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Lacerda, Francisco de (1869–1934)

  • Piano Works
  • Lieder

Lachner, Franz Paul (1803–1890)

  • Symphony No.6 in D major, Op.56 (pub.1837, or 1838 acc. to HMB?, Häslinger T.H. 7336 full score)
  • Nonet in F major (possibly PD-CA and maybe PD-EU?? - I think first published ca.1875, not sure. composed ca.1875.- Schissel)
  • Suite no.5 op.135 (p.ca.1868)
  • Requiem in F minor, Op. 146

Lachner, Ignaz (1807–1895)

  • Mass in F aka Deutsche Vesper (1851 St.Gallen, pub.1852 Stuttgart) RISM 400107021
  • 3 Sonatinas for 2 Violins, Op.97
  • Grosse Sonate f. Viol. u. Pfte., Op.73 (pub. Hofmeister, 1873)
  • Piano Duet Sonata, Op.33 (Preis-Sonate, pub. Schott, 1846)

Lachner, Vinzenz (1811–1893)

  • Fest-ouvertüre, Op.30 (pub.1853)
  • String Quintet, Op.8 (pub.1840)
  • String Quartet, Op.27 (pub.1856)
  • String Quartet, Op.36 (pub.1864)

Lacombe, Louis (1818–1884)

  • Ouverture de concert pour orchestre (B minor), Op.92 (pub.1892)
  • Le Château, quatuor pour deux violons, alto et violoncelle, op. 92 (???) (pub.1894)

Lacombe, Paul (1837–1927)

  • Violin Sonata No.1 in A minor, Op.8
  • Symphony No.2 in D, Op.34 (1880s, Hamelle. Premiered 1882-5-16.)
  • Symphony No.3 (if BNF scans their ms. parts. :) )

Lacôme d'Estalenx, Paul (1838–1920)

  • Piano Trio, Op.10 (pub.1872, Richault)

Ladukhin, Nikolay (1860–1918)

  • The Lake Op. 8 No. 3
  • Children's Suite (published by Jurgensen)
  • Song Without Words

La Hache, Theodor von (1823–1869)

  • Messe solennelle No. 2 (F) p. Choeur à l’unisson et Soli; Messe No.3 (G). (pub.1898, Schott)

Lalo, Édouard (1823–1892)

  • Violin Concerto, Op.20 (full score, at Sibley (Rare), pub. 1882- Durand 1726; reprinted Kalmus, n.d., catalog A 1625)
  • Symphony in G minor (full score, orig. pub. Hartmann ca.1887, later Heugel 1890s, later Kalmus 1970s?, Höflich Munich 2006. Also in reduction for piano 4-h by Leroux by Hartmann 1887.)
  • Namouna, ballet in 2 acts (original ballet edition)

Lambert, Constant (1905–1951)

While works first published before 1964 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Rio Grande (full score) — not possible apart from instrumental parts (music only); poem by Sacheverell Sitwell (†1988) under © until end of 2038/2058 in life+50/70 pma domains.

Lampe, Walther (1872–1964)

Under copyright worldwide, apart from earlier works (published before 1923) which are PD in the USA.
No posting without written permission from the copyright owner.

  • Piano Trio, Op.3 (pub. Simrock, 1897)
  • Cello Concerto, Op.12 (pub. Kistner & Siegel, 1938 - PD-CA after this year presumably?)

Lanciani, Pietro (1857–1912)

  • Unison
  • Waltz
  • Song

Lange, Gustav (1830–1889)

Langgaard, Rued (1893–1952)

While works first published before 1964 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Symphony Nr. 1 "Klippepastoraler" (published by Samfundet)
  • Symphonies Nrs. 1-16
  • Any other works for solo piano
the majority of Langgaard's works, including (as far as i'm aware) all of the symphonies, were not published until Edition S started issuing them in in 1998. these editions would be unlikely to be public domain in any country. as for the manuscripts, they are mainly held in the royal danish national library in copenhagen, and have presumably not been made freely available in digitised form because in denmark they do not enter the public domain until 2023. Cheap Imitation 03:50, 13 September 2013 (EDT)

Langgaard, Siegfried (1852–1914)

  • Efteraar : Sonate alla fantasia (pub.1907?)

Langhans, Louise (1826–1910)

  • 2 Sonatines, Op.18 (pub.1868)
  • Ballade, Op.21 (pub.1873)

Langhans, Wilhelm (1832–1892)

  • String Quartet, Op.4 (pub.1866)
  • Violin Sonata (later op.11) (pub.1878 initially w/o op.no.)

Langlais, Jean (1907–1991)

All works under copyright worldwide. No posting without written permission from the copyright owner.

Lannoy, Eduard von (1787–1853)

  • Grand Trio for clarinet cello and piano Op. 15

Lányi, Ernő (1861–1923)

  • String Quintet Hunnia gyásza : Ungarns Trauer, Op.170 (pub. Klökner, 1907)

Laoureux, Nicolas (1863–1945)

While works first published before 1964 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

Lassen, Eduard (1830–1904)

  • Symphony No.2, Op.78

Lassus, Orlande de (1532–1594)

  • 2 Fantasies for flute
  • The Four Passions Full Scores
  • 2 sets of sacred lessons from the prophet Job (1st set, Venice, 1565e; reissued with Christmas lessons, Munich, 1575a; 2nd set, Munich, 1582f)
  • Lamentations of Jeremiah, 5vv (Munich, 1585d)
  • Lagrime di San Pietro … con un mottetto nel fine, 7vv (Munich, 1595) (RISM 1595a) — or did you want the original 16th century publication?
  • Missa pro defunctis, 4vv, 1577b; H iv, 95
  • Missa pro defunctis, 5vv, 1589; H vi, 135
  • Psalmi Davidis Poenitentiales
  • Requiem, 4vv (inc.); H xii, 326 — the incomplete requiem? Really??

László, Ákos (1871–1946)

  • Ungarische Weisen, Op.5

La Tombelle, Fernand de (1854–1928)

  • String Quartet, Op.36
  • Piano Trio, Op.35 (pub.1895/6, prob.1895)
  • Cello Sonata (1902-05?)
  • Couplets de Chérubin, after Beaumarchais (pub.1896)

Lattuada, Felice (1882–1962)

While works first published before 1964 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • String Quartet in D minor (pub.1919)

Lauber, Joseph (1864–1952)

While works first published before 1964 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • String Quartet in G minor, Op.5 (p.1899)
  • Piano Quartet in B, Op.8 (p.1899)
  • Violin Sonata No.3, Op.28 (p.1908)
  • Piano Quintet in F major, Op.6 (p. by 1901)
  • Piano Trio in E minor, Op.39 (n.d.?)

Laurischkus, Max (1876–1929)

  • Elegie for Harmonium, Op. 2
  • Suite in G-moll in 5 Sätzen for Piano, Op. 5
  • Drei Stücke for Violin and Piano, Op. 11
  • Walzer-Melodian for Cello and Piano, Op. 15
  • Feinde ringsum; fantasie for Piano, Op. 25
  • Sonate in C-moll for Oboe and Piano, Op. 31

Lazarus, Henry (1815–1895)

Lazzari, Sylvio (1857–1944)

While works first published before 1964 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Piano Trio in G minor, Op.13 (pub.1889, Bruneau)

Lebègue, Nicolas (1631–1702)

  • Les pièces de clavessin (1676)

Le Borne, Fernand (1862–1929)

  • String Quartet in C minor, Op.23 (ca.1904)
  • Symphony No.3 in F minor, Op.56 (©1911)

Le Bret (fl. between 1730–1740)

  • Les deux suites de clavecin

Lechner, Leonhard (ca. 1553–1606)

  • Johannes-Passion (Historia der Passion und Leidens unsers einigen Erlösers und Seligmachers Jesu Christi)

Leclair, Jean-Marie (1697–1764)

  • Sonatas for Violin and Continuo (Book I) (facsimile)
  • Sonatas for Violin and Continuo (Book IV) (facsimile)
  • 6 Sonatas for 2 unaccompanied Violins Op.3 (facsimile)
  • 6 Sonatas for 2 unaccompanied Violins Op.12 (facsimile)
  • Triosonata in D for fl, vln, gamba and bc

Lederer, Richard (1898–1908)

Dates are flourishing dates.

  • String Quartet in A minor, Op.40 (pub. Schmid, 1908 (as "R. Lederer" ; BSB agrees that this would be Richard, not Rudolf, Lederer, among contemporaries.))

Lee, Louis (1819–1896)

  • Violin Sonata, Op.4 (pub. 1860s?)
  • Piano Quartet No.1 in F major, Op.5 (pub. 1851)
  • Cello Sonata in C major, Op.9 (pub. 1861. Sibley Library has this, maybe they'll scan it...)
  • Piano Trio No.1 in D major, Op.10 (pub. 1865) (keys from HMB and may not all be accurate.)

Lefébure-Wély, Louis James Alfred (1817–1869)

  • Six Offertoires op. 34 (Available)
  • Six Morceaux pour l’Orgue, contenant 3 Marches et 3 Élévations op. 36 (Available now!)
  • Meditaciones religiosas op. 122. Met opschrift : À Sa Majesté la Reine Doña Isabel IIda. (Available now!)
  • 11me livraison of l'Organiste Moderne. (Available now!)
  • L'Office catholique. (Available now!)
  • Rondo, Op.1 (pub. Lemoine, 1831)

Lefebvre, Charles (1843–1917)

  • Méditation, Op.68 - full score and set of parts

Legoux, L.R. (fl.1785)

  • Musette

Legrenzi, Giovanni (1626–1690)

(An exceptionally large number of requests for works by Legrenzi, Giovanni were removed to: the composer’s discussion page. Please read the wishlist guidelines on what constitutes unreasonable requests.)

Leichtentritt, Hugo (1874–1951)

  • Viola Sonata, Op.13 (ca.1914?)
  • Ferruccio Busoni (pub. by B&H, 1916)

Leidgebel, Amandus Leopold (1816–1886)

  • Violin Sonata No.3, Op.33 (pub.1871 acc.to HMB)

Le Loup

Possibly Le-Loup, Jean-Noël (1716?–1784?)

  • Sarabande (this might be an extract arranged for two flutes from one of his stage works, at a guess. If the arranger died before 1960, the sarabande could be posted. In any case the original stage work probably could be. - Schissel)

Lemare, Edwin Henry (1866–1934)

  • Organ Works
  • Transcriptions for Organ
  • Rondo Capriccio (A Study In Accents) Opus 64 published 1910

Lemmens, Jacques-Nicolas (1823–1881)

  • Organ Sonata No.2 'O Filii'

Lendvai, Erwin (1882–1949)

  • Symphony in D major, Op.10 (pub. 1912 by Simrock) - uploaded 19 Jan 2012, thank you once again to Sibley!
  • String Quartet No.1 in E minor, Op.8 (©1917 by Simrock) (these 2 @Sibley)
  • Elga, opera (published 1914, premiered 1916?)
  • Kosmische Kantate, Op.50 (1932) (non-PD-US, but ...)
  • Scherzo, op.7 for orchestra (© 1911?)

Lenepveu, Charles-Ferdinand (1840–1910)

  • Hymne funèbre et triomphal after Hugo (pour choeur et orchestre ou musique militaire) (premiered 1889-7-14, Rouen) (pub. by 1896, Lemoine)

Lenormand, René (1846–1932)

  • Violin Sonata, Op.4 (pub.1874 by Pohle)

Leo, Leonardo (1694–1744)

  • La morte di Abele (1732)
  • Sant'Elena al Calvario (1732)
  • Ave Maria
  • Miserere
  • 6 Cellokonzerte (1737-38)
  • Konzert für 4 Violinen
  • 2 Flötenkonzerte
  • Toccate per cembalo

Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor (1640–1705)

  • any works not in library already

Leutner, Albert (1815–1871)

Lewandowsky, Max (1874–1906)

  • 2 String Quartets (pub. 1910)
  • Violin Sonata, Op.8 (p.1907?) (@Sibley)

Leyding, Georg Dietrich (1664–1710)

  • Organ works

Lhotka, Fran (1883–1962)

While works first published before 1964 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Scherzo for quartet (manuscript, copied by Rudolf Matz)
  • 6 pieces Op.21 for piano and - (something?) (sitno grlo?)
  • Elegija & Scherzo (pub. n.d. ca.1931)
  • Concerto for Strings (©1957, PD-CA-only)
  • String Quartet in G minor if possible? (composed 1911?)

Liebeskind, Josef (1866–1916)

  • Symphony No.1, Op.4 (pub.1894)
  • String Quartet No.2, Op.7 (pub.1896)

Liebling, Georg (1865–1946)

  • 2nd violin sonata, Op.63 (pub.1915)
  • Musik zur Katharina von Cilicien : dramat. Legende, Op.56 (pub.1906)
  • Fest-ouvertüre for orchestra (1892 manuscript at Coburg. Published?)
  • Le sais tu bien?, Romance (pub.1889)

Liljefors, Ruben (1871–1936)

  • Violin Sonata, Op.2 (pub.1897)
  • Piano Concerto, Op.5 (pub.1922)

Limbert, Frank Leland (1866–1938)

  • String Quartet in F minor, Op.15 (pub.1898)

Lindblad, Adolf Fredrik (1801–1878)

  • Symphonies 1 op.19 and 2 (poss. published too recently? maybe manuscripts can be uploaded, maybe not...)
  • 6 string quartets (pub.1911, Stockholm: Hirschs Förlag. at Bayerische Library.)

Lindsay, Thomas (fl.1825–1849)

  • The Elements of Flute-Playing (1830)

Lipiński, Karol Józef (fl.1790–1861)

  • Violin Concerto No. 1, Op. 14 in F sharp minor
  • Violin Concerto No. 4 in A major, Op. 32 (ms. score at Free Library Phil.)

Liszt, Franz (1811–1886)

Piano works

  • S.572, Revive Szegedin! - Marche hongroise de Szabady (transcription of orchestration by Massenet)
  • S.557d Schubert Piano Transcription "Ave Maria"[1st version] (1837)
  • Harmonies Poetiques et Religeuses (1847 cycle)(S172a) pieces 4-11 (especially No. 4 Litanie de Marie 2nd version) (may be in copyright? first known publication in Neue-Liszt Ausgabe supplement, in 2009)
  • Magyar Rapszodiak (Nos 12-19, 21 & 22 (Pester Carneval 1st version)) (S242)
  • Excelsior! - Preludio (S500)
  • Lose, Himmel, meine Seele - Lassen (2nd version)(S494ii)
  • Urbi et Orbi (S184)
  • Fanfare zur Enthullung des Carl-Augusts Monument (S542b)
  • 2 polonaises and interludium from the oratorio St. Stanislaus, S.518 and S.519(1875)
  • Any Album Leaves
  • Ungarische Nationalmelodien, S.243 (1840-1843)
  • Ungarische Nationalmelodien (Im leichten Stile bearbeitet), S.243bis (1846)
  • Virag dál, S.383a (1881)
  • Ungarischer Marsch, S.229a (1859) (manuscript)
  • Resignazione, S.187a or b (1877 or 1881) -1st version now uploaded
  • Concerto sans orchestre, for piano, S.524a
  • Romance 'Lyubila Ya', S.577, S.577bis, and/or S.577ter (1842 or 1843)
  • Huldigungsmarsch, S.228 (1857) (piano version)


  • Fantasie auf ungarische Volksweisen, S.123
  • Polonaise brillante (nach Carl Maria von Webers Polacca brillante, op. 72), S.367
  • Hungarian Rhapsodies 2,5,6,9,12,14 - arr. Doppler, Orchestral score


  • Music for Violin and Pianoforte
  • Duo [sur des thèmes polonais], S127
  • La lugubre gondola, S134bis
  • Grand Duo concertant sur la romance de M. [Charles-Philippe] Lafont “Le départ du jeune marin,” S128
  • Rapsodie hongroise [XII], S379a for Piano Trio (score in multiple files available from the Julliard Manuscript Collection website: [1])
  • La notte, S377a
  • Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth, S382bis

Sacred Choral Works

In alphabetical order:

  • 12 Alte deutsche geistliche Weisen (Chorales) [12 chorals] (ca.1878-79);
  • An den heiligen Franziskus von Paula (b.1860);
  • Anima Christi sanctifica me [first/second version] (1874, ca.1874);
  • Beati pauperes spiritu (Die Seligkeiten) (1853);
  • Cantantibus organis (1879);
  • Cantico del sol di Francesco d'Assisi [first/second version] (1862, 1880-81);
  • Christus ist geboren I [first/second version] (1863?);
  • Crux! (Guichon de Grandpont) (1865);
  • Dall' alma Roma (1866);
  • Der Herr bewahret die Seelen seiner Heiligen (1875);
  • Die Glocken des Strassburger Münsters (Longfellow) (1874);
  • Die heilige Cäcilia (1874);
  • Domine salvum fac regem (1853);
  • Festgesang zur Eröffnung der zehnten allgemeinen deutschen Lehrerversammlung (1858);
  • Gott sei uns gnädig und barmherzig (1878);
  • Hungarian Coronation Mass (1866-67);
  • Hymne de l'enfant à son réveil (Lamartine) [first/second version] (1847, 1862);
  • In domum Domino imibus (1884?);
  • Inno a Maria Vergine (1869);
  • Libera me (1871);
  • Mihi autem adhaerere (from Psalm 73) (1868);
  • Missa quattuor vocum ad aequales concinente organo [first/second version] (1848, 1869);
  • Missa solennis zur Einweihung der Basilika in Gran (Gran Mass) [first/second version] (1855, 1857-58);
  • O Roma nobilis (1879);
  • O sacrum convivium;
  • Ossa arida (1879);
  • Pater noster I (b.1860);
  • Pater noster II [first/second version] (1846, 1848);
  • Pater noster IV (1850);
  • Psalm 18 (Coeli enarrant) (1860);
  • Psalm 23 (Mein Gott, der ist mein hirt) [first/second version] (1859, 1862);
  • Psalm 116 (Laudate Dominum) (1869);
  • Psalm 129 (De profundis) (1880-83);
  • Psalm 137 (By the rivers of Babylon);
  • Requiem (1867-68);
  • Responsorien und Antiphonen [5 sets] (1860);
  • Rosario [4 chorals] (1879);
  • Septem Sacramenta. Responsoria com organo vel harmonio concinente (1878);
  • Slavimo Slavno Slaveni! [first/second version] (1863, 1866);
  • St Christopher. Legend (1881);
  • Te Deum I (1867);
  • Te Deum II (1853?);
  • Via Crucis (1878-79);
  • Weihnachtslied (O heilige Nacht) (a.1876)

Litolff, Henry Charles (1818–1891)

Liverani, Domenico (1805–1877)

  • Notturno da La serenata in B major di Donizetti, concertate for Clarinet, Cello e Piano
  • Terzettino dal Trovatore di Verdi concertata for Clarinet, Cello e Piano

Locatelli, Pietro Antonio (1695–1764)

  • Opus 1: XII Concerti grossi à Quatro è à Cinque. Amsterdam 1721 - printed edition
  • Opus 2: XII Sonate à Flauto traversiere solo è Basso. Amsterdam 1732
  • Opus 3: L’Arte del Violino; XII ConcertI Cioè, Violino solo, con XXIV Capricci ad libitum. Amsterdam 1733[35]
  • Opus 4: VI Introduttioni teatrali è VI Concerti. Amsterdam 1735
  • Opus 5: VI Sonate à Trè. (Amsterdam 1736)[36]
  • Opus 6: XII Sonate à Violino solo è Basso da Camera. Amsterdam 1737
  • Opus 7: VI Concerti à quattro. Leiden 1741
  • Opus 8: X Sonate, VI à Violino solo è Basso è IV à Trè. Amsterdam 1744
  • Opus 9: VI Concerti a quattro. Amsterdam 1762
  • Opera dubia (zweifelhafte Werke):
  • Violinkonzerte, Sinfonien, Triosonaten, Flötenduette, Violinsonaten, eine Oboensonate, ein Capriccio in E für Violine allein.

Locke, Matthew (1621–1677)

(An exceptionally large number of requests for works by Locke, Matthew were removed to: the composer’s discussion page. Please read the wishlist guidelines on what constitutes unreasonable requests.)

Loeillet, Jean Baptiste (1688–1720)

Cousin of the composer below, resident in Ghent; sometimes styled himself Lœillet de Gant.

  • Sonata in E minor for 2 flutes and piano
  • Sonata in G minor for 2 flutes and piano
  • Op. 1, 12 Sonaten (a, d, G, F, B, C, c, d, g, F, G, e) für Blockflöte und B.c. (Amsterdam, 1710)
  • Op. 2, 12 Sonaten (F, g, d, B, c, G, e, F, g, D, g, a) für Blockflöte und B.c. (Amsterdam, 1714)
  • Op. 3, 12 Sonates (C, B, g, G, c, e, E, F, B, d, A, e) für Blockflöte und B.c. (Amsterdam, 1715)
  • Op. 4, 12 Sonates (d, a, F, G, c, g, D, F, G, C, f, a) für Blockflöte und B.c. (Amsterdam, 1716)
  • Op. 5, Erstes Buch, 6 Triosonaten (e, b, d, D, G, g) für Flöte, Oboe oder Violine und B.c. (Amsterdam, 1717)
  • Op. 5, Zweites Buch, 6 Triosonaten (D, e, G, g, C, e) für Flöte, Oboe oder Violine und B.c. (Amsterdam, 1717)
  • Zweitausgaben der Werke Loeillets erschienen zwischen 1712 und 1722 bei Walsh in London. (Misidentification with cousin?)

Loeillet, John (1680–1730)

Cousin of the above composer; resident in London.

  • "Lesson for the Harpsichord" (1712)
  • 6 Suiten für Cembalo oder Spinett (1723)
  • 6 Triosonaten Op. 1 für Flöte, Oboe oder Violinen und B.c. (1722)
  • 12 Triosonaten Op. 2 für Flöte, Oboe oder Violinen und B.c. (1725)
  • 12 Sonaten Op. 3 für Altblockflöte bzw. Flöte und B.c. (1729)
  • Sonata d-moll für 2 Querflöten + 2 Altblockflöten und Basso continuo

Løvenskiold, Herman Severin (1815–1870)

  • Jubel-Ouverture in D, Op.15 (SBB has score copy in ms., may not be scanned in yet)

Loewe, Carl (1796–1869)

  • 3 string quartets Op.24 (G major, F major, C minor) (at Sibley Special Collections etc. Pub. by Wagenführ, 1820s (also at Harvard), repub. 1840s. (in Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg), no.1 repub by Zamek Książąt Pomorskich in 2005.)
  • String quartet Op.26 Quatuor spirituel (pub. Trautwein, ca.1825) (Danish Union Catalogue, other libraries have the original 1825 pub. Was republished in 1993 by Wollenweber.)
  • Piano Trio in G minor, Op.12 (pub.1830 by Hofmeister, or earlier)

Löhr, George Augustus (1821–1897)

  • Piano Trio (premiered 1873) (possibly lost...)

Löhr, Harvey (1856–1927)

  • 5 symphonies

Longueval, Antoine de (1498–1525)

  • Passio Domini nostri Iesu Christi

Longo, Alessandro (1864–1945)

While works first published before 1964 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • 5 Suites romantica, Opp.12–Op.25 (pub.1888 to 1898)

Lorentz, Johan (ca. 1610–1689)

  • any works (especially Organ works)

Lotti, Antonio (1667–1740)

  • Missa (Kyrie & Gloria) à 4, 5, et 6 voci 1Tromba. 2 Violini, 2 Viole e Cont. g-moll
  • La Giuditta (1701)
  • Gioas re di Giuda (libretto di Zaccaria Valaresso, 1701 ca., Venezia)
  • San Rinaldo (1702, Venezia)
  • Il voto crudelo (libretto di Pietro Pariati, 1712, Vienna)
  • Triumphus fidei (1712, Venezia)
  • L'umiltà coronata in Esther (libretto di Pietro Pariati, 1714 ca., Vienna)
  • Il ritorno di Tobia (libretto di G. Melani, 1723, Venezia)
  • Concerto in re maggiore per oboe d'amore e archi
  • 6 sinfonie
  • 2 quartetti per 2 oboi e 2 fagotti
  • 3 trios:
  • in do maggiore per oboe d'amore, flauto e basso continuo
  • per flauto, viola da gamba e clavicembalo
  • per 2 oboi, fagotto o contrabbasso
  • 6 sonate per violino e basso continuo
  • La ragazza mal custodita (ballo comico per il clavier)
  • Credo in D minor: (includes Crucifixus 10vv) SSSAATTTBB chorus, 2 violin, 2 viola, bass continuo, keyboard
  • Requiem Mass: SSATB chorus, SSAATTTBBB soli, 2 violin, 2 viola, 2 oboe, bassoon, trumpet, bass continuo and keyboard
  • Messa di Requiem: SATB, org.
  • Messa del primo tuono: SATB, org. (Sometimes called Missa brevis in D minor.)
  • Crucifixus 10vv SSSAATTTBB, org. (from Credo in Dm, available below)
  • Miserere mei, Deus, No.1 in D minor: SATB, org.
  • Miserere mei, Deus, No.2 in G minor: SATB, org.
  • Magnificat a quinti toni: SATB Canticle, with alternating plainsong verses
  • Magnificat a secundi toni: SATB Canticle, with alternating plainsong verses
  • Magnificat a primi toni: SATBB Canticle, with alternating plainsong verses

Lübeck, Vincent (1654–1740)

  • Clavier Übung bestehend im Praeludio, Fuga, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande und Gigue als auch einer Zugabe von dem Gesang Lobt Gott ihr Christen allzugleich in einer Chaconne (Hamburg, 1728):
  • Works from Handschrift S.M.G. 1691
  • Praeludium (in D major) and Chaconne (in D minor)
  • Chaconne in A major
  • Suite in A minor
  • March and Menuet in F major
  • Es ist ein grosser Gewinn, wer gottselig ist (4vv, 2 vn, 2 b viol, 2 ob, bn, bc; dated 10–14 November 1693)
  • Gott wie dein Nahme (3vv (ATB), 3 instruments, bc)
  • Hilff deinem Volck (4vv, 2 violins, 2 b viol, bc)
  • Ich hab hier wenig guter Tag (4vv, 2 vn, 2 b viol, 2 ob, bn, bc; dated 10–14 November 1693)
  • Willkommen süsser Bräutigam (2vv, 2 vn, bc)

Lucerna, Eduard (1869–1944)

  • String Quartet in C, Op.10 (pub. 1920)
  • Cello Sonata in F minor, Op.12

Luchesi, Andrea (1741–1801)

(Also spelled Lucchesi)

  • Oratorio Sacer trialogus (1768
  • Stabat Mater (about 1770)
  • Requiem (1771) in F, for the state funeral of the duke of Montealegre in San Geremia's
  • Various Masses and Sacred Works
  • Organ works
  • Keyboard works
  • Passione di N.S. Gesù Cristo (1776), on a text from Metastasio
  • 2 Symphonies (by 1768)
  • Sonata in fa ‘per il cimbalo’ (1771-73?), now at the University of Münster
  • Concerto for harpsichord (Bonn,1773)

Lully, Jean-Baptiste de (1665–1743)

Not to be confused with his father Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632–87)!

  • Motets
  • Full Scores of Ballets and Suites
  • Full Scores of Operas

Lütgen, Wilhelm (1818–1852)

These are flourishing dates, birth and death dates and definite first name are not known. Usually referred to as W.A. Lütgen.

  • String Quartet, Op.23 (by 1836)
  • String Trio, Op.36 (by 1836)

Lux, Friedrich (1820–1895)

  • Coriolan : Dramatische Scene. Für Männerchor, Soli und Orchester, Op.70
  • String Quartet No.2? Op.87 in C major
  • String Quartet No.3 Op.95 (or is this quartet no.1 op.5 - See Klassika listing) (ca.1882?)
  • Grosses trio für Pianoforte, Violine und Violoncell (pub.ca.1858 by Breitkopf und Härtel)
  • Opera Katchen von Heilbronn (performed Augsburg, 1901)

Maas, Louis (1852–1889)

  • String Quartet No.1, Op.3 (p.1878)
  • Piano Concerto in C minor

Macfarren, Walter (1826–1905)

  • The Comprehensive Scale And Arpeggio Manual

McPhee, Colin (1900–1964)

Under copyright worldwide, apart from earlier works (published before 1923) which are PD in the USA.
No posting without written permission from the copyright owner.

  • Four Piano Sketches, op. 1 (pub. 1916)

Mackenzie, Alexander Campbell (1847–1935)

Works first published after 1960 are copyright in Canada. Those first published after 1922 are possibly copyright in the USA.

  • Cantata "The Bride", Op.25 (published ca.1890)- vocal score

Magnard, Albéric (1865–1914)

  • Ouverture, Op. 10 (1894-1895)

Magnus, Desiré (1828–1883)

  • Piano Sonatas Opp.131 and 140

Mahler, Gustav (1860-1911)

Works first published after 1960 are copyright in Canada. Those first published after 1922 are possibly copyright in the USA.

  • Mahler Symphony No.5 (arrangement one piano four hands by Casella, in 1909 publ: Bote + Bock)
  • Mahler Symphony No.8 (Transcription for piano solo)
  • Mahler Symphonic Prelude
  • Symphony No. 2 (Transcription for piano solo)
  • Symphony No. 3 (Transcription for piano solo)
  • Symphony No. 4 (Transcription for piano solo)
  • Symphony No. 6 (Transcription for piano solo)
  • Symphony No. 1 (Transcription for piano solo)
  • Symphony No. 9 (Transcription for piano solo)
  • Symphony No. 4 (Full Score, first print: Wien 1901, Waldheim-Eberle)
  • Symphony No. 7 (Full Score, first print: Berlin 1908, Bote & Bock)
  • Symphony No. 9 (Full Score, first print: Vienna 1912, UE)
  • Totenfeier (From Symphony No. 2)

These works are under copyright WORLDWIDE:

  • Blumine (original second movement to the Symphony No. 1, pub. 1967)
  • Symphony No. 10, Performing version completed by Deryck Cooke (1919–1976), (working with) Berthold Goldschmidt (1903–1996), David (b.1943) and Colin (b.1946) Matthews (pub. 1966)
  • Any of the other performing versions/completions of Symphony No. 10. (first published was Krenek's (1900–1991) (just Adagio and Purgatorio; made 1924 but not PD-anywhere for some time.)
  • Symphony No.10, Adagio (Transcription for piano solo)

Mainzer, Hermann (1884–1941)

  • Variationen über ein eigenes Thema : für Klavier, Op.1 (pub.ca.1916)
  • Piano Sonata No.1 in E minor, Op.5 (pub.ca.1915)
  • Piano Sonata No.2 in B major, Op.6 ((c)1917 by Halbreiter, Munich)

Major, Gyula (1858–1925)

  • Piano Sonata in E minor, Op.68 (pub.1909 by Méry Bèla) (UNC Chapel Hill has)
  • Cello Concerto in A major, Op.44 (pub. in reduced score ca.1904 by Breitkopf) (British Library has reading room copy)
  • Violin Sonata in D major, Op.33 (1890s, Leuckart)
  • Symphonie hongroise, Op.17 (Budapest : Pesti Könyvnyomda Részvénytársaság : Bárd Ferencz, ca.1900, at British Library at least.)

Malipiero, Gian Francesco (1882–1973)

Under copyright worldwide, apart from earlier works (published before 1923) which are PD in the USA.
No posting without written permission from the copyright owner.

  • String quartet no.1 Rispetti e Strambotti, pub.1921

Malling, Otto (1848–1915)

Works first published after 1963 are copyright in Canada. Those first published after 1922 are possibly copyright in the USA.

Manfredini, Francesco Onofrio (1684–1762)

  • Concerto duodecimo in C-Dur, 'Weihnachtskonzert', op. 3 Nr. 12 (full score)
  • 12 Concertini per camera a violini e basso Op. 1 (Bologna, 1704).
  • Sonata in trio "in Corona di dodiie fiori armonici", (Bologna, 1706).
  • 12 Sinfonie da chiesa a 2 violini, viola ad libitum e basso Op. 2 (Bologna, 1709).
  • Concerto con una o due trombe (1711).
  • 12 Concerti Op. 3 (Bologna, 1718). (Nr. 12 ist das bekannte Weihnachtskonzert.)
  • Sechs Sonate per due violini e b.c. (posthum London, 1764).
  • Concerto a violino solo e orchestra.
  • Concerto con una o due trombe, 1711, I-Bsp.
  • Concerto, violino solo, 2 violini, viola, violoncello, hpd, GB-Mp.
  • Mehrere Konzerte für unterschiedliche Besetzungen.
  • Die geistliche Kantate (cantata sacra) Il doppio sacrifizio del Calvario (Pistoia, 1725)

Manfredini, Vincenzo (1737–1799)

  • Requiem, 1762, Sankt Petersburg.
  • Esther, orat., 1792, Venedig.
  • Messa funebre a 4vv (I-Ps).
  • Cembalo concerto, (Den Haag & Amsterdam [RISM M 350], London [RISM M 348, M 349]).
  • 6 Sonaten für Cembalo, 1765 [RISM M 352].
  • 6 Sinfonien, Venedig, 1776 [RISM M 345, M 346].
  • 14 Präludien für Cembalo, als Teil von : Regole armoniche, siehe unten.
  • 6 Quartetti per 2 violini, viola, violoncello, [RISM M 351].
  • Fuge für Cembalo, D-B.
  • Regole armoniche (Гармонические правила), ebenfalls als Tractus Regole armoniche zitiert :
  • 1. Hrsg. : Regole armoniche o siene precetti ragionati per apprendere i principj della musica, il portamento della mano, e l'accompagnamento del basso sopra gli strumenti da tasto, come l'organo, il cembalo ec. ; Dedicate a Sua Altezza Imperiale Paul Petrovicz ..., Appresso G. Zerletti (Venedig), 1775, 78 pp.
  • 2. Hrsg. : Regole armoniche o sieno, Precetti ragionati per apprender la musica. 2. ed., corr. ed accresciuta, Adolfo Cesare (Venedig), 1797, 207 pp.
  • Facsimile : Vincenzo Manfredini, Regole armoniche. A facsim. of the 1775 Venice Ed. Broude (New York) (Series Monuments of music and music literature in facsimile), 1966, 78 pp.
  • Russische Übersetzung : Stepan Degtyaryov (Степан Аникиевич Дегтярев), "Правила гармонические и мелодические для обучения всей музыке", Санкт-Петербург, 1805.
  • Giornale enciclopedico (Neapel / Bologna), versch. Beiträge, 1785-1789.
  • Difesa della musica moderna (В защиту современной музыки) :
  • Vincenzo Manfredini [und Esteban de Arteaga], Difesa della musica moderna e de' suoi celebri esecutori, Stamperia di Carlo Trenti, Bologna, 1788, in-8. 207 pp.
  • Facsimile : Vincenzo Manfredini, Esteban de Arteaga, Difesa della musica moderna e de' suoi celebri esecutori, Ed. Forni (Bologna) (serie Bibliotheca musica Bononiensis, n. 73), 1972, 207 pp.
  • Englische Übersetzung : Vincenzo Manfredini, Esteban de Arteaga, A critical translation from the Italian of Vincenzo Manfredini's Difesa della musica moderna/In defense of modern music (1788), Patricia Howard (transl.), E. Mellen Press (Lewiston, N.Y), 2002, 166 pp.

Mangold, Carl Amand (1813–1889)

LoC has a Lind-favored song, "The Bird and the Maiden" (original title=?) by Mangold (C.A. or sometimes "C.S." (misscan?) Mangold) in their American Memory collection.

  • Abraham : Oratorium in 2 Abtheilungen, op. 65 (pub.1860)
  • Serenade "Komm in die stille Nacht" : für gemischten Chor mit Begleitung von kleinem Orchester, Op.62

Mangold Jr., Wilhelm (1796–1875)

(also Johann Wilhelm Mangold; another Johann Wilhelm Mangold- perhaps his father?- lived from 1735 to 1806)

  • String Quartets, Op.5 (pub.1830s)

Mann, Gottfried (1858–1904)

  • Clarinet Concerto in C minor Op.90 (pub.1886 in red. and score)
  • Melaenis, Op.80 (or prelude- ms at Dutch Royal Lib.)
  • Symphony Op.87 in D minor
  • String Quartet No.2 Op.49 in D (autograph at Dutch Royal Lib., ca.1878; maybe elsewhere?)
  • Romance for Violin and String Quartet
  • 10 Piano Pieces (pub.1896, Amsterdam: De Nieuwe Muziekhandel)
  • String Sextet, Op.53 in G (1878. published?)

Manns, Ferdinand (1844–1922)

  • Flute concerto, Op.32 (pub.1881)
  • Symphony (given in London in 1888)
  • Sonata for piano 4-hands for students, Op.6 (pub.1874)

Manry, Charles Casimir (1823–1866)

  • String Quartets No.1 Op.59, No.2 Op.61 (pub. 1856, 1857. Scores of these works at LBib Coburg)

Marais, Marin (1656–1728)

Marazzoli, Marco (c1602–1662)

  • La Fiera di Farfa (intermedio, 1637, manuscript or first edition)

Marcello, Alessandro (1669–1747)

  • Concerti a Cinque, Libro primo Jeanne Roger Amsterdam 1716

Marcello, Benedetto (1686–1739)

  • Keyboard realisation for 12 Sonatas for Flute and Basso Continuo, Op 2
  • Concertoi a cinque con violino solo e violoncello obligato ... opera prima Veezis, Gioseppe Sala 1708
  • Canzoni madrigalesche 1717

Marchand, Louis (1669–1732)

  • un troisième livre de pièces pour le clavecin (12 pièces en ut mineur / 2 en ut majeur), composées vers 1715

Marcilly, Paul (?–?)

  • Rayons interieurs: 5 pieces pour piano (pub. 1920)

Marpurg, Friedrich Wilhelm (1718–1795)

  • Der critische Musicus an der Spree, 1750
  • Die Kunst das Clavier zu spielen, 1750, enh. ed. 1762
  • Abhandlungen von der Fuge, 1753
  • Historisch-kritische Beyträge zur Aufnahme der Musik, 1756–78
  • Anfangsgründe der theoretischen Musik, 1757/60
  • Handbuch bey dem Generalbasse und der Composition, 1757–62
  • Anleitung zur Singcomposition 1758/59
  • Kritische Einleitung in die Geschichte und Lehrsätze der alten und neuen Musik, 1759
  • Anleitung zur Musik überhaupt, und zur Singkunst besonders, 1763
  • Die Kunst sein Glück spielend zu machen. Oder ausführliche Nachricht von der italienischen, und nach Art derselben zu Berlin, Paris und Brüssel etc. errichteten Zahlen-Lotterie zwischen 1 und 90 : mit beygefügten Planen, sein Geld bey selbiger mit Vortheil anzulegen, 1765
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurgs Anfangsgründe des Progressionalcalculs überhaupt, und des figürlichen und combinatorischen besonders, wie auch des logarithmischen, trigonometrischen und Decimalcalculs, nebst der Lehre von der Ausziehung der Wurzeln und der Construction der eckigten geometrischen Körper, 1774
  • Versuch über die musikalische Temperatur, 1776
  • Legende einiger Musikheiligen, 1786
  • Friedr. Wilh. Marpurgs Fugen-Sammlung. Erster Theil. gedruckt bey Johann Gottlob Immanuel Breitkopf, Leipzig, 1758.
  • Abhandlung von der Fuge, 1753

Marschner, Heinrich (1795–1861)

  • Piano Trio No.1, Op.29 (pub.ca.1824 or 1825 by Probst)
  • Piano Trio No.2, Op.111 (pub.by 1841)
  • Piano Trio No.4, Op.135 (pub.by 1847)
  • Piano Trio No.6, Op.148 (pub.by 1850)
  • Piano Trio No.7, Op.167 (pub.by 1855)
  • Piano Quartet (No.2?), Op.158 (pub.1853 or earlier)
  • Rondino scherzando, Op.71 (piano solo, in G, pub.1831 by Helmuth & 1832 by Richault)

Maršík, Emanuel (1875–1936)

  • Symphony in D minor (1908) (unpublished??)

Martin, Frank (1890–1974)

Under copyright worldwide, apart from earlier works (publ. before 1923) which are PD in the USA.
No posting without written permission from the copyright owner.

  • 8 Préludes für Klavier (1948, Dinu Lipatti gewidmet)
  • Cantate pour le temps de Noel (Weihnachtskantate) (1929/30)
  • Messe für 2 vierstimmige Chöre (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo 1922; Sanctus, Agnus Dei 1926)
  • Golgotha, Oratorium (1948)
  • Violin Sonata No.1 Op.1 (pub.1916)

Martini, Giovanni Battista (1706–1784)

  • Sonate (12) d'intavolatura per l'organo e il cembalo op. 2 presso Le Chene, Amsterdam, 1743 in-folio.
  • Sonate (6) per l'organo e il cembalo di Gio. Battista Martini minor conventuale Bologna, per Lelio della Volpe, 1747 op.3.
  • Storia della musica, 3 Bde. Bologna, 1757-1781 (großangelegte, doch unvollendete Geschichte der Musik)
  • Saggio fondamentale pratico di contrapunto sopra il canto fermo, 2 Bde. Bologna, 1774-1775 (Kompositionslehre)
  • Compendio della teoria de' numeri per uso del musico. Bologna 1769

Martinů, Bohuslav (1890–1959)

While works first published before 1964 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Double Concerto for Two String Orchestras, Piano, and Timpani
  • Concerto Grosso, for chamber orchestra
  • Piano Concerto (1-5)
  • Violin Concerto (1-2)
  • Madrigal Sonata
  • Le Jazz
  • Toccata e due Canzoni
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh
  • Harpsicord Concerto H. 246
  • Duets for Violin and Viola
  • Concerto For Flute, Violin And Orchestra
  • Concertino for Violin, Cello and Piano and String Orchestra H.232, 1926, Kalmus (KM.A7207)
  • Concerto for Piano Trio (Violin, Cello and Piano) and String Orchestra, H. 231 (1933 Paris)

Martucci, Giuseppe (1856–1909)

Works first published after 1963 are copyright in Canada. Those first published after 1922 are possibly copyright in the USA.

Marx, Joseph (1882–1964)

Under copyright worldwide, apart from earlier works (published before 1923) which are PD in the USA.
No posting without written permission from the copyright owner.

  • Rhapsody from 6 Piano Pieces (Universal Edition, Vienna, 1916)
  • Violin Sonata (pub.1914)

Marzuttini, Giovanni Battista (1863–1943)

  • String Trio in D major (pub.1914)

Masarnau, Santiago de (1805–1882)

(this is the VIAF-preferred form. see Wikipedia.)

  • 3 scherzini for piano (pub.19th century)
  • La Jota aragonese. Danse espagnole caractéristique f. Pfte. (pub.1842)
  • Misa (with organ or harmonium) (pub.ca.1867)

Massenet, Jules (1842–1912)

  • Angelus from "Scènes pittoresques"
Now uploaded in full score here.

Mattheson, Johann (1681–1764)

  • Die heilsame Geburt und Menschwerdung unsers Herrn und Heilandes Jesu Christi Hamburg 1715
  • Cum Christo. Der verlangte und erlangte Heiland. Oratorium auff Weinachten Hamburg 1716
  • Der für die Sünde der Welt gemarterte und sterbende Jesus (Barthold Heinrich Brockes) Hamburg 1718
  • Das Größte Kind in einem Oratorio auff weynacht Hamburg 1720
  • Das Lied des Lammes (Christian Heinrich Postel) Hamburg 1723

Maurice, Alphonse (1856–1905)

  • Sage, Op.53 (vn, orch) (pub.1901)

Maurice, Pierre (1868–1936)

  • La fille de Jephté (pub.1898 by Enoch, Fr. & Ger. vocal scores) ("drame biblique en un prologue et 3 tableaux")
  • Fugue for String Orchestra, Op.20 (ca.1910)
  • Misé brun (Drame lyrique)
  • "Pêcheur d'Islande (Der Islandfischer) impressions musicales d'après le roman de Pierre Loti, Op.8" (©1906)
  • Francesca da Rimini : sinfonische Dichtung : opus 6
  • Die weisse Flagge, oper in 1 acte

(or other things?)

Mayer, Charles (1799–1862)

  • Grand Concerto for piano and orch., Op.70 (pub.1843)

Mayone, Ascanio (ca. 1565–1627)

  • Capricci per sonare (Naples 1603, 1609)

Mayr, Giovanni Simone (1763–1845)

  • Cantata per la morte di Haydn, cantata for tenor, voices and orchestra, Bergamo, 1809
  • Cantata per la morte di Antonio Capuzzi, cantata for 2 voices, chorus and orchestra, text by Muletti, Bergamo, 1818
  • Cantata per la morte di Beethoven, cantata for one voice, chorus and orchestra, Bergamo, 1827
  • La Passione, oratorio in Italian, Forlì, 1794
  • Masses in minor keys
  • 7 Requiems
  • 29 compositions for Holy Week
  • Symphonies and Symphonies concertantes in minor keys
  • Keyboard and Organ works
  • Balletti

Mayseder, Joseph (1789–1863)

  • String Quartet No.7, Op.62 (pub.1847)
  • String Quartet No.8, Op.66 (pub.1864)
  • String Quintets Nos. 1 in E
  • " No.2 in A minor
  • Violin Concerto No.2, Op.26 (pub.ca.1821, Schlesinger?)

Mazas, Jacques Féréol (1782–1849)

  • 75 Melodious And Progressive Studies

Meder, Johann Valentin (1649–1710)

  • Oratorische Passion nach Matthäus
  • Sacred Vocal Music

Mehrkens, Friedrich Adolf (1840–1899)

Biographies in Riemann Musiklexikon and (brief) Wikipedia (Russian)

  • Missa solemnis, Op.21 (pub.1891)
  • Requiem (pub.1876)
  • Concert-Etude, Op.11 (pub.1869)

Meilhan, Jules (1869–1882)

(birthdate unknown; 1869 is a fl. date- earliest currently known published work etc. etc. (assuming that the J. Meilhan in question is Jules Meilhan, but this seems reasonable). Did die in 1882- obituary notices here and here. (Also? J.F. Meilhan unless this is a different composer. P.-F. Meilhan does seem to be a different composer.)

  • Messe solennelle (pub. posth., 1885. Perf. in Australia ca. Dec. 1880; U Adelaide libraries has the manuscript.)
  • Polka "Lotus", Op.3 for piano (pub. by Gambogi frères, 1869)

Meinardus, Ludwig Siegfried (1827–1896)

  • Duos for violin and piano opp. 5, 12 (Leuckart 1856, 1862)
  • String Quartets opp. 34, 43 (Heinze 1871, Siegel 1885)
  • Piano Quintet op.42 (Siegel 1884)
  • Duo for cello and piano op.32 (Cranz, 1870)
  • Piano Trio op.40 (Böhme 1877)

Melartin, Erkki (1875–1937)

  • Violin Sonata, Op.10 in E (pub. Apostol, 1909.) I think NYPL has this (in their research collection if not nec. in their online catalog. UCLA also has.)
  • Op.27 (especially No.1, the Idyl) (if the Idyl is a brief F major piano work, it's been uploaded without opus number identifying information to Sibley as just 'Idyl' and can be mirrored therefrom- thanks for the identification help- Schissel)
  • if the 4 string quartets (op. 36nos. 1-3 (1902), op.62 (no.1?) (1910) ), string trio op.133 (1927) or other later chamber works e.g. the wind trio op.154 are available in PD-CA versions, those too, but I doubt it- they all seem to have been first published commercially 1964 and on, from what I can tell.
  • Addendum: MSS of symphonies 1-5. All date from before 1923. (poss. concern still)
  • Lohdutus (Consolation), Op.168 (ca.1931, premiered 1931, for small orchestra)
  • New revised/corrected scores of syms. 1-5 (can be downloaded freely from the editors' websites though I don't know the redistribution terms... - I wonder if IMSLP can enter into an arrangement as we did with the Danish Library for Nielsen... well- it's a thought.)

Melcer-Szczawiński, Henryk (1869–1928)

  • Piano Concerto No. 1 e-minor
  • Piano Concerto No. 2 c-minor (completing the missing pages)
  • Violin sonata (pub 1909)

Melchers, Henrik Melcher (1882–1961)

While works first published before 1964 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

(real name Hans Melcher Svensson.)

  • 8 Zigeunerlieder (pub.1911)

(later works published after 1922, apparently??)

Under copyright worldwide for now-

  • String quartet op.17
  • Symphony
  • Piano concertos

Mendel, Johann Jakob (1809–1881)

  • Fantasie pastorale f. organ

Mendelssohn, Arnold (1855–1933)

  • String Quartet, Op.83 (no.3 in B) (pub.1926 - PD-CA/EU)
  • Elsi, die seltsame Magd, opera (vs pub.1896)
  • Der Bärenhäuter (opera, piano reduction? vocal score? pub.1899) (both w/ libretti by Hermann Wette)
  • Suite for Winds and Percussion, Op.62 (pub.1916/17)
  • Suite for Oboe and Strings in E minor (copy of parts at Berlin State Library)

Mendelssohn, Felix (1809–1847)

Works first published after 1963 are copyright in Canada. Those first published after 1922 are possibly copyright in the USA.
This tends to apply to the works of juvenilia that were excluded from the Gesamtausgabe of 1874–77; many were not published for the first time until the late 20th century – or are still unpublished. However, works published in the former East Germany by the (new) Leipzig Mendelssohn Ausgabe before 1978 may not be eligible for copyright protection.

  • Parts for String Quintets, Piano Quartet No. 1
  • (Early) String Symphonies (all posted in full score, May 2011)
Please register any typesetting projects to generate parts below:
1 in C major, 2 in D major, 3 in E minor, 4 in C minor, 5 in B major, 6 in E major,7 in D minor: parts available — Notenschreiber
8 in D major: parts available (string verson) / in progress (full orch. version) — PML 17 June 2011
10 in B minor: parts available — PML
  • Violin Concerto in D minor, full score
  • Concerto for Violin, Piano, and Strings in D minor, Full Score
  • Violin Concerto - Transcription for Flute by Wilhelm Popp (1828-1903)
  • Piano Concerto in E minor, full score (it’s unfinished!?)
  • Concertos for 2 pianos (full scores posted 4/11)
  • Horseman's Song (Song Without Words No. 49 in D Minor, no opus number) - for Piano
  • Violin Sonata in F Major 1838
  • Scherzo in E minor.
  • Koenig Oedipus Full Score.
  • Arrangement of the Matthäuspassion BWV 244 by Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Notturno for Winds (original version of Harmoniemusik overture Op. 24)
  • Miscellaneous Organ works (without Op. numbers), especially
    • 4 little pieces for Organ (1844) and
    • Ostinato (Passacaglia) in C-minor
  • String Quartet "No.0" in E major (1823, MWV R 18) (first published 1879 acc. to Wikipedia)
  • Piano Concerto "No.0" in A minor
  • Orchestration of Scherzo from [[Octet in E major, Op. 20 (Mendelssohn, Felix)|Octet in E major]] Full Score

Mendelssohn, Fanny (1805–1847)

  • Das Jahr (pub.1989?)
  • Piano Sonatas
  • Hero und Leander, for soprano and orchestra (published Furore-Edition in Kassel 1995, ed. by Elke Mascha Blankenburg)
  • Overture in C major (published Furore-Edition in Kassel 1994, ed. by Elke Mascha Blankenburg. does anyone know of an earlier publication?)
  • Music for Goethe’s Faust, Part II
  • Op. 7, which appears to consist of Lieder
  • Op.9 songs, esp. "Die Ersehnte", op.9,no.1

Mercadante, Saverio (1795–1870)

  • Flute Concerto in E minor (There are apparently 2 orchestrations of this, one of them strings only, and the other with strings and winds. Either will do. Preferably orchestral score and parts, but if a manuscript is found, parts can be typeset from that. While Mercadante wrote several flute concertos, this is the most popular, and the most requested.)

Méreaux, Jean-Nicolas (1767–1838)

(or Jean-Nicolas Le Froid de Méreaux)

  • Sonatines pour piano (A.L. 9389) et pour violon & piano (pub. posth., 1894, Paris: Leduc ("J.N. de Méreaux")

Merten, Ernst (1881–1893)

(fl.dates. Full name might be Ernest Nikolayevich Merten??? Conductor at Russian opera (not to be confused with Eduard Merten), it seems; more info would be nice.)

  • String Quartet No.1 in F, Op.70 "Vereinsquartett" (Kahnt, 1882)
  • String Quartet No.2 in D, Op.72 (Kahnt, 1882) (may only be in private collections at best?)

Mertke, Eduard (1833–1895)

  • Des Liedes Verklärung for Soprano, mixed chorus, harp and orchestra, Op.9 (pub.1878)
  • Minnesang für Orchester, Op.10 (pub.1879)

Merulo, Claudio (1533–1604)

  • Ricercari d'intavolatura d'organo (1567): Uploaded! provided you can read 6/8-line Italian keyboard staves, which drive me crazy.
  • Ricercari da cantare libro I (1574), II (1607, postumo) e III (1608, postumo)
  • Canzoni d'intavolatura d'organo alla francese libro I (1594), II (1606, postumo) e III (1611, postumo)
  • Toccate per organo libro I (1598) e II (1604)

Metzdorff, Richard (1844–1919)

  • Symphony No.2 Tragique, Op.17 (p.1885)
  • Piano Quintet No.1, Op.35 (1878)
  • String Quartet (F minor), Op.40 (1885)
  • Piano Quintet No.2, Op.47 (1887)
  • Violin Concerto (Sinfonisches), Op.48 (p.1893)

Middelschulte, Wilhelm (1863–1943)

While works first published before 1960 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Organ works, esp. Fantasia contrappuntistica (Busoni)

Mielck, Ernst (1877–1899)

  • String Quintet, Op.3 (pub.1901 or earlier)
  • Symphony, op.4 (full score)
  • Dramatische Ouvertüre, Op.6 (pub.1901)
  • Finnish Suite, Op.10 (pub.1901)

Minkus, Léon (1826–1917)

  • La bayadère (ballet) Piano reduction
  • Don Quixote (ballet) (full score and piano reduction) (piano reduction only as of 1/11)
  • Paquita (ballet) (full score and piano reduction)

Minsmer, Jeanne (1887–1957)

  • 3 Pieces for piano (©1918)

Mišek, Adolf (1875–1955)

  • sonata no.3 (op.7 in F major)
  • Piano trio no.1 op.20 (pub. by 1910? by Zimmermann)

Mizler, Lorenz Christoph (1711–1778)

  • Dissertatio quod musica ars sit pars eruditionis philosophicae (Leipzig, 1734)
  • Lusus ingenii de praesenti bello (Wittenberg, 1735)
  • De usu atque praestantia philosophiae in theologia, jurisprudentia, medicina (Leipzig, 1736)
  • Neu eröffnete musikalische Bibliothek, oder Gründliche Nachricht nebst unpartheyischem Urtheil von musikalischen Schriften und Büchern (Leipzig, 1739)
  • Musikalischer Staarstecher, in welchem rechtschaffener Musikverständigen Fehler bescheiden angemerket, eingebildeter und selbst gewachsener sogenannter Componisten Thorheiten aber lächerlich gemachet werden (Leipzig, 1739–1740)
  • Anfangs-Gründe des General-Basses nach mathematischer Lehr-Art abgehandelt (Leipzig, 1739)
  • Gradus ad Parnassum, oder Anführung zur regelmässigen Composition, aus dem Lateinischen ins Deutsche übersetzt, und mit Anmerkungen versehen (Leipzig, 1742), translation of J.J. Fux: Gradus ad Parnassum (Vienna, 1725)

Moeran, Ernest John (1894–1950)

(not PD-EU until 2020)

  • Violin Sonata in E minor, R15 (1922. Published 1923, not PD-US until 2018 (?), but PD-CA)
  • String Quartet in A minor, R11 (1921) (numbering from Moeran.com worklist) (also published 1923, by Chester)
  • On a May Morning for piano, R12 (1921) (pub.1922, Schott)
  • Fancies for piano, R17 (1922, published 1922) (different set of 3 pieces for piano, at least from the titles, than the 3 Piano Pieces, R4 of 1918–19 published in 1921)
  • Cello Concerto (1945)

Mohr, Hermann (1830–1896)

  • 3 Light String Quartets, Op.67 (p.1891)
  • Piano Concerto, Op.70 (p.1896)
  • Chorus "Vorfrühling" Op.10 to words by Müller von der Werra (Friedrich Müller)

Mojsisovics, Roderich von (1877–1953)

While works first published before 1964 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • String Quartet No.2, Op.58 (premiered ca.1925. Not sure if published)
  • Organ Sonata in B minor, Op.38 (ca.1910?)
  • Violin Concerto, Op.40 (pub.1930) (ok, PD-CA only, but...)

Molbe, Heinrich (1835–1915)

  • String Septet in C, Op.43 (p1898)

Molino, Francesco (1775–1847)

  • Violin Concerto No.2 in D minor, Op.25 (pub.1822)

Molter, Johann Melchior (1696–1765)

  • Konzert für Traversflöte, Viola und Bass in e-Moll
  • Oratorium für Karfreitag MWV I/3 für Sopran, Alt, Tenor, Baß vierstimmigem Chor und Orchester. Es-Dur Chor (S, A, T, B), Streicher, Flöten, Oboen Quelle in Karlsruhe Kriegsverlust, Ausgabe nach Ex. in Sondershausen MMVZ I/3
  • Concerto Pastorale für Streichorchester und Continuo G-Dur 1. und 2. Violine, Viola, Bass [kein Belegexemplar der BLB, Quelle liegt in UB Rostock, Mus. Saec. XVIII 47.14] MMVZ V/15
  • Konzert g-moll für Fagott und Streicher g-moll Fagott, 1. und 2. Violine, Viola, Violoncello, Bass Mus. Hs. 611 MMVZ VI/24
  • 5 Choralfigurationen MWV XII/1 bis XII/4 für Orgel g, g, a, G, B Orgel Mus. Hs. 443 MMVZ XII/1-4
  • Deutsche Orge- und Claviermusik der Bach-ZeitWerke in Erstausgaben Orgel, Klavier Mus. Hs. 443 MMVZ XII/1-4
  • Deutsche Orge- und Claviermusik der Bach-ZeitWerke in Erstausgaben Orgel, Klavier Mus. Hs. 398-403 MMVZ XII/5
  • Exempel für den Musikunterricht (im Anhang zur Sonata in f, MWV XI/9, hrsg. von W. Heimerl)+A85 Tasteninstrument Mus. Hs. 1121a MMVZ XII/17

Moniuszko, Stanisław (1819–1872)

  • Straszny Dwór
  • Hrabina
  • Paria

Monn, Georg Matthias (1717–1750)

  • Symphonie in G-Dur
  • Cembalokonzert g-Moll
  • Concerto for Harpsichord, Strings & Continuo In G Minor (after Cello Concerto)
  • Sonata in G minor
  • Partita a tre no. 2 in G Minor
  • Minor-keyed works
  • Cello Concerto in G Minor for cello & Strings (orchestral score & parts)

Montaine, R. A. (?)

Dates or full name needed!

  • Up In a Swing [piano-four hands] (Century Music Publishing Company, 1902)

Monteverdi, Claudio (1567-1643)

  • Sacræ cantiunculæ liber primus 1582 or (2nd best) vol. 14.1 of Malipiero edition, whose copyright status is unexplained Richard Mix 03:43, 29 May 2012 (EDT)
  • Complete Madrigali e Canzonette a 2 e 3 voci. Libro Nono
  • Musica Reliosa (I)

Monti, Vittorio (1868–1922)

  • Czardas transcribed for cello and piano by Karl Kreisel (Milan: Ricordi, 1930 16023.)

Moór, Emanuel (1863–1931)

  • Improvisation on an original theme for orchestra, Op.63 (pub. ca.1906, full score, 38 C. F. W. Siegel (R. Linnemann))
  • Messe f. Soli, gemischtem chor. u. Orch. Op.127 (only vocal score published, in 1913, by Mathot)
  • Stabat Mater, Op.138 (vocal score pub. by Mathot ca.1913. Recorded.)
  • Piano Trio, Op.81 (at BNF, pub.ca.1909)
  • Triple Concerto, Op.70 (several libraries.)

Morandi, Giovanni (1777–1856)

  • Raccolta di Sonate per gli Organi Moderni (Collection of pieces for modern organs), especially: -
    • Sinfonia, in E minor (in bk.3)
    • Offertorio, in E flat major (in bk.9)
  • Pastorale, in D major

Morel, Auguste-François (1809–1881)

  • String Quartet No.1, Op.1 (pub.1864 - poss. 1850)
  • Worldcat lists at least 5 string quartets? (Op.1, 2, ?, ?, 6.)

Morgenroth, Franz Anton (1780–1847)

  • Variations for quartet, Opp.1 and 2 (pub.ca.1818)

Morhardt, Peter (?–1685)

  • Organ works (consistant of 9 Chorale settings)

Moriconi, Augusto (1844–1907)

  • Christmas Pastorale, for the organ

Moscheles, Ignaz (1794–1870)

  • Symphony in C op.81 (pub. 1831.)

Moser, Franz (1880–1939)

  • String Quartet No.1, Op.19 (p1919)
  • String Sextet, Op.23 (p1919)

Mosonyi, Mihály (1815–1870)

(published under his birthname, Michael Brand, until ca.1859)

  • Piano Concerto
  • Symphonies
  • Piano Trio Op.1 (pub.1846)

Mozart, Leopold (1719–1787)

  • Eine musikalische Schlittenfahrt (LMV VIII:8)
  • Sinfonia in D "Die Bauernhochzeit" (LMV VIII:6)
  • Sinfonia di caccia G-Dur "Jagdsinfonie" (LMV VII:G9)
  • Cassatio (Kindersinfonie) G-Dur (LMV VIII:7)
  • Flötenkonzert G-Dur (LMV IX:1)
  • Trompetenkonzert D-Dur (LMV IX:13)
  • Other Sinfonias, Cassations, and Concertos
  • Minor-keyed works
  • Notebooks for Nannerl and Wolfferl
  • Concerto for Alto Trombone and Orchestra (D-Major)
  • Sinfonia pastorella for alphorn & strings in G major

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756–1791)

  • Flute Concerto in D K 314 orchestral parts please!!!
  • Impresario: orchestral parts (please :))
  • Lucio Silla
  • Die Entführung aus dem Serail (one file complete vocal score, German text only)
  • Le nozze di Figaro (one file complete vocal score, Italian text only)
  • Don Giovanni (one file complete vocal score, Italian text only) and Facsimile of the autograph
  • Così fan tutte (one file complete vocal score, Italian text only)
  • Die Zauberflöte
    • One file complete vocal score, German text only
    • Parts for complete opera
  • La clemenza di Tito (one file complete vocal score, Italian text only)
  • Sinfonia concertante for violin, viola, cello and orchestra in A major KV. Anh. 104 (320e)
  • Solo parts to the violin concerti
  • Adagio for violin and orchestra, K. 261 (with solo violin part) (this would be good to have in -some- form!!); added from NMA Double sharp 05:33, 18 February 2014 (EST)
  • Rondo for violin and orchestra K. 373 (with solo violin part) - full score with solo part added from Sibley Aldona 19:22, 14 May 2012 (EDT)
  • 3 Duets, K. 156 (?this and following K. no. are assigned to quartets...)
  • 3 Duets, K. 157
  • Oboe Concerto (K. 314) - Piano/Oboe
  • Arrangement of Handels "Messiah" (Vocalscore)
  • Arr. of Messiah Full Score
  • Organ Works
    • Adagio and Allegro in F min KV594
    • Fantasia in F min KV608
    • Andante in F KV616
    • Fugue in E flat major, K. 153 (375f)
    • Fugue in G minor, K. 154 (385k)
    • Ouverture in C major, K. 399 (385i)
    • Fugue in G minor, K. 401 (375e)
  • Rondo in D major, K. 485
  • Cadenza (Sam Franko) to Violin Concerto No. 3 in G Major, K. 216 (From G. Schirmer Edition)
  • Le Nozze di Figaro, K.492 - Transcription for piano 4 hands, act III & IV
  • Rondo from serenade K 250 transcribed for violin and piano
  • Piano concertos KV 413, 414, 415, 449: string parts for string quartet arrangements of orchestral part by Mozart
These are not different to the orchestra string parts.
  • Missa brevis in C, KV 259 »Orgel-Solo«
  • Fugues by Bach family arr. for strings full scores
  • Die ihr des unermeßlichen Weltalls, K.619 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus) transposed edition (Peters? in A flat)
  • Clarinet Quintet (Op.108) transcribed by Schuberth (ca1906) for Cello obligato, 2 violins, Viola and Cello (Schuberth)
  • Le Nozze di Figaro, K492: aria "Voi che sapete" (Cherubino).
  • Piano Concerto in D Major ("Coronation" Concerto #26, K.537) in Hummel's arrangement for piano, flute, violin, and cello
  • Piano Concerto in E-flat Major #22, K.482, in Hummel's arrangement for piano, flute, violin, and cello
  • Piano Concerto in B-flat Major #18, K.456 in Hummel's arrangement for piano, flute, violin, and cello
  • Piano Concerto in E-flat Major #10, K. 365 in Hummel's arrangement for piano, flute, violin, and cello
  • Divertimento K.138: parts for the second and the third movement (there is only the first one)
  • Henri Roubier edition (Richault, 1858) of 20 Mozart piano concertos in Full Score (the first appearance for some of them in full score, though most at least were published as instrumental parts before that)
  • Symphony "No. 54" in B-flat major, K.Anh.216/74g/Anh.C 11.03 (Alte Mozart-Ausgabe, Serie 24, No. 63). (The NMA has it, but the volume is too recent and it won't be PD until 2025)
  • Symphony "No. 48" or "No. 56" in F major, K. 98/Anh.223b/Anh.C 11.04 (Alte Mozart-Ausgabe, Serie 24, No. 56). The score we currently have is a edited re-typeset of an error-filled re-typeset of a second-hand copy of a score (Alte Mozart-Ausgabe?), and it would be a lot better to have the original.
  • Symphony "Odense" in A minor, K.Anh.220/16a. NMA score is too recent and will not be PD until 2025: manuscript score perhaps? (If the first edition from the 1980s is urtext, it would be PD)

Arrangements by others

Mudge, Richard (1718–1763)

  • 6 Concertos, 1749

Mühling, Heinrich August Julius (1810–1880)

(Wikipedia (German)) (sorting as Muehling?) (Dedicatee of August Gottfried Ritter's Organ Sonata No.2, Op.19 and of a piano quartet (Op.8, pub.1833) by Seiffart)

  • String Quartets, Op.59 (as "Aug. Mühling") (no.1 Ricordanza, no.2 in E) pub. 1845
  • Flute Quintets, Op.27 (@ Danish Library)

Muffat, Georg (1653–1704)

  • Armonico tributo (complete) - already uploded - kompy

Muffat, Gottlieb (1690–1770)

  • Versetl sammt Toccaten ...
  • All Keyboard Toccatas and Fugues

Mulet, Henri (1878–1967)

Under copyright worldwide, apart from earlier works (published before 1923) which are PD in the USA.
No posting without written permission from the copyright owner.

  • Esquisses Byzantines (1914-1919) - PD in USA. Reprinted by Masters (M2606)

Müller, August Eberhard (1767–1817)

  • Cadenza to 8 Concerti- 2 pianos, four hands
  • Theme With Variations for 2 flutes

Müller-Hermann, Johanna (1878–1941)

  • String Quartet in E, Op.6 (p.1913)
  • Symphony in D minor for soloists, chorus and orchestra Op.27 (words by Ricarda Huch) (p.1924) (PD-CA)

Munktell, Helena (1852–1919)

  • Violin Sonata

Murschhauser, Franz Xaver (1663–1738)

  • All organ works (note: BSB has a couple of theoretical works by him, but not organ works scanned yet)
  • Octi-tonium novum organicum, octo tonis ecclesiasticis, ad Psalmos, & magnificat, Augsburg 1696
  • Vespertinus latriae et hyperduliae cultus, Ulm 1700
  • Prototypon longo-breve organicum, Nürnberg 1703

Mussorgsky, Modest (1839–1881)

  • Complete works, as edited by Pavel Lamm (reprint by Kalmus, whose volume for Salammbo, it should be mentioned, is missing a few pages); more specifically, the following two items requested earlier might be covered by this edition:
    • Night on the Bald Mountain, the non-Rimsky-Korsakow version, full score
    • Boris Godunov, second edition with prologue and four acts (1872), full score
  • Женитьба (Zhenitba): The Marriage (opera) (1868) Rimsky-Korsakov version (complete), and original (1 act, unfinished).
  • Млада: Mlada (Opera-ballet) (1872) (4 acts) Collaborative work divided between Modest Mussorgsky (acts 2 and 3), Cesar Cui (act 1), Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov(acts 2 and 3), and Alexander Borodin (act 4). --This has never been published or performed, the only available scores are manuscripts
  • Борис Годунов: Boris Godunov (Opera), Second original version (1872, full score and vocal score), Second Rimsky-Korsakov version (1908, a higher visual quality full score)
  • Хованщина: Khovanshchina (Opera) (1872-1880) Original Version (unfinished), Dimitri Shostakovich completion (1959, most performed version), and Rimsky-Korsakov version (1881-1882).
  • Сорочинская ярмарка: The Fair at Sorochyntsi (Opera) Original Version (unfinished), Cesar Cui version (complete) (1914-1916), Nikolay Tcherepnin version (1923, complete), and Vissarion Shebalin version (1930, complete, standard version).
  • Scherzo in B flat Major (1858)
  • Alla marcia notturna (1861)
  • Intermezzo symphonique in modo classico (1867)
  • Торжественный марш: Взятие Карса: Festive March: The Capture of Kars (1880)
  • Porte-enseigne: Polka (solo piano, 1852)
  • Песни и пляски смерти: Songs and Dances of Death (song-cycle) (1875):
  1. Колыбельная: Lullaby
  2. Серенада: Serenade
  3. Трепак: Trepak
  4. Полководец: The Field-Marshal (1877)
  • Pictures of an Exhibition, orch. Ravel (orchestral parts) -string parts uploaded

Müthel, Johann Gottfried (1728–1788)

  • Fantasie und Fuge G-Dur
  • Fantasie g-Moll
  • Fantasie Es-Dur
  • Fantasie F-Dur
  • Choralbearbeitung „Jesu, meine Freude“
  • einige Polonaisen für zwei Violinen mit und ohne Flöte und Bass
  • eine Flötensonate
  • 44 kleine Menuetten und Märsche für Musikliebhaber
  • mindestens neun Klaviersonaten (teilweise Urheberschaft umstritten)
  • zwei Ariosi mit je zwölf Variationen
  • zwei Duette für zwei Klaviere
  • sechs große Klavierkonzerte mit Orchester (eines ohne überlieferten Schlusssatz)
  • ein Konzert für zwei Fagotte und Orchester
  • eine Kantate

Myaskovsky, Nikolay (1881–1950)

While works first published before 1960 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Violin Concerto d-minor op.44 - 1938
  • "Zwei Stücke" (Two Pieces) op.46 n.2 - for Violin, Cello and String orchestra, 1947
  • Cello Concerto c minor op.66 - 1944/45
  • Cello sonate n.1 D-major op.12 - 1911, reworked in 1945
  • Cello sonate n.2 a-minor op.81 - (also for Violin and Piano), 1948/49
  • Scans of the first (PD-US) versions of works whose revisions were first published after 1922 (which most if not all of his larger-scale early works, even the 1908/1921 first symphony, whose 1921 second version wasn't published until 1929, for instance)
  • Symphony No.4 e-moll, Op.17, Score
  • Symphony No.5 D-Dur, Op.18, Score
  • Symphony No.7 h-moll, Op.24, Score
  • Symphony No.8 A-dur, Op.26, Score
  • Symphony No.9 e-moll, Op.28, Score
  • Symphony No.11 b-moll, Op.34 (score)
  • Symphony No.12 g-moll, Op.35, Score
  • Symphony No.16 F-dur, Op.39, Score
  • Symphony No.18 C-dur, Op.42, Score
  • Symphony No.19 Es-dur, Op.46, Score
  • Symphony No.20 E-dur, Op.50, Score
  • Symphony No.22 h-moll, Op.54, Score
  • Symphony No.23 a-moll, Op.56, Score
  • Symphony No.26 C-dur, Op.79, Score
  • Symphony No.27 c-moll, Op.85, Score
  • Alastor in c-moll, Op.14, Score

Mysliveček, Josef (1737–1781)

  • Il Tobia (Padua, 1769)
  • I pellegrini al sepolcro (Padua, 1770)
  • Giuseppe riconosciuto (Padua, c.1770) - lost
  • Adamo ed Eva (Florence, 1771)
  • La passione di Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo (Florence, 1773)
  • Isacco figura del redentore (Florence, 1776; revised for a performance in Munich in March of 1777 known to Mozart under the title Abramo ed Isacco)
  • Sinfonia a quattro Op. 1 No. 5 g-Moll (1764)
  • Violin Concerto in C major (1770) manuscript in the Thüringesches Hauptstaatsarchiv in Weimar (also undated manuscripts in the České Muzeum Hudby in Prague)
  • Cello Concerto in C major (1770) undated manuscript in the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna, an arrangement of a violin concerto preseved in Weimar

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