Jewish composers at IMSLP

Here is a list of composers with pages at IMSLP who were or are Jewish. In compiling this list, I included a composer if one of his or her parents were Jewish, even if they converted to another religion. On the other hand, if I couldn't find definite documentation that a composer was Jewish, even though there was strong circumstantial evidence, I did not include the composer.

Finally, I added notes in cases where I knew something about the composer; specifically,

  • If the composer was associated with the St Petersburg Society for Jewish Folkmusic
  • If the composer wrote music with specifically Jewish content
  • If the composer wrote liturgical music
  • If the composer was one of the suppressed musicians during the Nazi period.

I have, of course, missed many. Feel free to correct or add to the list.

Category:Achron, Joseph (Petersburg)

Category:Adler, Bernard

Category:Adler, Simon (Jewish content)

Category:Alkan, Charles-Valentin (Jewish content - liturgical)

Category:Alkan, Maxime

Category:Auer, Leopold

Category:Avni, Boaz

Category:Barnett, John

Category:Bauer, Marion

Category:Bassano, Jerome

Category:Beer, Joseph

Category:Benedict, Julius

Category:Benjamin, Arthur

Category:Berlin, Irving

Category:Bloch, Ernest (Jewish content)

Category:Bosmans, Henriëtte (Jewish content)

Category:Brüll, Ignaz

Category:Braham, David

Category:Braunfels, Walter

Category:Cohen, Jules

Category:David, Ferdinand

Category:Dessauer, Joseph

Category:Dessoff, Felix Otto

Category:Dresden, Sem

Category:Dukas, Paul

Category:Ebreo, Guglielmo

Category:Eisler, Hanns

Category:Engel, Joel (Petersburg)

Category:Erlanger, Camille (Jewish content)

Category:Ernst, Heinrich Wilhelm (Jewish content)

Category:Fall, Leo

Category:Feinberg, Samuil

Category:Finzi, Gerald

Category:Fitelberg, Grzegorz

Category:Friedman, Ignaz

Category:Gál, Hans

Category:Gernsheim, Friedrich (Jewish content)

Category:Gnesin, Mikhail (Petersburg)

Category:Godard, Benjamin

Category:Goldmark, Carl

Category:Goldmark, Rubin (Jewish content)

Category:Goldschmidt, Otto

Category:Grünfeld, Alfred

Category:Grosz, Wilhelm

Category:Gruenberg, Louis

Category:Haas, Pavel (Suppressed)

Category:Hahn, Reynaldo

Category:Halévy, Fromental (Jewish content)

Category:Hartmann, Arthur

Category:Hast, Marcus‎ (liturgical)

Category:Heim, Max

Category:Helfman, Max (Jewish content - liturgical)

Category:Henschel, George

Category:Hensel, Fanny

Category:Hiller, Ferdinand (Jewish content)

Category:Hirsch, Louis Achille

Category:Hofmann, Józef

Category:Idelsohn, Abraham Zevi (Petersburg)

Category:Jacobi, Frederick

Category:Jadassohn, Salomon

Category:Japhet, Israel Meyer

Category:Jessel, Léon

Category:Joachim, Joseph (Jewish content)

Category:Joseffy, Rafael

Category:Kálmán, Emmerich

Category:Kahn, Robert

Category:Karel, Rudolf

Category:Kern, Jerome

Category:Klebanov, Dmytro (Jewish content (Babi Yar) but not on IMSLP)

Category:Klein, Manuel

Category:Koffler, Józef (Holocaust victim)

Category:Korngold, Erich Wolfgang (Suppressed)

Category:Krein, Aleksandr (Petersburg)

Category:Krein, Grigory‎

Category:Kreisler, Fritz

Category:Leichtentritt, Hugo

Category:Levi, Hermann

Category:Levitzki, Mischa

Category:Levy, Ernst

Category:Levy, Martin

Category:Lewandowski, Louis (liturgical)

Category:Lewandowsky, Max (?)

Category:Lourié, Arthur

Category:Mahler, Gustav

Category:Manasse, Otto (Holocaust victim)

Category:Mendelssohn, Arnold

Category:Mendelssohn, Felix

Category:Mendelssohn, Ludwig

Category:Meyerbeer, Giacomo

Category:Milner, Moses Michael (Petersburg)

Category:Minkus, Ludwig

Category:Moscheles, Ignaz (Jewish content)

Category:Moszkowski, Moritz

Category:Nathan, Isaac (Jewish content)

Category:Naumbourg, Samuel (Jewish content - liturgical)

Category:Ornstein, Leo (Jewish content)


Category:Praeger, Ferdinand

Category:Raphael, Günter

Category:Reményi, Eduard

Category:Reyer, Ernest

Category:Riesenfeld, Hugo

Category:Riley, Terry

Category:Romberg, Sigmund

Category:Ronald, Landon

Category:Rosenberg-Ružić, Vjekoslav

Category:Rosenhain, Jacob

Category:Rosenthal, Moriz

Category:Rossi, Salamone (Jewish content)

Category:Rozsavolgyi, Mark

Category:Rothschild, Charlotte de

Category:Rothschild, Mathilde de

Category:Rubinstein, Anton (Jewish content)

Category:Rubinstein, Beryl

Category:Rubinstein, Nikolay

Category:Sabin, Wallace Arthur (Liturgical)

Category:Salaman, Charles Kensington

Category:Salzedo, Leonard

Category:Saminsky, Lazare (Petersburg)

Category:Samuel, Harold

Category:Schlossberg, Max

Category:Schoenberg, Arnold (Jewish content)

Category:Schulhoff, Erwin (Holocaust victim)

Category:Schulhoff, Julius

Category:Schreker, Franz (Suppressed)

Category:Schwartz, Jean

Category:Seiber, Mátyás

Category:Seligmann, Hippolyte Prosper

Category:Sekles, Bernhard (Suppressed)

Category:Sinigaglia, Leone (Holocaust victim)

Category:Smit, Leo (Holocaust victim)

Category:Solomon, Edward

Category:Steinberg, Maksimilian

Category:Stern, Julius

Category:Sulzer, Salomon (liturgical)

Category:Szántó, Tivadar

Category:Szell, George

Category:Tansman, Alexandre

Category:Tausig, Carl

Category:Toch, Ernst (Suppressed)

Category:Translateur, Siegfried (Suppressed)

Category:Veprik, Aleksandr (Petersburg)

Category:Volpe, Arnold

Category:Waghalter, Ignatz (Suppressed)

Category:Waldteufel, Emile

Category:Weigl, Karl (Suppressed)

Category:Weill, Kurt (Suppressed)

Category:Weiner, Leó

Category:Weis, Karel (opera Polnische Jude)

Category:Wieniawski, Henri

Category:Wieniawski, Józef

Category:Wellesz, Egon (ancestors only)

Category:Willner, Arthur (Suppressed)

Category:Wertheim, Juliusz

Category:Wertheim, Rosy

Category:Wormser, André

Category:Yafil, Edmond-Nathan (Arabic music)

Category:Zeitlin, Leo (Petersburg)

Category:Zemlinsky, Alexander von (Suppressed)

Category:Zhurbin, Lev