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IMSLP / Petrucci Bibliotheca Musicae

bibliotheca libri musici in dominio publico.
In reti abhinc ante diem XI Kal. Mar. MMVI · 138,880 opera · 500,744 musici libri


Ave in International Music Score Library Project! IMSLP virtualem bibliothecam creare conatur quam omnios libros musicos in dominio publico continet, etiam libros musicos de scriptoribus quibus suas musicas cum mundo sine sumptu partiri volunt. Totus numerus destinati legere potes qui IMSLP attingere conabitur.

IMSLP quoque permutationes opinionum musicarum hortatur, et in forma operum musicorum, et in tua enodatione unae scriptionis ("Disputatio" conexus in pagina operis illius unae scriptionis utaris).



IMSLP needs your help! Visit the Contributor Portal to learn about contributing to IMSLP. The IMSLP forums are open to anyone for discussions about IMSLP and music in general.

Contributing: You can contribute by simply participating in the growth of this wiki by sharing your knowledge in music with others. If you have old sheet music on your shelves, or public domain sheet music on your hard disk, consider sharing them with the rest of the world by uploading it to IMSLP! You can also help importing public domain scores from other websites. Please refer to the score contributing guide for details.

Projects: The aims of our Community Projects are to acquire collections of works from inactive archives, to identify their contents, and to preserve them for the future. As of the moment, one of the main projects of IMSLP is the sorting and uploading of the Bach-Gesellschaft Ausgabe (complete works).

Other Tasks: There are several ways of helping IMSLP, apart from contributing scores. You can help e.g. with the website maintenance, translation of IMSLP, or support IMSLP financially.

This is just a short overview. You can find all the details about contributing in the Contributor Portal.


This site strives to comply with Canadian copyright laws (visit the public domain page for more information). However, in the case that there are violations, please contact us at feldmahler {at} Thank you.

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