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Täglichsbeck, Thomas (1799–1867)

  • 3 String Quartets, Opp.41-43 (p.1862 or possibly 1858? Republished in 2008, but original version should be used. Dedicated to his friend Edward Pinnock.)
  • Symphony No.2 in E major, Op.48, pub. 1863? (full score at Boston Public Library. also, poss. US LoC)

Taki, Rentarō (1879–1903)

  • Vocal Suite "Four Seasons"
  • Bedauernswerth
  • Piano minuet in B minor (pub. 1900?) - poss. the minuet from the 2 Piano Pieces, uploaded

Tallis, Thomas (ca.1505–1585)

  • Tudor Church Music volume VI would be very handy… (published 1928, I think, so PD-US in 2024. Contains 2 full masses (Salve intemerata virgo a 5 and "sine nomine" a 4, many motets, etc. in 1928 editions :) so yes, useful!

Taneyev, Sergey (1856–1915)

  • Canzona, F minor [originally for Clarinet and strings, arr. composer for cello and piano]
  • Symphonies (1-3) (all first published fairly recently: No.1 in E minor in 1948 edited by Lamm, No.3 in D minor in 1947 edited by B. Yavorsky, No.2 in 1977 (earlier?) edited by Blok.
  • Symphony No.4, Op.12 (Orchestral Part Scores)

Tapray, Jean-François (1738–1822)

  • Op. 2 - 3 sonates pour clavecin et violon ad libitum (any edition, british library appears to have an incomplete copy)

Tartini, Giuseppe (1692–1770)

Taubert, Ernst Eduard (1838–1934)

  • Op.32.str quartets nos. 1 in D and no.2 in E (by 1883?) (no.1 performed late 1903) (Op.32 No.2 reduction at Württemburg; Op.32 set at Free Lib. Philadelphia?)
  • Op.34. String Quartet no.3 in E minor (1878)
  • Op.54. Ballade for orchestra (1895)
  • Op.63. String Quartet in D minor (pub.190x?) (Raabe & Plothow parts at FLP)
  • Op.68. Piano Sonata in C minor (pub.1905)
  • Op.69. 2 Odes for voice and piano (pub.1905)
  • Op.74. 3 Duets for Soprano and Tenor with Piano (Raabe & Plothow, 1910)

Taubert, Wilhelm (1811–1891)

  • 12 Etudes de Concert, Op. 40 (Leipzig: Hofmeister / Milan: Ricordi, 1838?)
  • Symphony, op.69 in F (1847)
  • Festouverture zur Feier des 11ten Juni 1854., Op.111 (1856)
  • Symphony in C minor, Op.113 (1857, Kistner)
  • Piano Concerto No.2, Op.189 in A (1877)
  • Der Landsknecht. Lieder-Cantata, Op.200. (1882) (BSB has the vocal score, not yet digitized)
  • Cello Concerto in D minor, Op.173 (1870)

Taudou, Antoine (1846–1925)

Also given in BNF as Antonin Taudou . 2 Mélodies have been uploaded by BDH.

  • Trio for flute, viola and cello (pub.1876, Richault)

Tausch, Julius (1827–1895)

  • Fest-Ouverture, Op.9 for orchestra (Pohle, 1876)
  • Duo for Violin and Piano, Op.3 (Breitkopf, 1854)

Tausig, Carl (1841–1871)

  • Sérénade, Op.4

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr (1840–1893)

  • Moment lyrique (original version)
  • The Nutcracker complete ballet for piano 4 hands (Arensky)
  • Orchestral Suite No.2 for piano 4 hands (Tchaikovsky/Hubert)
  • "Piano concerto 3 Op. 75" (Edition Peters)
  • The Sleeping Beauty, Op.66 Complete Ballet for piano 4 hands (Rachmaninov)
  • Symphony No. 1 (Version I) Full Score/Manuscript; Full Score of excerpts not used in revision.
  • Piano Concerto 3 Op.75 Allegro Brillante Peters Edition for two piano.

Tcherepnin, Aleksandr (1899–1977)

Works by this composer can only be added to the US server. Works published in 1928 or earlier are in the public domain in the US, as well as potentially certain other works depending on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Piano Concerto No.2, Op.26 (published by Heugel in 1924)
  • Toccata No.2, Op.20 (pub. by Simrock, ©1925)

Tcherepnin, Nikolay (1873–1945)

  • Dramatic Fantasy for Orchestra, Op.17 (pub.1904)

Tegnér, Alice (1864–1943)

Telemann, Georg Philipp (1681–1767)

  • Sonata for harp, published 1763 by Breitkopf & Haertel
  • Overture (suite) in D Major TWV 55:D6 for viola da gamba and basso continuo (facsimile parts and score) Ouverture-Suite, TWV_55:D6 (ms score)
  • Konzert für Block- und Traversflöte in e-moll, TWV 52(e1) Concerto_for_Recorder_and_Flute,_TWV_52:e1
  • Sonata in a-minor for Oboe Flute and Basso Continuo, TWV 42:a6 Trio_Sonata, TWV 42:a6
  • "Darmstadt" Overtures, esp TWV 55:C6 Ouverture-Suite, TWV 55:C6
  • Passions TWV 5: 7-5:53 Full Scores (we have TWV 5:33 and TWV 5:15 in full score so far, eg)
  • Brockes-Passion TWV 5: 1 Full Scores Brockes Passion, TWV 5:1
  • Passion Oratorios TWV 5: 1-6 (including TWV 5: 2a) Full Scores
  • Sonata in A major for 2 flutes and keyboard - is this a thing? TWV 42 contains sonatas for 2 violins and continuo and for flute, violin and continuo, but not for 2 flutes and continuo apparently - or do you mean a quadro (2 flutes, keyboard and continuo?) - and which one?
  • Sonata in E major for 2 flutes (see 6 Sonatas, TWV 40:101-106 for 2 flutes unaccompanied, sonata no.6 in E)
  • Triosonata TWV 42: g9 for recorder, (treble?) viol and BC Trio Sonata, TWV 42:g9
  • Triosonata TWV 42: g10 for recorder, (treble?) viol and BC Trio Sonata, TWV 42:g10
  • Triosonata TWV 42: g11 for recorder, (treble?) viol and BC Trio Sonata, TWV 42:g11
  • Triosonata TWV 42: d7 for recorder, treble viol and BC Trio Sonata, TWV 42:d7
  • Overture Suite in G Minor TWV 55:g9, for 2 oboes, bassoon, strings and basso continuo Ouverture-Suite, TWV 55:g9
  • Concerto for harpsichord in B minor (Cembalokonzert h-moll)
  • Recorder sonata in F major TWV 41F1
  • six violin sonatinas
  • violin concerto in A major TWV 51:A2 the frogs score and parts - same as oboe d'amore concerto which we have?
  • Divertimento, en mi bémol majeur, pour 2 cors, 2 flûtes traversières, cordes et basse continue TWV 50:21 Sinfonia in E-flat major, TWV 50:21
  • Französische Jahrgang (Kantaten), esp. TWV 1: 1585 "Wer ist der, so von Edom kommt" (Full Scores/Manuscripts)
  • Divertimento, en la majeur, pour 2 violons, alto et basse continue TWV 50:22 Divertimento in A major, TWV 50:22
  • Divertimento, en si bémol majeur, pour 2 violons, alto et basse continue TWV 50:23 Divertimento in B-flat major, TWV 50:23
  • "Du aber, Daniel, gehe hin", Funeral cantate, TWV 4:17
  • Ein Aussatz ist die Sünde (or, French Yearbook), TWV 1:417. Contains aria "Du siehst, o Jesu" that was (or has the same title as- guessing same as?...) one of the few Telemann works published in the 19th century (in 1850. See HMBref 1850, p32, RISM 225004727)
  • Polish Dances from the Rostock Manuscript "Danse d'Polonie", TWV 45
  • Oratorio TWV deest, Der aus der Löwengrube errettete Daniel
  • Recorder concerto G minor TWV deest
  • Neu-aufgesetztes vollständiges Psalm- und Choral-Buch : Jn welchem nicht allein die Hundert und Funffzig Psalmen Davids, Sondern auch beyder Evangelischen Kirchen-Gesängen, Mit vielen Abweichungen, nebst des Neanders Bundes-Liedern ... Jn fügliche Melodien gesetzt und insgesamt Auf das Clavier Mit einem richtigen Baß (published 1719, republished 1735-6, the latter version available @ HAB.de digitally. Collaboration with a Müller (identify?) I believe.)
  • 12 Kleine Fantasien (ed.Universal)
  • Autobiographies (2) (1718 one, "Lebens-Lauff", was published in 1931 if not earlier. They seem to be downloadable in some form so may have been published earlier.)
  • Lukas Passion TWV 5:29
  • Essercizii musici - the original Hamburg publication

Terry, Léonard (1816–1882)

(or Jean-Léonard Terry. from Liège.)

  • "La Saltarelle" for chorus (pub.1854)
  • "Voyège di Chaudfontaine : opera burless' è treus actes" (Walloon language) (pub.1858) (@ U. Texas libraries)

Thalberg, Sigismond (1812–1871)

Theuss, Theodor (1785–1849)

Also Theuß, C. Theodor

  • 6 Marches militaires pour 2 flûtes, Op.36
  • Serenade for flute, clarinet, bassoon and 2 horns, Op.21 (published by Gombart and digitized by SBB)
  • Sonatine pour le basson ou violoncelle avec accompagnement de pianoforte (pub.ca.1809)

Thieriot, Ferdinand (1838–1919)

  • Quintet Op.80
  • String Serenade, Op.44
  • String Quartet No.1, Op.83
  • Violin Sonata Op.58
  • Sinfonietta, Op.55

Thiessen, Karl (1867–1945)

  • Suite im alten Stil in D, Op.43 (vn/pf) (pub.1921 by Zimmermann)
  • Impromptu, Op.13 for piano (pub.1908, Apollo)

Thirion, Louis (1879–1966)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Sonate pour piano en quatre parties (pub.1907)
  • Symphony No.1 in E major, Op.12 (pub. in pf4h 1912 by Durand)

Thomas, Ambroise (1811–1896)

  • Piano Trio, Op.3 (pub.1833)

Thomas, Kurt (1904–1973)

Works by this composer can only be added to the US server. Works published in 1928 or earlier are in the public domain in the US, as well as potentially certain other works depending on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • String Quartet in F minor, Op.5 (published by Breitkopf & Härtel, 1926)

Thomassin, Amédée (1824–1862)

(flourishing dates; actual dates unknown (a.t.time). Will leave expl. note for 1824, 1862 somewhere else.) Mentioned in Wikipedia (Edmond de Coussemaker). Dates possibly 1808-25 July 1867, if this is the same as the scientist Amédée-Émile-Théophile Thomassin (death notice @ p.26, Mémoires de la société d'agriculture...) - quite possibly so.

  • String Quartet, Op.30 (pub.1849 by Hofmeister, Richault)
  • Messe solennelle (premiered 1831? pub.1847) (Choron et Canaux, M.C. 223, at BNF)
  • 4ème Messe solennelle à trois parties vocales, dessus, ténore, basse, et choeur avec acc.t d'orgue expressif, harmonium ou piano et contrebasse, Op.18 (pub.1848)

Thomassin, Désiré (1858–1933)

  • Violin Concerto in B(natural) minor, Op.75 (pub.1927) (full score, parts @ Fleisher Collection which however only rents to orchestras &c?)
  • Sacred music incl. masses, graduals/motets ("Graduale Os justi", etc.) (by "Desiderius" Thomassin? incl. "20 keyboard pieces, Op.94") (in manuscript @ BSB?)
  • Violin Sonata No.3 (pub. (without ©) 1927, Tischer & Jagenberg. Plate 951. Copies at BSB, ÖNB. Dedicated to Felix Berber.)
  • Mass in D minor, Op.96 (1929) and Mass in D minor (1927) also Mass in C minor, Op.90 (1924) (autographs @ D-Mbs)
  • 3 Männerchöre, Op.29 (pub.1895, by "D." Thomassin, according to HMB)
  • Impromptu, Op.64 for violin and piano (©1908, Breitkopf)
  • Salve Regina, Op.91b for tenor, violin, cello and organ (dedicated to R. Krallinger. Published by Anton Böhm & Son, copy at ÖNB does not have a publication date.)

Thomé, Francis (1850–1909)

  • "Le Bois". Musique de scène pour la comédie, d' Albert Glatigny (ms, 1871)

Thomson, César (1857–1931)

  • Zigeuner-Rhapsodie Old & New ver. (score @ Libray of Royal Conservatory of Liège) (1908 version uploaded)
  • Fantaisie hongroise pour violon et piano (ms @ Libray of Royal Conservatory of Liège)
  • Fantaisie sur une melodie populaire scandinave (@ Libray of Royal Conservatory of Liège)

Thooft, Willem Frans (1829–1900)

  • Sonata, Op.8
  • Sinfonie (No.3, in B) für Soli, Chor u. Orchester nach Anleitung d. Gedichts Kaiser Karl, Op.10 (premiered 1861, pub.1864)
  • Sonata "In Memoriam" Op.21 (if possible)
  • Aleida von Holland, Romantic opera in 3 acts to a libretto by Ernst Pasqué

Tiessen, Heinz (1887–1971)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.
(= Heinrich Richard Gustav Tiessen)

  • Symphony No.2 Stirb und Werde!, Op.17 (Ries, 1922)
  • Ein Natur-Trilogie, Op.18 (pub.1916)
  • Totentanz-Melodie, Op.29 (pub.1920)
  • String Quintet, Op.32 (pub.1927) (1926 per catalog of copyright entries?)
  • Duo for violin and piano, Op.35 (pub.1926, UE)

Tinel, Edgar (1854–1912)

  • Requiem (6-part chorus), Op.46 (B&H, pub.1905) (??) (same op# and publisher as Te Deum- are they both part of a larger work?)

Titl, Anton Emil (1809–1882)

  • Der Zauberschleier or at least the aria Lebe wohl, geliebtes Wesen from it

Tobias, Rudolf (1873–1918)

  • 4 Piano Pieces, Op.10 (nos. 1, 3, 4 pub.1910 according to LoC catalog of copyright entries)

Toch, Ernst (1887–1964)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Scherzo for orch., B minor, Op.11 (pub. 1909)
  • String Quartet, Op.34 (pub.1924) (generally not given a key)

Tomášek, Václav Jan (1774–1850)

6 missing Hefte of Gedichte von Goethe, c. 1815:

  • Gedichte von Goethe, Op. 53
  • Gedichte von Goethe, Op.54
  • Gedichte von Goethe, Op.55
  • Gedichte von Goethe, Op.56
  • Gedichte von Goethe, Op.57
  • Gedichte von Goethe, Op.58 (esp. "An Linna", op. 58 no. 5 Richard Mix 01:17, 18 November 2019 (CET))
  • Gedichte von Goethe, Op.59

Tolbecque, Auguste (1830–1919)

  • Cello Concerto No.1, Op.12 (pub.1906, E. Gallet)

Tomasi, Henri (1901–1971)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.
See category.

  • L'Atlantide (Libretto by Francis Didelot [d. 1985])
  • Le Colibri (Libretto by Francis Didelot [d. 1985])
  • Princess Pauline (Libretto by Francis Didelot [d. 1985])
  • Triomphe de Jeanne (Libretto by Philippe Soupault [d. 1990])
  • Cloches, sonnez pour notre amour (Text by Charles Oulmont [d. 1984])
  • O pescador dell'onda (Text by Jean Marietti [d. 1977])

Tomkins, Thomas (1572–1656)

  • Consort music in three, four, and six parts

Touchemoulin, Joseph (1727–1801)

  • 6 symphonies (pts. published by Huberty)
  • Sonatas

Tournemire, Charles (1870–1939)

  • Petites Fleurs musicales
  • Deux Fresques Symphoniques Sacrées
  • Précis d'exécution de registration et d'improvisation à l'orgue
  • 5 choral-improvisations (sur le Victimae Paschali laudes; Te Deum...) -> Not PD because they were transcribed by M. Duruflé (died in 1986)
  • Op. 8 No. 1 Pater noster (motet with organ)
  • Op. 73 Il poverello di Assisi, 5 épisodes lyriques, J. Péladan, 1937–8, inédit
  • Op. 63 Apocalypse de Saint Jean, solistes, chœur, orchestre, orgue, 1932–6, inédit
  • Op. 54 La queste du Saint Graal, chœur, orchestre, 1926–7, inédit
  • Op. 52 Trilogie Faust – Don Quichotte – Saint François d’Assise 1916–29, inédit
  • Op. 45 Psaume XLVI, solo, chœur, orchestre, 1913, inédit
  • Op. 42 Les dieux sont morts (Chryséis)
  • Op. 37 Psaume LVII, chœur, orchestre, 1908–9, inédit
  • Op. 30 Nittetis, tragédie lyrique, d’après Metastasio, 1905–7, inédite
  • Op. 5 - 2 pieces for cello and piano (Janin frères, 1912)
  • Op. 27 - Le sang de la sirène : légende musicale en quatre parties (©1904)
  • Op. 49 - Symphony No. 7 (full score), 1919-22, manuscript

Tovey, Donald Francis (1875–1940)

  • Piano Concerto in A major (1903), Op 15 full Orchestral score or Two Piano Reduction
  • A Companion to the Art of Fugue (1931) - Completion of Contrapunctus XIV
  • Essays in Musical Analysis (pub. Joseph Williams, between 1897 and 1939- so some PD-US? and hopefully all PD-CA. Have read some, am of opinion they were really among the best of their kind.-Schissel)
  • Cello Concerto in C major (written for Pablo Casals) (note: apparently published 1937 by OUP?-Schissel)
  • Cello Sonata, Op.4
  • Cadenza to the Brahms violin concerto (London : Oxford University Press, c1937)
  • Trio op.27
  • Symphony Op.32 (1913) (not yet published it seems. Manuscript @ Edinburgh, copy @ Harvard.)

Trabaci, Giovanni Maria (c. 1575–1647)

Traditional Music

  • Dark Eyes (Orche Tchornia) for Advanced Solo Piano
  • Sakura (Japanese) for Advanced Solo Piano
  • Schedryk (Ukrainian; aka "Carol of the Bells")

Trapp, Max (1887–1971)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.
(See Wikipedia article)

  • Piano Quintet in C minor op.3 (published by Steingräber, Leipzig in 1912 and still available from them actually)
  • Sinfonia giocosa (performed in 1917- published?)
  • Cello Sonata, Op.5 (premiered 1913 in Dresden in ms - published ??)
  • (String?) Quartet, Op.4 (premiered 1913, Dresden in ms - published ??)
  • Lieder Op.9 (pub. Leuckart ca.1910?)
  • Nocturne Op.13 for small orchestra (pub.1921)
  • Symphony No.2 in B minor, Op.15 (pub.1924 by Bote & Bock and/or privately - will be PD-CA, EU in 2022)
  • Symphony No.4 in B-flat minor, Op.24 (pub.1930) by Eulenburg
  • Piano Concerto, Op.26 (pub.1932 by Eulenburg)
  • Concerto for Orchestra, Op.32 (pub.1935, Leuckart)
  • Violin Concerto, Op.21 (pub.1926, Leuckart)

Tricklir, Jean Balthasar (1750–1813)

  • Adagio and Rondo for Cello and Piano
  • 6 Grande solo the Cello, Op.3
  • 13 Cello Concertos (survived) (6 now uploaded)

Trneček, Hanuš (1858–1914)

  • Piano Concerto (performed ca.1895)
  • Amaranta (opera, 1890)
  • Die Geigenmacher von Cremona (1886? opera "in einem Aufzug") (libretto downloadable from BSB, also in storage at L. of Congress. Not sure where score is. Same subject, at least, as an opera by Jeno Hubay?)
  • Schubert-Fantasie for harp, Op.7
  • 3 Piano Sonatas, Opp.67-69 (Wetzler, 1909. C-sharp minor, Pastoral Sonata in D, Sonata in one movement) (brief autograph manuscripts of sonatas in these keys are at CZ-Pu, dated 1907, eg: CZ-Pu 59 R 122 - 6 pages of a sonata in C-sharp minor - may be Op.67? CZ-Pu 59 R 124 in G major (date August 9 1907) is identified positively by RISM as being Op.69.)

(Wikipedia-cs mentions also 2 symphonies. Unknown? whether any of the large instrumental works were published and exist still- Prague library may be a place to check. Amaranta however- Austrian library has, others may...)

Tromlitz, Johann George (1725–1805)

Trott, Josephine (1874–1950)

  • The Puppet Show, Op.5 (Schirmer, 1923) (PD-US as of 2019)
  • Daily Scale Studies for the Violin (Schirmer, 1924) (WorldCat shows it is available in at least 2 libraries in the USA])
  • Two Tuneful Sketches for Violin (first position) and piano: The Town Clock (Schirmer, 1925)
  • 28 Melodious Studies in the First Position for Violin (Schirmer, 1926)
  • Melodious Foundation Studies (Schirmer, 1926)
  • In a Spanish Garden. An Impression for Violin and Piano (Schirmer, 1926)

Truhn, Friedrich Hieronymus (1811–1886)

Trunk, Richard (1879–1968)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Herzdame, Op.33, Operette (Halbreiter, 1917)

Truzzi, Luigi (1799–1864)

  • Inno Garibaldi. Inno di guerra dei Cacciatori delle Alpi, variato, Op.354 (pub.1861, Ricordi)

Tuczek, Felicia (1849–1905)

  • String Quartet in F minor (pub.1904 by Steingräber) (see HMB 1904, p.612)

Tulou, Jean-Louis (1786–1865)

  • 3 Easy Duets, Op. 102
  • 3 Easy Duets, Op. 103
  • 3 Duets, Op. 104
  • Flute Concerto No.2 (published ca.1818 by Simrock, plate 1596; complete parts @ BNF -not yet digitized?)
  • Flute Concerto No.3 (published ca.1818 by Simrock, plate 1506)
  • Flute Concerto No.4 in E minor, Op.25 (published ca.1820 by Pleyel, plate 1491)
  • Flute Concerto No.5, Op.37 (published 1825) (also, arranged by Belcke as a concertino. See WorldCat, D-Bhm RH 0202 and Digitized version of concertino arrangement.)

Tunder, Franz (1614–1667)

  • All organ works

Turányi, Carl von (1805–1873)

  • String Quartets (in ms. at Frankfurt am Main, e.g.?)

Turina, Joaquín (1882–1949)

  • Musas de Andalucia
  • Danzas fantasticas, op. 22 parts
  • Sinfonia sevillana, op. 23 parts

Türk, Daniel Gottlob (1750–1830)

Tveitt, Geirr (1908–1981)

Works by this person are under copyright (unless some exception applies).

  • Baldur's Dreams
  • Piano Concerto No. 4 "Aurora Borealis"
  • Piano Sonata No. 29 "Sonata Etere"
  • Concerto for Hardanger Fiddle And Orchestra No. 1
  • Concerto for Hardanger Fiddle And Orchestra No. 2 "Three Fjords"
  • Harp Concerto No. 2
  • The Sun God Symphony
  • Telemarkin
"Baldur's Dreams", Piano Concerto No. 4 and soon to come the Hardanger Fiddle Concerto No. 2 are published (the latter in Scholarly/ critical edition, the other as reconstructions of lost orchestral scores) and the other works available in manuscript copies (though critical editions of these works will be available hopefully within the period 2012-2015) on Music Information Centre of Norway: http://www.listento.no/ The Piano Sonata No. 29 is published on "Norsk Musikkforlag" as well as the Piano Concerto No. 5 http://www.norskmusikkforlag.no/ For more information about this composer visit http://www.ht08.no

Udbye, Martin Andreas (1829–1889)

  • String Quartet No.1, Op.1 (pub.1852)

Uhlig, Theodor (1822–1853)

  • String Quartet No.1, Op.1 (pub.1843)
  • Violinconcert für die leeren Saiten (with orch. or reduced) (pub.1887 by Seeling)

Ullmann, Viktor (1899–1944)

Died at Auschwitz.

  • Piano Sonatas Nos. 1 & 2 - possibly privately published by composer soon after composition in 1936 and 1939 respectively. (Indeed except for some Selbstverlags earliest editions of his works seem to be Saerspruch from 1971 and later ones from the 1980s, string quartet in 1995, piano works (sonatas & concerto eg) in 1997...)
  • Same with songs Op.17- Selbstverlag, 1937.
  • "Variationen und Doppelfuge uber ein Thema von Arnold Schönberg : fur Klavier, op. 3a" is listed as published "Selbstverlag, [approximately 1930]." Yale University Sterling Memorial Library has this, which may be an early version of the 1995-published "Variationen, Phantasie und Doppelfuge über ein kleines Klavierstück von Arnold Schönberg : für Orchester, op. 5 (1934)".

Ulrich, Hugo (1827–1872)

  • String Quartet, Op.7 in E (p. Bahn, 1856)
  • Piano Trio, Op.1 published 1851

Unger, Hermann (1886–1958)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Piano Concerto, Op.47 (published by Tischer & Jagenberg, 1926)
  • Hymnus an das Leben für Baritonsolo, gemischten Chor, Orchester und Orgel, Op.25 (published by Tischer & Jagenberg, 1919)
  • Serenade for strings, Op.35 (published ca.1925?)
  • Vier Madrigale für gemischten Chor, Op.46 (pub. by Schultheiss, 1925)
  • Concerto for orchestra, Op.61 (published ca.1934 by T&J.)

Urspruch, Anton (1850–1907)

  • Piano 4-hand Sonata, Op.1 (p. 1872, Kistner)
  • Deutsche Tänze, Op.7 - need books 1, 3, 5 (piano 4 hands); all 5 books (piano solo)
  • Piano Concerto in E major, Op.9 (p.1878)
  • 2 Pieces for violin and small orchestra or piano, Op.11 (p.1879) (Free Library of Philadelphia)
  • Variationen und Fuge über ein Thema von J. S. Bach (für zwei Klaviere), Op. 13
  • Symphony in E major, Op.14 (p.1881)
  • Cavatine und Arabeske, Op. 20
  • Die Frühlingsfeier. Ode von Klopstock für Tenor Solo, Chor und Orchester, Op.26. (p.1891.) (at Rochester Sibley Library, not yet scanned.)
  • Violin Sonata in D minor, Op.28 (p.1892) ( @ BSB)
  • "Das Unmöglichste von Allem", opera (libretto has been digitized)

Usandizaga, José María (1887–1915)

  • Mendi menidiyan, opera (ps @BNE, pub. 1910/12), text by José Power (1876-1964), PD in Canada?
  • Las Golondrinas, zarzuela (ps @BNE, pub. ca.1914), text by Gregorio Martínez Sierra (1881-1947), so PD in 2018?; María Lejárraga (1874-1974) is thought to be a collaborator to the text, though she is not mentioned in the score
    • An opera version (staged 1929) made by Ramón Usandizaga (1889-1964), unpublished?
  • La llama, opera (©1923 Unión Musical Española), finished by Ramón Usandizaga (1889-1964), text by Gregorio Martínez Sierra (1881-1947), PD in Canada?

Vanhal, Johann Baptist (1739–1813)

  • 3 Cello Concertos in C Major & A Major

Varèse, Edgard (1883–1965)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.


  • Flute Studies In Old And Modern Styles
  • Parville Manuscript
  • Pelplin Tabulature
  • Vilnius Tabulature
  • Ostromeczew Tabulature
  • Warsaw Tabulature
  • Lüneburg Tabulature
  • Celle Tabulature
  • Mylauer Tabulature
  • Andreas-Bach-Buch
  • Certaine Notes" printed by Thomas Day 1565 (important source for Tallis, Stone &c)
  • Cancionero Musical de Palacio (manuscripts)
  • Weimarer Orgeltabulatur
  • Musick's Handmaid II
  • Neumeister-Sammlung (facs 1985)

Vaucorbeil, Auguste (1821–1884)

  • Viola sonata (pub.1862)
  • 3 violin sonatas (pub.1857 - see WorldCat & BdlF 1857 page 100. First series of his chamber music; 2nd series is his string quartet no.1, which we have. BNF for example has the 3 sonatas published in one volume.)
  • String quintet on Norwegian Melodies, Op.59 (pub. by Richault) (copy at Academie de France à Rome.)

Vaughan Williams, Ralph (1872–1958)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Sea Songs - March
  • The Old Hundredth Psalm Tune (Harmonization and arrangement, 1953)
  • Charter House Suite (1948 string orchestra arrangement of the 1920 Suite of 6 Short Pieces)
  • Romance for Viola and Piano (pub. 1962, viola part ed. Bernard Shore (1896-1985))
  • Romance for Harmonica (full score)
  • Toccata Marziale (1924)
  • Symphony No. 2 in G major “A London Symphony” (original 1913 version)

The following items are ineligible to be added due to copyright status:

  • Pilgrim's Journey - (Pub. 1962) Contains text by Ursula Vaughan Williams (1911-2007). Vocal score prepared by (Christopher Morris (1922-2015), full score prepared by Roy Douglas (1907-2015).
  • Hodie - (Pub. 1954) Contains text by Ursula Vaughan Williams (1911-2007). Vocal score piano reduction by Roy Douglas (1907-2015).

Vecsey, Franz von (1893–1935)

  • Caprices for violin

Verbytskyi, Mykhaylo (1815–1870)

  • Any choral works and songs
  • Any orchestral works
  • Any chamber works

Verdalle, Gabriel (1847–1915)

  • Divertissement for piano (p.1902)
  • Serpoletta, Op.77 for orchestra (p.1902)

Verdi, Giuseppe (1813–1901)

Verhey, Theodor H. H. (1848–1929)

  • Violin Sonata, Op.25 (p1887) (dedicated to Isidor Schnitzler?)
  • Clarinet Concerto, Op.47 (p. in reduction, 1904)
  • Several operas including "König Arpád" (1888?)
  • Flute Concerto No.2, Op.57 (pub.1907)
  • Nederland en Oranje, cantata Op.41
  • Auferstehung, Op.45 (pub.1904)
  • Legend for piano, Op.52 (pub. Augener, 1905)

Verhulst, Johannes (1816–1891)

  • Psalm 84, Op.42 (pub.1859, de Vletter)
  • Symphony in E minor, Op.46 (1853 Schott edition)
  • Missa brevis, Op.58
  • Other masses and vocal works

Vermeulen, Matthijs (1888–1967)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • The soldier (duet for mezzo, baritone and piano) (published 1917 in De Neeuw Amsterdamer. Text by Rupert Brooke.)
  • On ne passe pas. (Song.) Poem by Elisabeth Diepenbrock-de Jong van Beek en Donk (1868-1939) under the pseudonym Victor le Jeune.) published in De Nieuwe Amsterdammer. 24 March 1917. Bijvoegsel. 2, no. 117.
  • Violin Sonata (published 1925 or 1952 (or both?))
  • Cello Sonata No.2 (published 1938)
  • Cinquième Symphonie [out of 7] : en 3 parties : Les lendemains chantants (pub. 1948)
  • Passacaille et Cortege (published 1950)
  • Symphony No.2 (Prélude à la nouvelle journée) (1917, copyright 1951)
  • Song "La veille" for mezzo-soprano and orchestra (1917, published 1951)
  • Première symphonie : (symphonie Carminum) (published 1953)
  • Symphonie N.3 : Thrène et péan (published 1956)
  • Symphonie N.6 : les minutes heureuses : 1956-'58 (published 1959)
  • String Quartet (composed and published - manuscript facsimile - by Donemus in 1961.)
  • Symphony No.7 (pub.1965)

Viallon, Pierre Justinien (1806–1874)

  • Offertoires, for organ

Vianna da Motta, José (1868–1948)

  • Symphony (published in 1908, see WorldCat)
  • Piano Concerto (unpub.?)
  • Barcarola, Op.1
  • Rapsodia portuguesa no.3
  • Serenata, Op.8 (copy at U Miami, elsewhere)
  • Vito : dança popular, Op.11 - part of Scenas portugesas vol.2 Op.11
  • Armas e lettras : fantasia composta para piano, Op.31 (pub. 1880?)

Viardot, Paul (1857–1941)

  • String Quartet in A minor (pub. Senart, 1920)
  • Piano Trio in A minor (pub.1894)

Viardot, Pauline (1821–1910)

  • Seeking На холмах Грузии mentioned here. The 1874 100 Songs would be very nice to have, though Album Russe seems more likely. Richard Mix 01:17, 1 December 2015 (EST) ps. still not found, but some other songs at Hathi Trust and partially digitalized papers at Harvard.

Victoria, Tomás Luis de (ca. 1548–1611)

Vierne, Louis (1870–1937)

  • Largo et Canzonetta for Oboe and Piano, Op.26 (unpublished)
  • Ballade for violin and orchestra, Op.52 (pub.1941)
  • Ballade du désespéré (pub.1947)

Vierne, René (1878–1918)

  • 12 Pieces of Different Characters for Organ
    • ? A set (or two) of 10 pieces, which we have, was/were published in Vierne's lifetime. A set of 12 pieces was published but in 1988 - don't know if the composer selected the contents and they were merely published posthumously, or if the set of 12 was selected by a posthumous editor (this might affect copyright status)

Vieuxtemps, Henri (1820–1881)

  • Tarantella
  • Old England, violin and orchestra
  • Violin Concerto No. 2 (full score)
  • Violin Concerto No. 3 (full score)
  • Violin Concerto No. 6 (full score)
  • Violin Concerto No. 7 (full score)
  • 6 Divertissement d'Amateurs sur des Melodies russes (mostly uploaded)
  • Duo brillante Op 59, violin, cello and orchestra (Op.39. Uploaded in arrangement)
  • Overture with Belgian National Hymn
  • Voix intimes (Books 1 & 2) - Voix intimes Op.45?
  • Concertos for cello and orchestra -- both concertos now available in reduction.
  • Grand Duo for violin and cello on Les Huguenots
  • Fantasy Ernani, violin and piano Op.29/2 - uploaded
  • Fantasy Luisa Miller, violin and piano
  • Fantasy I Lombardi, violin and piano - see 3 Fantaisies sur les opéras de Verdi, Op.29 (piano duet without violin arr. presently, but violin/pf version can be added) (violin and piano parts/scores to all 3 of these Op.29 fantasias now uploaded.)
  • Collection de Duos concertantes, violin and piano
  • Yanke Doodle Op.17 for cello and piano (arr. Bockmühl) = Souvenirs d'Amérique.
  • Norma Op.18 for cello and piano (arr. Bockmühl)
  • Fantasie Appassionata Op.35 for cello and piano (arr. Bockmühl)
  • Ballade and Polonaise Op.38 for cello and piano (arr. Bockmühl)

Villa-Lobos, Heitor (1887–1959)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.
These works under copyright in the US and EU, but not in Canada:

  • Amazonas (orchestra) (pub. 1929) (copyrighted in the US until 2024 inclusive)
  • Danses africaines (orchestral version of Danças características africanas) (pub. 1929) (copyrighted in the US until 2024 inclusive)
  • Violin Sonata No.1 (sonate-fantaisies 1), W051 (pub.1929), sonata no.2, W052 (sonate-fantaisie 2) (pub.1953) (composed 1913, 1914); 3rd violin Sonata, W171 (1920, pub.1953)
  • Cello Concerto (No.1), W095 (pub.1928 in reduction. Copyrighted in the US until 2023 inclusive)
  • String Trio, W460 (pub.1956)
  • 2nd cello sonata (Op.66, W102) (pub.1930)

The following items are ineligible to be added due to copyright status:

  • Bachianas brasileiras No.7 (pub. 1978)
  • Bachianas brasileiras No.8 (pub. 1969)
  • Bachianias brasileiras No.9 (pub. 1969)
  • Introdução aos Chôros (Introduction to the Chôros) (pub. 1987)
  • Chôros No.6 (pub. 1987)
  • Música sacra (Vol.1) (pub. 1951-2) - ed. Manuel Bandeira (1886-1968)
  • Symphony No.1 'O Imprevisto' (pub. 1997)
  • Symphony No.2 'Ascenção' (reprinted/published 1978) (reprinted.. = published from ms?)
  • Symphony No.4 'A vitória' (reprinted/published 1978) (")

Villanueva, Felipe (1862–1893)

  • Mazurka No.1, Op.20 in D. pub. 1886 by Wagner & Levien, Mexico/Hofmeister, Leipzig
  • Mazurka No.2, Op.25 in A minor. pub. 1886 (by W&L, Mexico/Hofmeister, Leipzig)

Villiers, Pieter Kuyper de (1874–1949)

Pieter Kuyper de Vos de Villiers. Published as P.K. de Villiers. South African.

  • In Memoriam for Chorus. (pub. Worcester: De Jong, after 1917; In memoriam of the dear ones who died of the Spanish influenza, 1918.)
  • Vaderlands liefde : lied (©1909)
  • Memories, for Piano (©1936)
  • Andantino in D major (©1929)

Vincent, Auguste (1829–1888)

  • Scherzo, Op.64 (1894, Mackar & Noël)
  • Scherzo no.2, Op.92 (pub.1905, A. Noël)
  • 2 Mélodies pour piano, Op.90 (pub.1905, A. Noël)
  • Soeur des roses. Valse de salon pour piano, Op.86 (pub.1908)

Viole, Rudolf (1825–1867)

  • 10 Piano Sonatas Opp.21-30 (pub.1866-1870, Kahnt. Copies held at Biblioteca Comunale di Trento)
  • Piano Sonata Op.1 in B minor (pub. 1855 ca., Kühn) (copy at British Library)
  • Perlen. Kleine Lieder f. Kinder. Op.10 (published 1858/9 by Schulbuchhändl of Langensalza)

Vivaldi, Antonio (1678–1741)

  • Dorilla in Tempe (RV 709)
  • Cello Concerto in C minor (RV 402)
  • Remaining Concerto for Viola d'Amore, RV 395a
  • All'ombra d'un bel faggio, RV 649
  • Concerto in D major for lute (guitar), strings and basso continuo; RV 93 [guitar and orchestral parts] (Full Score/Manuscript)
  • Violin Concerto in E Major (Il Riposto-Per il Santissimo Natale) RV 270 and RV 270a
  • Violin Concerto in G minor (Op. 4, No. 6) RV 316 and 316a 316 is considered lost
  • Violin Concerto in D minor RV 813/V Class RV Anh. 10 (also attrib. to Giuseppe Torelli
  • Violin Concerto in D Major RV 208a
  • Orig. for BWV 979 by Johann Sebastian Bach, a concerto in B minor after Vivaldi's in D minor RV 813 (formerly RV Anhang 10 attributed to Giuseppe Torelli)
  • Concerto for 2 Recorders, 2 Oboes, Bassoon, 2 Violins, Strings, and BC RV 566 (Full Score/Manuscript)
  • Sonata à 4 al Santo Sepolcro, for 2 violins, viola, and continuo in E major, RV130 (Full Score/Manuscript)
  • Mandolin Concerto in D major RV 93 (Full Score/Manuscript)
  • Concerto 'La Notte', RV 104, closely related to Flute Concerto in G minor RV 439, also called 'La Notte', but RV 104 is also with bassoon. Not 104, but maybe Bassoon Concerto in B-flat major, RV 501 (Vivaldi, Antonio)
  • Concerto in G minor for 2 Violins RV 578
  • Laetatus Sum, RV 607 choral parts only at CPDL
  • Magnificat RV 610 (pno. red. & excerpts)
  • Salve Regina in C minor, RV 616 (manuscript or first edition)
  • Salve Regina in G minor, RV 618 (manuscript or first edition)
  • Juditha triumphans, RV 644 (excerpts only)
  • Bajazet, RV 703 (one aria)
  • Concerti Op. 6-12
  • Sinfonia for Strings in C major Improvisata, RV 802
  • Sinfonia for Strings in D major, RV 125
  • Sinfonia for Strings in D major, RV 786
  • Concerto for Strings in E minor, RV 133
  • Concerto for Strings in F major, RV 139
  • Concerto for 2 Violins in F major, RV 765 in GB-Lam
  • Concerto for 2 Violins in A major, RV 518 in S-Uu , RV 518 (Now in RV 335)
  • Concerto for 2 Violins in B-flat major, RV 528 in S-Uu RV 528 (Now in RV 381)
  • Concerto for 2 Violins in B-flat major, RV 764 in GB-Mp
  • Concerto in G major for Violin (originally flautino?) RV 312 (facsimile preffered)
  • Piango, gemo, sospiro e peno, Cantata RV 675
  • Concerto for 2 horns, RV 538
  • Cello Concerto in g minor, RV 416

Vladigerov, Pancho Haralanov (1899–1978)

Works by this composer can only be added to the US server. Works published in 1928 or earlier are in the public domain in the US, as well as potentially certain other works depending on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Vardar, rhapsody Op.16 (published 1924)
  • Burlesque for violin and orchestra, Op.14 (reduction published 1924)

Vockner, Josef (1842–1906)

  • Organ Sonata (pub.1903)
  • Oratorio "Das Weltgericht" (copy @ ÖNB)

Vogel, Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand (1807–1892)

  • Symphony No.1 in C minor, Op.3 (pub. 1867 by C.A. Challier & Co.) (at a Danish lib.)

Vogrich, Max (1852–1916)

  • Opera "König Arthur" (pub.1893)

Volbach, Fritz (1861–1940)

  • Symphony, Op.33 (pub1909)
  • Ostern, Op.16 (pub.1896)
  • Organ Works, Op.17

Volckmar, Wilhelm Valentin (1812–1887)

  • Organ Sonatas Opp.213 and 214 (pub. 1868)
  • Melodische Tonstücke für Orgel. Langensalza: Beyer & Söhne. (Opp.315-319 pub. 1882.)

Volkmann, Robert (1815–1883)

Vom Rath, Felix (1866–1905)

  • Piano Quartet, Op.2 (p1898)
  • Violin Sonata (first decade of 20thc (Prager u M?))
  • Piano Concerto, Op.6 (p1901)
  • 2 Pieces for violin & piano, Op.11 (©1904)
  • 3 Tanz-Idyllen, Op.9 (pub. by 1904 by Sudd. Musikverlag)

Vreuls, Victor (1876–1944)

Vyshnegradsky, Aleksandr (1867–1925)

  • Symphony No.2 in B-flat minor, Op.7 (published 1914? by Bote & Bock, see HMB 1914 p. 49.)
  • La nonne (symphonic poem, published 1912 by Belaieff. Copy in the stacks of BNF, for example, another @ University of North Texas.)

Waelput, Hendrik (1845–1885)

  • Overture for orchestra (ms copy @ Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België)
  • Menuet symphonique for orchestre (likewise)
  • Menuet symphonique for piano (pub. Beyer, 1890s)
  • Prelude, variations et scherzo pour violon, piano et orgue (likewise)
  • (book about Waelput by de Vynck, 1935)

Wagenaar, Johan (1862–1941)

  • Overture The taming of the shrew opus 25
  • Overture Twelfth Night opus 36
  • Overture Cid opus 27
  • Overture Amphitrion opus 45
  • Andante orgel Es gr.t. : In ouden stijl for harmonium (published in the 1890s by Roelants)
  • Intermezzo : (Kaartspelers-scène) from (Wagenaar's opera) 'De doge van Venetië' (late 1800s?)
  • Impromptu à la mazurka, Op.2 (Lichtenauer, 1890)
  • Fantasy pieces for violin and piano, Op.1 (Lichtenauer, 1890)

Waghalter, Henryk (1869–1961)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Cello concertino, Op.15 (published 1910, Oertel)

Waghalter, Ignatz (1881–1949)

  • Violin Concerto in A, Op.15 (pub.1911)
  • Rhapsody, Op.9 (pub.1905) (dedicated to Friedrich Gernsheim. Full orchestral version @ FLP)
  • 3 Pieces, Op.13 (pub.1910)
  • Geständnis für Violine oder Violoncell mit Klavier (pub.1913)
  • Mandragola, opera (pub.1914)
  • Jugend, opera (pub.1917)
  • Sataniel, opera (pub.1919)
  • Der Teufelsweg, Musikdrama (pub.1912 by Oertel)
  • Ahasverus und Esther op. 34; Opera (3 acts)

Wagner, Ernest Frederic (1876–1954)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.
More commonly known as Ernest Frank Wagner. Dates from Wikitree.

Wagner, Richard (1813–1883)

  • Schluss zum Vorspiel von Tristan und Isolde WWV 90 (piano transcription of Wagner) Schilling & Singer both include RW's ending: is there really a piano reduction from the composer's hand?
  • Norenbrief für Mathilde Wesendonck WWV deest
  • Das Buch der Motive aus Opern und Musikdramen Richard Wagner's. Für Klavier mit übergelegtem Text; not by Wagner himself, but by Lothar Windsperger (1885-1935), 2 vols., Schott, date unknown
  • Führer durch die Musik zu Richard Wagner's Festspiel, Der Ring des Nibelungen: ein thematischer Leitfaden; not by Wagner, but by Hans von Wolzogen (1848-1938), Leipzig: F. Reinboth, [1896].
  • Score of extended Grail Narration from Lohengrin
  • Polonia, WWV 39 - orch. parts and piano solo arrangement by Felix Mottl
  • Rule Britannia, WWV 42 - orch. parts and piano solo arrangement by Felix Mottl
  • Das Rheingold - L'oro del Reno (Ricordi vocal score with Zanardini's translation)
  • Die Walküre - La Walkiria (Ricordi vocal score with Zanardini's translation)
  • Siegfried - Sigfrido (Ricordi vocal score with Zanardini's translation)
  • Siegfried (Peters vocal score arranged and edited by Felix Mottl)
  • Götterdämmerung - Il crepuscolo degli Dei (Ricordi vocal score with Zanardini's translation)
  • Of the Bayreuth operas, only Tannhäuser, Meistersinger, & Götterdämmerung seem to be available for piano 4-hands. All would be nice; I'm looking especially for

Wagner, Siegfried (1869–1930)

  • Banadietrich, Op.6 — vocal score (Leipzig: Max Brockhaus, 1909)
  • Bruder Lustig, Op.4 — vocal score (Eduard Reuss, Leipzig: Max Brockhaus, 1905), overture (full score/parts, Leipzig: Max Brockhaus, 1905)
  • Schwarzschwanenreich, Op.7 — vocal score (Eduard Reuss, Leipzig: Max Brockhaus, 1914)

Wailly, Paul de (1854–1933)

  • 3 violin sonatas (the first, Op.26, published ca.1904 by Bellon & Ponscarme, the 2nd & 3rd may only be in manuscript)
  • Sous un Balcon! Sérénade pour petit orchestre (1893; published 1894, Baudoux)

Walckiers, Eugène (1793–1866)

  • Méthode de Flûte, Op. 30 (1829)
  • Clarinet/violin sonatas Opp.91 and 99 (op.99 pub.1860); 4 flute sonatas (opp.89, 92, 98, 109, pub. ca.1855-62. 5th exists only in modern edition it seems.)
  • Flute Quartet No.2 Op.70 in F minor (recorded on Hungaroton. Use early edition, not modern reprint, if possible?)

Waley, Simon (1827–1875)

  • Piano Concerto in E, Op.16 (ca1856)

Walkiewicz, Eugeniusz (1880–1946)

  • Any works not already available, particularly the Mass in honor of St. Joseph for one voice and organ

Walter, Johann (1496–1570)

  • Matthäus-Passion (we have the Passio secondum Matthæum, is this the same?)

Walther, Johann Gottfried (1684–1748)

  • Organ concertos after Megck, Torelli, Albinoni, Vivaldi et al.

Ward, Frank Edwin (1872–1953)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Violin Sonata No.2 in G, Op.9 (p.1904)
  • Rhapsodie for violin (or cello) and piano, Op.10 (p. 1905?)

Warlock, Peter (1894–1930)

  • Capriol Suite (all arrangements)

Warner, Harry Waldo (1874–1945)

  • Hampton Wick, tone picture, Op.38 for orchestra (pub.ca.1930)
  • Phantasy Quartet (Quartet 1), Op.12

Warren, Francis Purcell (1895–1916)

  • Adagio for cello and piano (Curwen, 1925) (possibly downloadable via the British Library)
  • Caprice fantastique for piano (Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, 1920)
  • Benediction Service (digitized by the British Library)
  • Ave verum (digitized by the BL) (Richards & Co., (1912))

Wassenaer, Unico Wilhelm (1692–1766)

  • 6 Concerti Armonici

Waxman, Franz (1906–1967)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Tristan und Isolde Fantasia

Weber, Carl Maria von (1786–1826)

  • Horn Concertino Only manuscript available. (non-manuscripts full score, piano reduction, horn part)
  • Andante e Rondo Ungarese in C for bassoon & piano (full score and viola version missing)
  • Piano Concerto in C Major for 2 Pianos - as arranged by L.E. Bach? we have this (piano concerto no.1, not a different concerto)
  • Klavierkonzert Nr. 1 in C-Dur, op. 11 (full score)
  • Oberon (full score)
  • The three masses (opp.75a/J.224 - Missa sancta in E major (1817-8), Freischützmesse, (published as Messe no. 2 in 1845 according to Hofmeister); Op.76/J.251 in G (Jubelmesse, 1818-9, published as Erste Messe, also by Haslinger, in 1834, so also out of copyright) and Anh. 8 Grosse Jugendmesse (1802) (this might be in copyright still.) - we have the first two of these now.
  • Invitation to the Dance (orch, Berlioz) -Aufforderung zum Tanze, Op.65 (Weber, Carl Maria von)
  • String Quintet arrangements of the piano sonatas and clarinet quintet (nos. 1 & 2 published around 1831 by Richault, see Hofmeister's Monatsbericht (1832), p.2 - Worldcat entries confirm what works these are arrangements of, see eg WorldCat) (We have no.2 uploaded)

Weber, Edmond (1838–1885)

  • String Quartet in C minor, Op.34 (posth., 1886 pub. by Ebner)
  • Terzetto in D, Op.27 (pub.1885)

Weber, Edmund von (1766–1830)

  • 3 String Quartets, Op.8 (published 1805)

Weber, Gustav (1845–1887)

  • Prinz Karneval (pub.1868)
  • Piano Trio, Op.5 (pub. 1882 or earlier)
  • Das beste Schicksal, f. Männerchor u. Orch., Op.10 (pub.1888)

Weber, Joseph Miroslav (1854–1906)

  • Septet (pub.1901)

Webern, Anton (1883–1945)

Note: Very few works by Webern were published during his lifetime; the last of them was his string quartet, Op.28 (published 1939).

  • Langsamer Satz für Streichquartett M.78 (1905) (©1961 or 1965? - PD-CA if the former) (we seem to have decided on the ©1961)

The following items are ineligible to be added due to copyright status:

  • 5 Lieder nach Gedichten von Richard Dehmel für Stimme und Klavier (©1962 and 1969, Carl Fischer Edition with Leonard Stein (1916-2004) not eligible). Only Webern's manuscript of this work is eligible.

Weckmann, Matthias (1619–1674)

  • Organ works

Wehrli, Werner (1892–1944)

Weidig, Adolf (1867–1931)

  • String Quartet in A (ca.1880. Published, I believe)
  • Quartettino en forme de suite, Op.11 (pub.1897)
  • Serenade for string quartet, Op.16 (pub.1899?)
  • Autumn Leaves for quartet, Op.88 (ms. only? 1916?)
  • Symphonic Suite, Op.46 (pub.1925)

Weigl, Karl (1881–1949)

  • String Quartet No.1 in C minor, Op. 20 (©1924) (score especially)
  • String Quartet No.2 (with viola d'amore) (ms. at Sibley)
  • Violin Sonata, Op.16 (published 1924)
  • Kinderlieder, Op.11 (pub. 1924)
  • 2 Sacred songs, Op.14 (pub. 1924)
  • Concerto for the left hand, ©1924
  • Phantastisches Intermezzo für Orchester, Op.18 (pub.1924?)
  • 28 Variationen : über ein achttaktiges Thema für Klavier zu zwei Händen : op. 15 (pub. 1923)
  • Rhapsody for string orchestra / String Sextet in D minor, Op.30 (pub. 1935)

Weill, Kurt (1900–1950)

Weinberg, Jacob (1879–1956)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • The Gettysburg address : a symphonic ode for baritone solo, chorus and orchestra, Op.36 (©1936, Witmark) (PD-CA)
  • (Piano) Trio on Hebrew themes (©1943, Carl Fischer) (PD-CA)
  • Perhaps unpublished manuscript materials in the Jacob Weinberg archive @ National Library of Israel (incl. Piano Sonata Op.9 (May 1935), many other works)

Weinberger, Jaromír (1896–1967)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Piano Sonata in D minor, Op.4 (pub.1915, Urbánek)
  • Švanda dudák, opera, complete vocal score (pub. Universal Edition 1927)

Weiner, Leó (1885–1960)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Hungarian Folkdance Suite, Op.18 (Full score or arr.4 hands)

Weingartner, Felix (1863–1942)

  • Cello Concerto (pub.1917) — full score
  • Symphony No.3 (score)
  • Symphony No.5 (score and reduction) (Simrock, 1926)
  • Symphony No.6 (score)
  • Serenade for Strings Op.6
  • Sinfonietta Op.83 (pub.1936, repub. by MPH)
  • Octet Op.73 (pub.1925)
  • On the Performance of Beethoven's symphonies (English translation of another work. ©1907. partially available? Google Books.)

Weinlig, Christian Theodor (1780–1842)

Wikipedia ; (nephew of Christian Ehregott Weinlig)

  • Deutsches Magnificat (published ca.1830)
  • Psalm 150: „Laudate Dominum“ für 2 gem. Chöre (published 1898 or earlier)

Weinreich, Justus (1858–1927)

Wikipedia ; (son of Johann Georg Weinreich)

  • 3 Duetten für zwei Bratschen, op. 5 (published by Offenbach a. Main: J. André, ©1901; WorldCat entry)
  • Serenade in D-Dur für Violine und Viola

Weismann, Julius (1879–1950)

  • Piano Trio in D minor, Op.26 (pub.1910 by Schlesinger. BSB, other libraries, Juilliard School library also.)
  • Concerto for 3 woodwinds, trumpet, timpani and string orchestra, op.106 (p.1931)
  • - same as Konzert für Flöte, Klarinette, Fagott, Trompete, Pauke und Streichorchester, op.106 (T&J, 1913) (?) (yes, one of them is a typo. Since eg Op.116 was published in 1935 and Op.36 in 1913, guessing it's Worldcat which was published Op.106 in 1913 but may be wrong - unless HMB or other source confirms...)
  • String Quartet, Op.14 (pub.1906)
  • Solo Violin Sonata in D minor, Op.30 (pub.1910)
  • Etudes for piano, Op.109 (published 1933 by Birnbach) (excerpted in "Album")
  • Kammermusik in B minor for flute viola and piano, Op.86 ( ")
  • Violin Concerto no.1 in D minor, Op.36 (pub. 1913) (reduction @ ÖNB)
  • Suite/concerto for piano and orchestra, Op.97 (pub. © 1930)
  • Piano Concerto No.1, Op.33 (pub.1937, reduction) (concerto op.138 is only available for rent, apparently)
  • Impromptus for piano, Op.17 (Rahter, ©1906)
  • Leonce und Lena : Oper in 3 Akten (nach der Dichtung von Georg Büchner), Op.89 (pub.ca.1924?)
  • Symphonisches Spiel, Op.124 (pub. 1938 by Birnbach)
  • Sinfonia brevis, Op.116 (pub.1935 by Birnbach)

Weiss, Sylvius Leopold (1687–1750)

  • Works for Lute/Guitar
  • Ciacona in G Minor

Weisse, Hans (1892–1940)

  • String Quartet in C minor, Op.4 (©1925)
  • Clarinet Sonata, Op.10 (composed 1921, published??)
  • Clarinet Quintet (composed 1926, published??)

Welleba, Leopold (1878–1953)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Carneval, Op.8 (reduction for piano of a symphonic poem)
  • Piano Concerto No.1 (printed score @ ÖNB)
  • 2 Lieder, Op.2 (Doblinger)
  • Capriccio und Valse concertante : Für Solo-Violine u. Orchester, Op.20 (Universal Edition, 1939)

Wellesz, Egon (1885–1974)

Works by this composer can only be added to the US server. Works published in 1928 or earlier are in the public domain in the US, as well as potentially certain other works depending on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Achilles auf Skyros, Op. 33 (pub. Universal-Edition, 1925)
  • Aurora (pub. Curwen, ©1922 for piano or vocalise & piano. @ at least 3 or 4 libraries including St Pancras, FL Phil., others)
  • Erinna for voice and piano (pub. Universal-Edition, 1925)
  • Geistlisches Lied, Op. 23 for mezzo-soprano, baritone, violin, viola and piano (pub. Universal-Edition, 1919)
  • Kirschblütenlieder, Op. 8 for voice and piano (pub. Simrock, 1913)
  • Die Nachtlichen, Op. 37 (pub. Universal-Edition, 1924) - full score
  • Die Opferung des Gefangenen, Op. 40 (pub. Universal-Edition, 1925)
  • Ein österreichisches Reiterlied for voice and piano (pub. Universal-Edition, 1915)
  • Persisches Ballett, Op.30 — full score
  • Die Prinzessin Girnara, Op. 27 (pub. Universal-Edition, 1921)
  • Suite for violin and chamber orchestra, Op. 38 (pub. Universal-Edition, 1924)
  • Vorfrühling, Op.12 for orchestra (pub. Universal-Edition, 1923)
  • Wie Ein Bild: Skizze von Peter Altenburg, Op. 3 for voice and piano (pub. Rózsavölgyi & Co., 1909)
  • Das Wunder der Diana, Op. 18 (pub. Universal-Edition, 1924)

The following items are ineligible to be added due to copyright status:

Wels, Charles (1825–1906)

  • Piano Concerto
  • Masses 1 Op.47 (p1859), 2 (St. Cecilia? Op.107, p1882), 4 Op.127 (cop1894), 5 Op.134 (p1902)

Wenusch, Josef von (1811–1882)

  • Missa ex C ( @ ÖNB)

Wesström, Anders (1720–1781)

West, John Ebenezer (1863–1929)

  • Sonata in D minor for organ

Wetz, Richard (1875–1935)

  • Romantische Variationen über ein Originalthema, Op.42 for piano (1917)
  • Kleist Overture, Op.16 (pub.1908)
  • Symphony no.1, Op.40 (pub.1924) (1924 edition in the collections of BSB and Fleisher. Most libraries have the MPH reprint.)
  • Symphony no.2, Op.47 (pub.1921) (@Schwerin, ULB Bonn, BSB (has both early and modern publications))
  • Symphony no.3, Op.48 (ms)
  • Kleine toccata für orgel (E minor) (pub.ca.1918? Later republished as Op.55 no.1 I think, with a Pass.&Fugue, in ca.1930.)
  • Traumsommernacht, Op.14 (Kistner, 1912) (available here?)
  • Chorlied aus "Oedipus auf Kolonos", Op.31 (Kistner, 1912)
  • Psalm 3, Op.37 (Kistner, 1917)
  • Hyperion: (Dichtung von Friedrich Hölderlin) ; für Bariton, gem. Chor u. Orchester, Op.32 (at BSB)
  • 5 kleine Lieder, Op.35 (Kistner, 1913)

Wetzler, Herrmann Hans (1870–1943)

  • 5 Songs (pub. Ahn, 1908)
  • Deutsche lieder (pub.1902) (listed in HMB, but..)
  • Symphonische phantasie für grossen orchester, Op.10 (Newberry, BSB now have this. ©1922 (registered 9/30/1922), Simrock.)
  • Fünf gedichte von Robert Burns (and likewise this, ©1918)

Weweler, August (1868–1952)

  • String Quartet in E, Op.35 (pub.1937. PD-CA at best)
  • Die Sintflut, Oratorium (pub.1916?)
  • Book? "Ave Musica! : Musikalische Einblicke und Ausblicke" (pub.1909 ca.)

Weyrauch, Johannes (1897–1977)

Works by this composer can only be added to the US server. Works published in 1928 or earlier are in the public domain in the US, as well as potentially certain other works depending on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • String quartet in einem satze in D minor, Op.6 (pub. by Kistner, 1923 (n.d. but confirmed from HMB 1923 p.33. See also WorldCat.)) (not the same as his later "Streichquartett I" which is in B major.) (de-wikipedia has a substantial worklist.)

Weyse, Christoph Ernst Friedrich (1774–1842)

  • Faruk. Opera i 3 akter (1811-1812, publ. 1817-1828) DF 2 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Floribella. Lyrisk romatisk drama i 3 akter (1824, publ. 1837) DF 5 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Et Eventyr i Rosenborg Have. Syngespil i 1 akt (1827, publ. 1833) DF 6 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Balders Død. Syngespil i 4 akter (1832) DF 7 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Kunzen's musik til bispevielse, instrumenteret (1811) DF 9 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Reformationskantate nr. 1 (1817, publ. 1831) DF 10 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Miserere (1818, publ. 1845) DF 11 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Julekantate nr. 1 (1818, publ. 1831) DF 12 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Passionskantate nr. 1 (1819, publ. 1831) DF 13 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Pinse-Hymne (1819, publ. 1831) DF 14 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Nytaarskantate (1821, publ. 1832) DF 16 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Jesu Opofrelse (1825, publ. 1832) DF 17 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Den ambrosianske Lovsang (1826, publ. 1835) DF 18 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Formælingshymne (1828, publ. 1833) DF 19 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Paaskekantate nr. 2 (1829, publ. 1833) DF 20 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Julekantate nr. 2 (1834) DF 24 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Reformationskantate nr. 2 (1836) DF 25 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Funerary cantatas DF 29 (1839), DF 32 (1838), DF 33 (1840, publ. 1840), DF 39 (1832, publ. 1832), DF 40 (1834)
  • Symfoni nr. 1, g-Moll (1795-1805) DF 117 Full Score/Manuscript; Symfoni nr. 4, e-Moll (1795-1817) DF 120 Full Score/Manuscript
  • Symphony No. 5 in E-flat major, DF 121, in full score

White, Adolphus Charles (1830–1902)

  • Song "April rain" (pub.ca.1882)

Whithorne, Emerson (1884–1958)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Symphony No.2, Op.56 (published 1940)
  • String Quartet "Greek Impressions", Op.19 (published 1923)

Whiting, George Elbridge (1840–1923)

  • Midnight; Cantata for four solo voices, chorus and orchestra (vocal score published. Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1893)

Wichmann, Hermann (1824–1905)

  • Piano Trio in E-flat major, Op.10 (Berlin: Guttentag, 1845)
  • Violin Sonata in D major, Op.16 (Berlin: Guttentag, 1852)
  • String Quartet in F minor, Op.17 (Berlin: Bote und Bock, 1852)
  • String Quartet in E-flat major, Op.19 (Leipzig: Kistner, 1854)
  • String Quartet in F major, Op.33 (Berlin: Bahn, 1873; Ries & Erler, 1884)
  • String Quintet in C major, Op.35 (Berlin: Ries & Erler, 1885)
  • Piano Sonata in C minor, Op.55 (Berlin: Ries & Erler, 1895)

Wichtl, Georg (1805–1877)

  • String Quartet, Op.3 (p.1832)
  • Concerto (vn w/pf), Op.24 (p.1863)

Wickede, Friedrich von (1834–1904)

  • Per aspera ad astra, Concert-overture, Op.121 (pub.1900)
  • 2 Mazurkas, Op.69 for piano (Rothe, 1877)

Wickenhausser, Richard (1867–1936)

  • Cello sonata in F, Op.18 (pub.1902) (HMB 1902, p.68.)
  • Suite Op.24 for strings (pub.1902 in reduction)

Widerkehr, Jacques (1759–1823)

  • String Quintets (one was pub. by Imbault ca.1807)
  • Violin and Cello Duos Op.1 etc. (ca.1787, etc.)

Widor, Charles-Marie (1844–1937)

  • Symphony No.3 for Organ and Orchestra, op.69 - Full score and Parts (1897, Schott)
  • Trois Nouvelles Pièces op. 87 (1934, Durand)
(An exceptionally large number of requests for works by Widor, Charles-Marie were removed to: the composer’s discussion page. Please read the wishlist guidelines on what constitutes unreasonable requests.)

Wieniawski, Henri (1835–1880)

  • Polonaise no. 1 in D Major for violin and piano
  • Violin Concerto No. 1 in F# Major (Score)

Wieniawski, Józef (1837–1912)

Certain posthumous works may be copyrighted in Canada, and works first published in 1929 or later may be copyrighted in the United States. See public domain.

  • String Quartet in A minor, Op.32 (pub by Kahnt, 1882 & 1913)
  • Symphony in D, Op.49 (pub. 1890)
  • Guillaume le Taciturne, Overture, Op.43 (pub. by Schott, 1887)
  • 6 Pièces romantiques, Op.39
  • Mazourka de Concert, Op.41
  • 24 Études de mécanisme et de style for Piano, Op.44
  • Song without words in E♭ minor (was not published; manuscript?)
  • Songs

Wiklund, Adolf (1879–1950)

  • Violin Sonata Op.5 in A minor (p.1905)
  • Andante Op.6 for Violin and Piano (also published 1905)

Willan, Healey (1880–1968)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

Willner, Arthur (1881–1959)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Suite for violin & piano, Op.32
  • String Quartet, Op.50 (PD-CA only??)
  • Violin Sonata in E-flat major, Op.91 (PD-CA only??) (all @ UDK Berlin)
  • 400-Jahr-Suite für Streichorchestre, Op.58 (ms @ ÖNB)
  • Erweckung : für Bariton-Solo, gemischten Chor und Orchester (reduction and full score in ms @ ÖNB)
  • Fugen-Suite für Orchester (pub.1931) dedicated to Romain Rolland
  • 2 Sonatas Op.23 for 2 violins. Madrigal-Verlag, 1920.

Wilms, Johann Wilhelm (1772–1847)

  • Piano Sonata, Op.13 (pub. by 1808)
  • Piano sonata with flute obligato, Op.33 (pub. 1810s)
  • Symphony (Simphonie) No.3 Op.14 in E-flat (pub. by Hummel by 1809.) (mostly at Dutch and Danish libraries) (No.2 Op.10 in F is lost)
  • Symphony No.4 Op.23 in C minor (Breitkopf, 1812 (according to AMZ acc. to cpo notes, but premiered by 1807))
  • Symphony (Simphonie) No.5 Op.52 (56?) in D (pub. by Hummel ca.1814-19)
  • Symphony No.6 in D minor Op.58 (Breitkopf, ca.1820)

(note: symphony 7 not published until the 2000s according to cpo notes for syms. 1 &4...- 1820s autograph at Openbaar U. Amsterdam)

  • Piano Concerto Op.17 in C (pub. 1811 at latest)
  • Piano Concerto No.3 Op.55 (parts @ Utrecht University, ca.1821, Breitkopf, plate 3347)
  • Piano Quartet Op.30 (published by Friedrich Hofmeister ca.1812, plate 233, @ Utrecht) (piano quartet in F Op.30, just recorded on cpo)
  • Piano Trio Op.6 (Hummel plate 1179, ca.1802, @Utrecht)

Wilsing, Daniel Friedrich Eduard (1809–1893)

  • Symphony in D major (by 1832) (ms. copy at Schumann-Haus, Zwickau)
  • Caprice in C major, Op.6 (Berlin: Bote & Bock, 1840)
  • Piano Sonata in F-sharp minor, Op.7 (Berlin: Bote & Bock, 1843) — @Württembergische Landesbibliothek, Stuttgart; Danish Lib. Aarhus
  • Fantasia in F-sharp minor, Op.10 (Berlin: Bote & Bock, 1842)
  • Humoreske in canonischer Form, Op.11 (Berlin: Paez, 1850)
  • De Profundis (Psalm 129). (Berlin: Schelsinger, 1853)

Wilson, H. Lane (1871–1915)

  • The Two Beggars (for piano, tenor and baritone/bass, vocal duet) - vocal score for piano, tenor and bass

Wilson, Mortimer (1876–1932)

  • Echoes from Childhood, Op. 4 (Philadelphia: T. Presser, 1912)
  • Sonata for Violin and Piano, Op. 14 (Boston: Boston Music Co., 1914)
  • 7 Preludes for Organ, Op. 7 (Boston: Boston Music Co., 1916)
  • In Georgia, Op. 25 (New York: Bryant Music Co., 1917)
  • Romance for violin and piano (Boston: Boston Music Co., 1917)
  • From the Hickory and the Cotton: Seventeen American Tunes for organ (New York: Composers' Music Corp., 1920)
  • Sonata in C Major, Op. 17 for organ (New York: Composers' Music Corp., 1920)
  • Tubulariana for brass sextet (New York: J. Fischer & Bro., 1921)
  • Fiddlers Four for violin quartet (New York: J. Fischer & Bro., 1921)
  • Pipes and Reeds for woodwind sextet (New York: J. Fischer & Bro., 1921)
  • Overture New Orleans: Mardi Gras, Op. 64 for orchestra (New York: G. SChirmer, 1921)
  • Miniature Suite, Op. 22 for 2 violins and viola (cello ad. libium) (New York: J. Fischer & Bro., 1921)
  • Overture "1849", Op. 71 for orchestra (New York: J. Fischer, 1923)
  • My Country: A Scenic Fantasy, Op. 71 for orchestra (New York: J. Fischer, 1923)
  • Miniature Suite, Op. 22 for piano (New York: J. Fischer, 1950)

Wiltberger, August (1856–1928)

  • Op.40 - 136 kurze u. leicht ausführbare Orgelstücke in den Kirchentonarten über Choralmotive. Zum Gebrauche als Vorspiele zu den Introiten des römischen Graduale. (Regensburg, Pustet. 1889). CVK No.1271
  • Op.43 - Elementar-Orgelschule. (Sch. in D.). CVK No.1367
  • Op.61 - 20 kurze und leicht ausführbare Orgel-Trio. (Düsseldorf: Schwann. 1895).
  • Op.65 - 10 Orgel-Trio. (Düsseldorf: Schwann 1896).
  • Op.126 - Sonata in D minor for Violin (1st position) and organ (published by Schwann, 1909)
  • Op.127 - 2 Light String Quartets, (pub.ca.1909?)

Winding, August (1835–1899)

  • Symphony, Op.39 (pub.1894 acc. Sibley in reduction)
  • Violin Sonata No.2, Op.35 (pub.1888/89)

Windsperger, Lothar (1885–1935)

  • 2 Sonatas for Cello Solo (in D major, D minor) (pub.1917)
  • Sonata for Violin Solo (p.1920)
  • Requiem, Op.47 (p.1929)
  • Piano sonata in C minor (pub.1917)
  • Piano sonata no.2? in C, Op.28 (pub. by 1922)
  • Piano Trio in B minor (Schott, 1919)
  • Rhapsodie-Sonate (cello, piano) Op.20 (©1924)
  • Cello Sonata No.1 in D (pub.1917) (not the solo sonata)
  • Concert overture in G "Lebenstanz" (©1919) (@Fleisher. Ded. to Hermann Abendroth)
  • Violin Concerto, Op.39 (pub. 1928, Schott. Performed around Dec.1927 in Düsseldorf) (NYPL, BSB)
  • Piano Concerto, Op.30 (?)

Winkler, Aleksandr (1865–1935)

  • Air finnois varié for violin and orchestra, Op.18 (pub.1913)

Winkler, Max Joseph (1810–1884)

Winter, Peter von (1754-1825)

Winterberger, Alexander (1834–1914)

  • In Memoriam for piano, Tongedicht, Op.136 (published 1909, Pabst)
  • Piano Sonata, Op.1 (pub.ca.1858)

Winter-Hjelm, Otto (1837–1931)

  • Fest-Marsch (pub.1883)
  • 2 Symphonies (ms?)

Witkowski, Georges Martin (1867–1943)

  • Symphony in D minor (composed ca.1888?, pub. 1901/2) (recently - 2014? -repub. by Musikp. Höflich) (note: BdlF 1902 p.77.)
  • Symphony No.2 in A (major or minor?) (pub.ca.1912)
  • Le poème de la maison : poème lyrique en cinq parties (soloists, choral, orchestral) (after Louis Mercier) (1912-14) (©1919)
  • Mon lac : prélude, variations et final : pour piano et orchestre (©1923)

Wittenbecher, Otto (1875–1948)


  • Cello Concertino, Op.20 (published by Kahnt, 1912)
  • Romanze a-Moll : für Violoncello und Pianoforte (Bosworth, 1899)
  • Andante religioso for cello and organ, Op.8 (Rahter, 1903)

Wittmann, Gustave-Xavier (1843–1920)

(ca.1843 - ca.1920. BNF has 1920, but ca.1922-3+ seems more likely from copyright registrations, &c. including things for which he would have had to show up in person.)

  • Méthode élementaire pour grosse caisse et cymbales (pub.1921?)
  • Méthode élémentaire de trompette (pub.1913?)
  • Air varié pour cornet à pistons (et orchestre) (pub.1878?)

Woelfl, Joseph (1773–1812)

  • 6 String Quartets, Op.51 (so far, just the viola pt)
  • Piano sonata, Op.27 No.1 in D minor
  • 3 Piano sonatas, Op.54
  • Sonata with obbligato flute, Op.13 (pub.1802, Traeg)
  • Symphonies Opp.40&41 (pub.1808)

Woets, Joseph Bernard (1783–1878)

(category should probably be moved to Woëts, Joseph-Bernard- will change this if so)

  • Thème allemand varié, Op.27
  • Isaure, romance (pub.1824)
  • Fantaisie et variations sur l'Air des Folies d'Espagne pour piano, Op.9 (pub.ca.1810? by Imbault)
  • Grande sonate, Op.30
  • Sonate pathétique, Op.106
  • Piano Concerto No.3, Op.40 (pub.1823)

Wohlfahrt, Franz (1833–1884)

  • Easiest Elementary Method For Beginners, Op. 38
  • 40 Elementary Studies, Op. 54
  • 50 Easy And Melodic Studies, Op. 74

Wolf, Ernst Wilhelm (1735–1792)

  • original work for the piece uploaded as 'Funeral Anthem'
  • Keyboard Concerto No.1 in G minor, Op.7 (pub.1782)

Wolf, Hans (1888–1965)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.
Hans Bodo Friedrich Wolf, also known as Bodo Wolf.

  • String Quartet in E, Op.16 (pub.1919)
  • Ouvertüre in D für großes Orchester, Op.12 (pub.1918)

Wolf, Hugo (1860-1903)

List_of_works_by_Hugo_Wolf leaves 57 or so songs unaccounted for, grouped as Lieder aus der Jugendzeit and Nachgelassene Lieder. A number are included in collections and just need to be indexed, but a group of Heine settings, Mädchen mit dem roten Mündchen, Du bist wie eine Blume, Wenn ich in deine Augen seh, Spätherbstnebel, kalte Träume, Mit schwarzen Segeln, Sterne mit den goldnen Füßchen, & Wie des Mondes Abbild zittert is among the missing. Richard Mix 08:35, 16 October 2017 (CEST)

Wolf, Leopold Carl (1859–1932)

  • Symphony, Op.8 (pub.1884)
  • Piano Trio, Op.10 (pub.1885/86)
  • Serenade for Strings, Op.30 (pub.1898)
  • Frühlingsphantasie for violin and orchestra, Op.31 (published by André, 1909)

Wolf-Ferrari, Ermanno (1876–1948)

  • 4 Rispetti, Op. 11
  • 4 Rispetti, Op. 12
  • Canzoniere, Op. 17
  • String Quartet in E minor, Op.23 (published 1940, perhaps earlier) (a digitized version seems to be available already? BSB manuscript) There are two earlier string quartets from the 1890s in manuscript, apparently.
  • String Quintet, Op.24 (performed 1942 in Salzburg - NZM refers to it as a string quartet in C major - ©1942 by Leuckart. PD-CA/EU presumably.)
  • Sinfonia brevis Op.28 (1947) (note: Wikipedia article (in Russian))

Wolfermann, Albert (1844–1908)

  • Serenade Op.18.

Wolff, Erich Jaques (1874–1913)

  • Violin Concerto, Op.20 (pub.1909 by Verlag Harmonie)

Wolfrum, Philipp (1854–1919)

  • Cello Sonata, Op.6

Wolfsohn, Juliusz (1880–1944)

(See German, Russian Wikipedias)

  • 2 Doppelgriffstudien, nach der etüde v. Fr. Chopin. (pub.1911)

Wolkonsky, Serge (1860–1937)

Also known as Sergei Mikhailovitch Volkonsky

  • Mazurka for piano duet, Op.7. published by Grude, Leipzig in 1898.

Wolstenholme, William (1865–1931)

  • Sonata in the Style of Handel
  • Bohemesque
  • Scherzo in F

Wood, Charles (1866–1926)

  • Suite in the Ancient Style (1915?)
  • Prelude and Fugue in G minor
  • Violin Sonata (pub.1927)

Wood, Frederick (1880–1963)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Scenes in Kent
  • Scenes in Northumberland
  • Scenes on the Downs
  • Scenes on the Wye

Wood, Haydn (1882–1959)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Piano Concerto in D minor (1909) full Orchestral score or Two Piano Reduction

Wood, Henry Joseph (1869–1944)

  • Fantasy on British Sea Songs

Wood, William G. (1859–1895)

  • Concert Overture in C minor for organ
  • Toccata in D minor for organ
  • Allegro in C for organ
  • Postlude in D for organ
  • Three Canons for organ
  • Introduction and Air with Variations for organ
  • Allegro in the Form of a Minuet for organ
  • Six Short Pieces for organ
  • Concert Fantasia and Fugue for organ

Woollett, Henry (1864–1936)

  • Violin Sonata No.2 in E major (pub. by Hamelle, plate J 3088 H. Composed 1892, pub.1894.)
  • Octet in C minor (manuscript, 1911 @ New England Conservatory)
  • Violin Sonata No.5 in C minor (1918. Senart, ©1922)
  • String Quartet in B minor (1928. Senart, ©1929)
  • Concertstück (Avril-Mai 1903) pour violoncelle et orchestre ou piano (Costallat, 1911)
  • Prélude et variations for piano (1913)

Wormser, André (1851–1926)

  • "Sigurd de E. Reyer, fantaisie, paraphrase pour piano d'après la scène des Elfes et des Valkyries" (pub.1885, G. Hartmann)

Wöss, Josef Venantius (1863–1943)

  • Piano Sextet, Op.46 (pub.1912) (UE 3767; parts & score at ÖNB.)
  • String Quartet in F major (manuscript @ ÖNB. Possibly published?)

Wottitz, Theodor (1875–1937)

  • I' pfeif' auf meine Alte! Jux Marsch. Text und Musik (voice, piano), Op.165 (Bosworth, 1912)
  • "Im Rosenpavillon". Ein herziges Lied für Verliebte. Text von Rose von Wildbrandt. Op.255 (Robitschek, 1919)

Woyrsch, Felix (1860–1944)

  • Symphonic Prolog after Dante, Op.40 (1891, pub. 1892)
  • Violin Concerto in D minor, Op.50 "Skaldische Rhapsodie" (Berlin : Chr. Friedrich Vieweg, c1904 (hmb 1904 p243). at FLP)
  • Symphony No.1 in C minor, Op.52 (pub. 1908)
  • Hamlet-ov., Op.56 (©1913 Leuckart)
  • String Quartet in C minor, Op.63 (1927)
  • String Quartet in E major, Op.64 (1929, Simrock)
  • Piano Trio in E minor, Op.65 (Simrock, 1927, plate 14895)
  • Piano Quintet in C minor, Op.66 (1927) (sc&pts: plate 14919, edition 807 Simrock)
  • Totentanz (©1905)
  • Da Jesus auf Erden ging : ein Mysterium, Op.61 (©1916, Simrock) (Bremen, Schwerin)

Wranitzky, Anton (1761–1820)

  • Cello Concerto in D minor
  • Concerto for violin and cello with orchestra

Wranitzky, Paul (1756–1808)

  • Cello Concerto, Op.27 (piano reduction or score)
  • Concertino for Oboe & Cello in D (lost?)
  • Flute Concerto in D, Op.24 (early(ish), not modern, ed.)

Wüerst, Richard (1824–1881)

  • Symphony No.1 Preis-Sinfonie in F major, Op.21 (pub.1852)
  • Violin Concerto in A, Op.37 (pub.1861) (Strasbourg lib.)
  • 3 String Quartets, Op.33 (in A minor, D major and G major) (pub.1860)
  • Russian Suite, Op.81 (pub. Erler, 1881)
  • Symphony No.2? in C minor, Op.36 (pub. 1862)
  • Symphony No.3? in D minor, Op.52 or 54 (Free Library of Philadelphia) (pub. ca.1869-1870)
  • Variationen : über ein Originalthema für Orchester, Op.50 (p.1869.)

Wüllner, Franz (1832–1902)

  • Chorübungen
  • Miserere, Op.26 (1870)
  • Piano Sonata No.1 in D minor, Op.6 (pub. Rieter-Biedermann, 1858)
  • Piano Trio in D, Op.9 (Schott, 1861)
  • Piano Sonata No.2 in E major, Op.10 (pub. Rieter-Biedermann, 1863)
  • Violin Sonata in E minor, Op.30 (pub.Gotthard, 1870)
  • Masses opp.20, 29 (pub. 1870, 1874)

Wunderlich, Johann Georg (1755-1819)

Also known by Jean-Georges Wunderlich, Vounderlich, Wonderlich, Wounderlich, Johann Georges Wunderlich, and many other variants.

  • Méthode de Flûte (1804)
  • 4 Duets for 2 flutes

Wurm, Mary (1860–1938)

  • Forty Daily Exercises (First published: Leipzig, R. Forberg, 1911)
A collection of piano exercises for the left hand alone
  • Sexten-Etude en Walzerform, Op. 52 (published 1915, R. Forberg)
  • Piano Concerto (parts @ Library of Congress, US)

Ysaÿe, Eugène (1858–1931)

  • String Quartet
  • Quintet
  • Violin Concerto No. 8 (pub. Cinedisc Music, 1975)

Note: Ysaÿe wrote his eight violin concertos in the days of his youth. Later he called them "shenanigans" and demolished (????) them. Only the 8th concerto was rescued, reconstructed, and orchestrated by his grandson, Jacques Ysaÿe. There is a recording from 2007 played by Albrecht Laurent Breuninger. (Amendment- see Juilliard Library manuscript holdings. The concertos look incomplete but not very demolished.)

  • Cadenza for the Brahms Violin Concerto

Ysaÿe, Théo (1865–1918)

  • Symphony, Op.14 (published 1908)
  • Les abeilles : 2me esquisse symphonique, op.17 (composed 1910, published perhaps ca.1913 or 1914)
  • 2nd symphony (holograph score scanned by B-Br) (1914. in B-natural major, it seems)
  • String Quartet
  • Requiem
  • Exercises and Scales --- if you mean the Exercices et gammes : Travail journalier : Op. posth published in 1967 these are not by Théo Ysaÿe, they're by his brother, so I'm not sure why they're under Théo.

Zander, Daniel (1823–1905)

  • 3 Lieder for soprano or tenor, Op.3 (Breitkopf, 1858 or 1859)
  • Andante für Oboe, Violine, Violoncello und Orgel (Kühn, ca.1870)

Zanella, Amilcare (1873–1949)

  • Aura, opera in 3 acts (publ. 1910)
  • Fantasia e grande fugato sinfonico a quattro soggetti per orchestra e pianoforte, op. 25 (p.1903)
  • Festa campestre (bozzetto per orch.) (publ.1907)
  • Inno-marcia : Canto e grande orchestra (publ. 1916)
  • 2 Leggende for piano, Op.47 (publ. ed 1909, C&J)
  • Messa di requiem, a tre voci d'uomo con accompagnamento d'organo (od armonio) op. 63 (p.1917)
  • Il passero solitario: Studio per pianoforte (dal canto di Giacomo Leopardi) (1889, publ. 1919)
  • Piano Quintet, Op.64 (publ.1918)
  • Piano Sonata, Op.70 (publ.1920)
  • Une drôle de chanson, Op.30 for piano (publ. 1907 by C&J)
  • Violin Sonata in F minor, Op.71 (p.ca.1916?) (apparently _unpublished_. Recording exists based on a modern critical edition from the manuscript.)

Zech, Frederick (1858–1926)

  • String Quartets 1897, 1902
  • 5 Symphonies ? – 1893
  • 6 concertos (for piano, violin, viola) (last written 1907) (no publications known? It is possible that while his ms. are at the Zech collection his music may not be elsewhere yet.)
  • Clarinet Sonata

Zech, Fritz (1875–after 1911)

  • Piano Quartet Op.12 (ms.? 1909. see Antiquities.)
  • String Quartet in F minor Op.14 (in some libraries...)

Zech, Markus (1727–1770)

  • Concerto for flute in D (1766? GroF 567.) (GroF - Gronefeld, Ingo: Die Flötenkonzerte bis 1850. Ein thematisches Verzeichnis. Vol.1-4.) Various ms copies of Zech concertos etc. at Einsiedeln & Engelberg libraries. (Many other works also, poss. interesting)

Zech, Philipp Jacob (1728–1803)

Better known as Chrysogonus Zech or Tegurini, Padre di Baviera.

  • Vespers, Op.1 (mostly complete published parts at Beromünster)

Zeckwer, Camille W. (1875–1924)

  • Piano Quintet, Op.5 (pub.1900 Breitkopf)
  • Poème for violin and piano (pub. 1924)
  • Violin sonata no.2, Op.7 (pub.1900, Breitkopf) (sonata no.1 op.2 of 1894 exists in manuscript as does a string quartet, a piano concerto op.8, a piano quartet op.9, etc.) in LoC
  • Suite in E minor for violin and piano (Carl Simon, 1897) in LoC

Zeisl, Erich (1905-1959)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • 7 Lieder for voice and piano (pub. 1936, Doblinger)
  • Scherzo & Fugue for string orchestra (pub. 1937, Universal-Edition)
  • Sonata Barocca for piano (pub. 1955, Doblinger)
  • Violin Sonata ("Brandeis-Sonate") for violin and piano (pub. 1955, Doblinger)

Zelenka, Jan Dismas (1679–1745)

  • Sonata 3 From ZWV 186 edited by Christian Schönbaum

Full Score/Manuscripts:

  • ZWV 28 Kyrie D minor for a 4; 2Ob.; 2Vn.; 2Va.; B.c. Composed ?
  • ZWV 33 Credo G minor for SATB, soli & ch.; 2Ob.; 2Vn.; Va.; B.c. Composed: c. 1725.
  • ZWV 36 Sanctus (including parodies from Palestrina's 'Missa sine nomine') D minor for SSATTB, ch.; B.c. Composed: c. 1728.
  • ZWV 39 Agnus Dei G minor for SATB, soli & ch.; 2Ob.; 2Vn.; Va.; B.c. Composed: ?
  • ZWV 83 In exitu Israel (full score wanting)
  • ZWV 90 Laetatus sum
  • ZWV 203 Lamentationes (listed among Lost, Doubtful, or Falsely Attributed Works)

Żeleński, Władysław (1837–1921)

  • Ov. W Tatrach, Op.27 (pub.1883)

Zellner, Julius (1832–1900)

  • Piano Trio, Op.5 (Gotthard, 1870)
  • Symphony, Op.7 - full score - available @ Google
  • Melusine, Op.10. 5 sinfonische Stücke (Gotthard, 1872)
  • Cello Sonata, Op.11 (Gotthard, 1872)
  • Violin Sonata, Op.20 (Spina, 1877)
  • String Quartets No.1, Op.14 and No.2, Op.34 (pub. 1871, 1887)
  • Cello Sonata No.2, Op.22 (Wedl, 1880)
  • Sinfonietta, Op.26 (Wedl, 1880)
  • Piano Trio No.2, Op.25 (Wedl, 1881)
  • Violin Sonata No.2, Op.31 (Wedl, 1881)
  • Variationen über ein Thema J.S. Bach’s, Op.33 (Wedl, 1882)
  • Piano Concerto, Op.12 (Gotthard, 1882)

Zelter, Carl Friedrich (1758–1832)

Zemlinsky, Alexander von (1871–1942)

  • Skizze (for solo piano, published 1896)
  • 6 Gesänge, Op.12 (published 1914)
  • Sinfonietta, Op.23 (published 1935. Note: Wikipedia-ru)

The following items are ineligible to be added due to copyright status:

  • The Mermaid (Die Seejungfrau), Fantasy for Orchestra (1903, published 1984)
  • Op.22, Sechs Lieder für Singstimme und Klavier (1934) "Elfenlied" (set published 1977, it seems.) (may be PD-EU)
  • 3 Pieces for Cello and Piano (1891) (first published 2005 in an edition by Antony Beaumont)
  • Lyrische Symphonie, Op.18 (Orchestral Part Scores)
  • Sinfonietta, Op.23 (Full Score and Orchestral Part Scores)

Zenger, Max (1837–1911)

Archive.org has two books of his.

  • Piano trio in D minor op.17 (at BSB, not yet? scanned though) (pub.1877)
  • Cello sonata op.90 (at BSB, cop.? 1905) - transcription of the uploaded horn sonata.
  • 4-hand sonata in A major op.33 (also at BSB. pub.1879)
  • Tragic ov. op.42 (pub.1885)
  • Adagio concertante for cello and orchestra op.65 (pub.1890) (Free Library of Philadelphia)
  • 2 symphonies (good question...)
  • Eros und Psyche (lyrisches Musikdrama in 3 Aufzügen, pub.1898)

Zerlett, Johann Baptist (1859–1935)

  • Op.119. Pharao. Ballade für Männerchor. Köln, Tonger, 1908. (note: Zerlett's Op.220s were published in the 1890s. This doesn't show up in HMB, but maybe it shows up in AMZ or somewhere earlier than 1908. Or maybe it's by a different JB Zerlett (was there a Jr?) Of course, publication dates could sometimes be really weird.)
  • Op.112. Das Grab am Busento: „Nächtlich am Busento lispeln“ f. Männerchor, deutsch u. französ. (Leuckart, 1892)

Zeuner, Karl Traugott (1775–1841)

  • Piano Concerto No.1, Op.12 (pub.by 1817 by Breitkopf und Härtel) (reviewed in AMZ in 1817) (VIAF mentions two other KT Zeuner piano concertos.)

Zichy, Géza (1847–1924)

  • Aus meinem Leben : Erinnerungen und Fragmente (published in instalments between 1911 and 1913 by Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt of Stuttgart)

Zilcher, Hermann (1881–1948)

  • Symphony No.1, Op.17 (pub.1920)
  • Violin Concerto in B minor, Op.11 (pub.1907)
  • Klage, konzertstück, Op.22 (pub.1920)
  • Symphony No.2 in F minor, Op.23 (pub.1923)
  • Doktor Eisenbart : Komödie in drei Akten, Op.45 (pub.1921)
  • An mein Deutsches Land, vorspiel (orchestra, chorus ad lib.) Op.48 (pub.1923)
  • Hölderlin, symphonic cycle for tenor or baritone and orchestra, Op.28 (published by Breitkopf, 1919 or 1920?)
  • Konzert in h-Moll : in 2 Sätzen : für Klavier u. Orch., Op.20 (published 1925 in score, B&Härtel)
  • Marienlieder, Op.52a, liederzyklus (published 1925, B&Härtel) (Opp.20 (score) & 52a: Hofmeister's Monatsbericht (1925), p.123. Fleisher claims ©1925 for the former.)
  • Eichendorff-zyklus, Op.60 (©1928, Breitkopf & Härtel)

Zilcher, Paul (1855–1943)

Zimmermann, Agnes (1847–1925)

  • Cello Sonata, Op.17

Zingel, Rudolf Ewald (1876–1944)

  • Opera "Persepolis" (pub.1913) (@NYPL, elsewhere)
  • Psalm 121 (pub.ca.1910) (@SLUB)
  • Romanze : G moll : für Violine und Klavier (©1917)
  • Vorspiel zu einem Drama : für Orchester (©1916 Leuckart?) (in the collection of Stabikat Berlin)
  • Ave verum corpus : Chor der Mönche aus dem Chorwerk "Der wilde Jäger", Op.13 (at a few mid-European libraries)
  • 3 Pieces for Piano (pub.1899, Bratfisch)

Zöllner, Heinrich (1854–1941)

  • Symphony No.1 in E-flat major, Op.20
  • Symphony No.2 in F (major?), Op.100 (pub.1912 by Schweers & Haake of Bremen) (parts at BSB)
  • Waldphantasie for orchestra, op.82 (pub. 1902–3 by Breitkopf und Härtel. Partitur-Bibliothek nr. 1738. Score @ ÖNB.)
  • Symphony No.3 in D minor "Im Hochgebirge", Op.130 (pub.1913, Schweers & Haake.) ( @ LB Münster . See WorldCat. Also BSB, Newberry)
  • Serenade for Strings and Flute in C, op.95 (pub.1908, R&E)
  • String Quartet No.5 in G, Op.139 (published 1925 (see Hofmeister's Monatsbericht (1925), p.123.))
  • String Quartet No.1? in C minor, Op.91 (pub. 1906)
  • Mateo Falcone, opera, Op.70
  • Der Schützenkönig, spieloper (vocal score @ÖNB)
  • Das Lob des Herrn, Op.84 (pub. 1903, Wernthal)
  • Opera Bei Sedan, Op.64 (and orchestral fantasia Mitternacht bei Sedan- the interlude between the first two acts- performed in Boston February 1896)
  • Tragische sinfonie no.4 in E minor Op.140 (autograph score at BSB, premiered Freiburg, 1916. Possibly not published until the 1930s however- parts at BSB.)
  • Symphony 5
  • Symphony 6 "Der Rhein"? (1937)

Zöllner, Richard (1896-1954)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Quartet No.4, Op.27 (pub.1924. HMB 1924, p.170) (PD-US, CA)

Zolotarev, Vasily (1872–1964)

Works are generally in the public domain in Canada, although not in the EU. US copyright status depends on publication and registration details. See public domain.

  • Phantasie-Ouverture, Op.22 (pub. 1907 by Belaieff)
  • Symphony No.1, Op.8 (pub.1903) - parts (full score uploaded)
  • Symphonies 2-7 (as available?)
  • Cello Concerto (red. pub. 1963)
  • String Quartet No.6 (pub.1959) na russkie narodnye temy

Zumsteeg, Johann Rudolf (1760–1802)

  • Cello Concerto in A Major
  • Multiple cantatas published by Breitkopf posthumously (eg nos 11-17 in 1805)

Zweers, Bernard (1854–1924)

  • Psalm 104 (setting published ca.1909 or maybe 1884)
  • Symphony No.1 (1881. Maybe not published? Ms at NMI.)
  • Violin sonatas (in ms. only? 1871 in A, 1873, 1873)
  • Romance for violin and piano in G (composed 1897)
  • Overture "Saskia" in F major (1906)

Zweig, Otto (1874–1942)

  • Capriccio in E minor, Op.1

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