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Bachmann was one of an energetic group of publishers in the former Kingdom of Hannover and Duchy of Brunswick, (present day Lower Saxony) such as Nagel (Hannover), Litolff and Heinrichshofen (Braunschweig) and Möseler Verlag (Wolfenbuttel).

Christoph Bachmann started a musical goods store, lending library, and publishing company in Hannover in 1819. At some point in the 1820s he went into partnership with local businessman (Georg Wilhelm) Adolph Nagel (1800–1873), publishing under the name Bachmann & Nagel until the end of 1834. In 1835 he sold the store and library to Nagel, but continued publishing.

Bachmann's firm was a success, becoming one of the longest surviving small publishers, functioning for nearly 100 years. The catalog was typical of the mid 19th century: piano pieces and songs; pieces for cello (Friedrich August Kummer and Karl Matys), violin (Chr. Muller and Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst), and horn (Karl Daniel Lorenz); and at least one opera by Heinrich Marschner.

However, in the long run, Nagel was more famous, operating independently until 1950, and respected by amateur players for its blue-covered Nagel's Musik-Archiv series (1927-).


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Plate Numbers

Bachmann's plate numbers appear in the format of #### and appear to have been issued in a fairly regular chronological fashion. Dates in italics are estimated. (Not wholly regular; plate 1332, for instance, belonging to 3 J.L. Dussek duet sonatas, seems to have been issued around 1825.)

Plate Composer Work Year
0031 Matys 4 Solostücke, Op.15 (No.2, 2d ed) 1891
0316 Lorenz Notturno 1847
0378 Lorenz Andante mit Variationen 1848
0600 Raff Aus der Schweiz, Op.57 1853
0647 Lorenz Der Abschied, Op.11 1855
0811-814 Thieriot 4 Stücke, Op.6 1861
1366 Rehfeld 12 Leichte Stücke, Op.132 1920
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