harry, 'tis late (a3) [p.3-15]
  20. Greene: How soft the delights, and how charming the joy (a3) [p.3-16]
  21. Richard Brown: I, Thomas of Bedford, this monument made (The Bedford Catch) (a3) [p.3-17]
  22. Hayes: Ink, ink, come buy my fine writing ink (a4) [p.3-18]
  23. Clarke: In drinking full bumpers there is no deceit (a3) [p.3-19]
  24. Greene: I've lost my mistress, horse, and wife (a3) [p.3-20]
  25. Hayes: The Power of Time (a3) [p.3-21]
  26. Greene: Jolly mortals fill your glasses (a3) [p.3-22]
  27. Purcell: Jack thou'rt a toper (a3) [p.3-23]
  28. Hayes: Let's drink and let's sing together (a4) [p.3-24]
  29. Greene: Mortals learn your lives to measure (a3) [p.3-24]
  30. Hilton: Now, that the spring hath fill'd our veins (a3) [p.3-25]
  31. Mr. White: New oysters (a3) [p.3-25]
  32. Greene: On the poor confin'd debtors (a3) [p.3-26]
  33. Purcell: Once, twice, thrice, I Julia try'd (a3) [p.3-27]
  34. Charles King: O! Absalom, my son (a3) [p.3-27]
  35. Greene: Prithee foolish boy give o'er (a3) [p.3-28]
  36. Purcell: Say good master Bacchus a stride on your butt (a3) [p.3-29]
  37. Purcell: Sum up all the delights (a3) [p.3-30]
  38. Greene: So peaceful rests without a stone (a3) [p.3-31]
  39. Dr. Caesar: To our musical club here's long life (a3) [p.3-32]
  40. Purcell: The Macedon youth left behind him this truth (a4) [p.3-32]
  41. Purcell: Under this stone lies Gabriel John (An Old Epitaph) (a3) [p.3-33]
  42. Locke: Up and down this world goes round (a3) [p.3-34]
  43. Purcell: Wou'd you know how we meet o'er our jolly full bowls (a3) [p.3-34]
  44. Purcell: The London Constable (a3) [p.3-35]
  45. Hayes: On a Puritan Drunk (a3) [p.3-36]
  46. Purcell: Young Collin cleaving of a beam (a3) [p.3-38]
  47. Hayes: Here waiter, here waiter (a3) [p.3-40]
  48. Hayes: No longer Orpheus shall thy sacred strains (A Catch on Orpheus by Antipater) (a4) [p.3-41]
  49. Hayes: This tomb be thine Anacreon (A Catch on Anacreon by Antipater) (a3) [p.3-42]
  • Supplement (Songs, Catches, and Masonic Songs)
A Table of the Songs and Catches in A Supplement to T.Hale's Social Harmony
  1. Hayden: As I saw fair Clora walk alone (a2) [p.S-1]
  2. Greene: Music how powerful is thy charm (An Ode on the power of Music) (a3+b.c.) [p.S-2]
  3. Howard: Myrtilla (a3) [p.S-18]
  4. Boyce: A blooming youth lies buried here (a3) [p.S-20]
  5. Holmes: Come come come pull away boys (a3) [p.S-21]
  6. Hilton: Call George again boy (a3) [p.S-23]
  7. Hilton: Here lies a woman who can deny it (a3) [p.S-23]
  8. Harington: Love and Music (a3) [p.S-24]
  9. Alcock Sr.: Pray remember the poor confin'd debters (a3) [p.S-25]
  10. Alcock Sr.: When Troy Town for ten years (a3) [p.S-25]
  11. J. Green(?): Descend Urania, descend mystic maid [text: Brother Hudson] (a2-5) [p.S-26]
  12. Brother Orme: Guardian Genius of our art divine (a3) [p.S-52]
  13. Boyce+: The Mystic Bower (a3) [p.S-54]
First Publication. 1763
Language English
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation voices, continuo

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+this final piece sets the Masonic text 'Tis to Masons ever pleasing to music from Boyce's glee 'Tis on earth the greatest blessing