typical cover (1876)
typical M. Bahn cover (1876)



Bahn operated in Berlin from 1854 to 1897. It published works by Joachim Raff, Hubert Ries (violin), Carl Bohm, and Eduard Grell (choral works). In addition to contemporary works it also published collections of Renaissance polyphony. It took over T. Trautwein in 1890 and was later acquired by Heinrichshofen's Verlag.

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Plate Numbers

Bahn's plate numbers were issued in a regular chronological fashion. Plate numbers are in the format of #### or M.B. ####. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
0119 Kiel Bilder aus der Jugendwelt, Op.1
0652 Kiel 6 Walzer, Op.7 1858
1034 Kiel Melodien, Op.15 (book 2) 1860
1188 Kiel 8 Leichte Stücke, Op.13
1200 Radecke Ouvertüre zu Shakespeare's 'König Johann', Op.25 (full score) 1860
1208 Kiel Melodien, Op.15 (book 1) 1860
1283 Kiel Variationen und Fuge, Op.17 1861
2501 Jensen Deutsche Suite, Op.36
2505 Bohm Knospen und Blüthen, Op.29 (No.2)
2508 Bohm Knospen und Blüthen, Op.29 (No.5)
2548 Bohm Transcriptionen deutscher Lieder, Op.55 (No.1)
2549 Bohm Transcriptionen deutscher Lieder, Op.55 (No.2)
2552 Bohm Transcriptionen deutscher Lieder, Op.55 (No.5)
2937 Raff Suite No.2, Op.194 (arr. piano 4 hands) 1876
3824 Radecke Nachtstück, Op.55 (full score) 1892
9009 Wüerst Der Wasserneck, Op.30 (reprint v.s.) 1879

Authority Control

  • VIAF (Musikalien-Verlag von M. Bahn (Berlin))
  • VIAF (T. Trautwein'sche Buch- und Musikalienhandlung, M. Bahn (Berlin))

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