Apollonian Harmony (Various)

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Publisher. Info. London: Thompson's Music Warehouse, n.d.(ca.1790).
Misc. Notes Printed for A. & P. Thompson, No 75 St Paul's Church Yard, ca. 1790
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Arrangements and Transcriptions

Apollo and the Muses ("As the Delian God to fam'd Helicon") (Volume 1, No.1)

For Soprano, Alto, Baritone or Bass

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Arranger Anonymous
Editor Meg Noah
Publisher. Info. Meg Noah, 2024.
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General Information

Work Title Apollonian Harmony
Alternative. Title Apollonian Harmony: a Collection of scarce & celebrated Glees, Catches, Madrigals, Canzonetts, Rounds, & Canons, Antient & Modern, with some Originals, Composed by Aldrich, Arne, Atterbury, Battishall [sic], Boyce, Brewer, Dibdin, Eccles, Est, Giardini, Green, Handel, Harrington, Hayes, Hook, Morley, Nares, Purcell, Ravenscroft, Travers, Webbe, and other eminent Masters; most of which are sung at the Noblemens' Catch-Club, Theatres, & Public Gardens. The Words consistent with Female Delicacy. Be Merry and Wise.
Composer Various
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Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 2 volumes
  • Volume 1
  1. Anonymous: Apollo and the Muses ("As the Delian God to fam'd Helicon") [glee, a3] [p.2]
  2. Webbe: Merry and Wise ("I love to be merry and wise") [catch, a4] [p.4]
  3. Smart: The Happy Fellow ("With my juggling in one hand") [glee, a3] [p.6]
  4. Hayes: Melting Airs ("Melting airs soft joys inspire") [glee, a4] [p.8]
  5. Arne: Hush to Peace [glee, a3] [p.9]
  6. Webbe: Heigh Ho ("Heigh ho! says Jenny") [catch, a3] [p.11]
  7. Hayes: The Rose ("Child of summer, lovely rose") [glee, a3] [p.12]
  8. Aldrich: Hark! the bonny Christ Church bells [catch, a3] [p.15]
  9. Webbe: The Moon and Woman, in these points agree [catch, a3] [p.16]
  10. Arne: Elegy on the Death of Mr. Shenstone [Elegy, a4] [p.17]
  11. Hayes: When Flora decks the mantling bowers [catch, a3] [p.21]
  12. I.C. Lampe (presumably Charles Lampe): If you trust before you try [catch, a3] [p.21]
  13. Webbe: Surely that's the tender youth/charming maid [canzonett, a2] [p.22]
  14. Battishill: Amidst the Myrtles as I Walk [canzonett, a2] [p.23]
  15. Purcell: Fie, Nay, Prithee John [catch, a3] [p.24]
  16. Lawes: Great Tom is cast [catch, a3] [p.24]
  17. Purcell: Come all, come all to me [duett, a2] [p.25]
  18. Hayes: Let the French hop and sing [canzonett, a2] [p.26]
  19. Hayes: Oh ever against eating cares [canon, 3 in 1] [p.29]
  20. Giardini: Viva tutte le vezzose [glee, a3] [p.30]
  21. Webbe: Now we are met let mirth abound [catch, a3] [p.31]
  22. Hayes: Give me but my bottle, my girl, and my friend [canon in the unison, a3] [p.32]
  23. Anonymous (possibly Garth): Care thou canker of our joys [catch, a3] [p.33]
  24. Hayes: Chairs to mend, old chairs to mend [catch, a3] [p.33]
  25. Webbe: A bachelor wou'd have a wife [catch, a3] [p.34]
  26. Hayes: To a Bride ("Bloom of beauty, early flower") [catch, a3] [p.35]
  27. Bates: Sir, you are a comical fellow [catch, a3] [p.36]
  28. Ravenscroft: We be soldiers three [glee, a3] [p.37]
  29. Hook: Hush, hush, the god of love here sleeping lies [canzonett, a3] [p.38]
  30. Hayes: Wind, Gentle Evergreen [Epitaph, a3] [p.39]
  31. Anonymous: Drink to me only with thine eyes [glee, a3] [p.40]
  32. Hayes: May the King forever live [canon, 5 in 1] [p.41]
  33. Purcell: Soldier, Soldier, Take Off Thy Wine [catch, a4] [p.44]
  34. Boyce: Long live King George, most happy days to see [catch, a4] [p.44]
  35. Brewer: Why shou'd not we three be merry? [catch, a3] [p.45]
  36. Purcell: Let's live good honest lives [catch, a3] [p.45]
  37. Handel: When Phoebus the tops of the Hills does adorn from English Songs [duett, a2] [p.46]
  38. Greene: The Fly ("Busy curious thirsty fly") [duett, a2] [p.47]
  39. Eccles: Wine does wonders every day [glee, a3] [p.48]
  40. Greene: Hail! green fields and shady woods [catch, a3] [p.49]
  41. Anonymous: While Adam slept from him his Eve arose [catch, a4] [p.50]
  42. Anonymous: Yah atchee oh ha ("Yawning, sneezing, crying, laughing") [catch, a4] [p.50]
  43. Edwards: When griping grief the heart would wound [Antient glee, a4] [p.50]
  44. Hayes: A catch that is merry and gay [catch, a3] [p.52]
  45. Dibdin: Far from the world on a strange soil from The Islanders [catch, a3] [p.53]
  46. Anonymous: A boat, a boat, haste to the ferry [catch, a3] [p.53]
  47. Webbe: If Eve in her innocence [catch, a3] [p.54]
  48. Hayes: In a domestic tete-a-tete [catch, a3] [p.55]
  49. Harington: Now we're met like jovial fellows [glee, a3] [p.56]
  50. Baildon: Ye heavens, if innocence deserves your care [catch, a3/For three Ladies] [p.57]
  51. Harington: How great is the pleasure [catch, a3] [p.58]
  52. Greene: Come, come, all noble souls [catch, a3] [p.58]
  53. Atterbury: Sweet enslaver, can you tell [catch, a3] [p.59]
  54. Boyce: A blooming youth lies buried here [Epitaph, a3] [p.59]
  55. Carey (possibly): God Save the King [A Loyal Song, a3] [p.60]
  • Volume 2
  1. Hayes: Cobweb Breeches, Hedgehog Saddles [Toast, a3] [p.2]
  2. Purcell: I Gave Her Cakes [catch, a3] [p.2]
  3. Mornington: Twas You, Sir [catch, a3] [p.3]
  4. Purcell: Fear no danger to ensue from Dido and Aeneas [glee, a3] [p.4]
  5. Hayes: Haste, ye soft gales [round, a3] [p.5]
  6. Berg: Not a day more than thirty [catch, a3] [p.5]
  7. Purcell: While Bolts and Bars My Days Control [song, 2 voices] [p.6]
  8. Webbe: As Thomas was cudgel'd one day by his wife [catch, a4] [p.8]
  9. Anonymous: To Portsmouth, it is a gallant town [Antient round, a4] [p.9]
  10. Pasquali: O happy solitude! [glee, a3] [p.10]
  11. Anonymous: Toby Reduced ("Dear friend, this brown jug that now foams") [glee, a3] [p.14]
  12. Purcell: Jack thou'rt a Toper [catch, a3] [p.16]
  13. B.Thomas: Tho' you are young and I am old [glee, a3] [p.17]
  14. Giardini: Beviamo tutti Tre, una la volta [glee, a3] [p.18]
  15. Ives: Come honest friends & jovial boys [catch, a3] [p.19]
  16. Purcell: Fairest Isle, of Isles excelling [song, 2 voices] [p.20]
  17. East: How merrily we live that shepherds be [glee, a3] [p.21]
  18. Atterbury: Pretty maidens, buy my fairings [catch, a3] [p.23]
  19. Hayes: On a Scolding Wife ("Here rests my wife") [Epitaph, a4] [p.24]
  20. Anonymous: Adieu vain joys & fond desire [glee, a3] [p.25]
  21. Greene: I've lost my mistress, horse & wife [catch, a3] [p.26]
  22. Blow: Go perjur'd man & if thou e'er return [song, 2 voices+b.c.] [p.27]
  23. Carissimi: Dite O cieli si crudeli [duet, 2 voices+b.c.] [model for preceding song] [p.30]
  24. Hayes: Art longa, vita brevis [round, a3] [p.31]
  25. Berg: How happy are we now [catch, a3] [p.32]
  26. Anonymous: There lies a pudding in the fire [Antient catch, a3] [p.32]
  27. Hilton [not "T. Hilton"]: Turn Amarillis to thy swain [round, a3] [p.33]
  28. Brewer: Go, Damon go, Amarilis bids adieu [round, a3] [p.33]
  29. Ravenscroft: We be three poor mariners [glee, a3] [p. 34]
  30. Lawes: Gather you rose buds [glee, a3] [p.36]
  31. Hayes: Hail! flow'ry mead, soft purling rill [round, a3] [p.36]
  32. Arne: Which is the properest day to drink [glee, a4] [p.37]
  33. Ives: Now we are met let's merry, merry be [glee, a3] [p.40]
  34. Nares: Wilt thou lend me thy mare to go a mile? [catch, a3] [p.40]
  35. Howard: Ye chearful virgins, have you seen [song/harmonized, a3] [p.41]
  36. Baildon: Adieu to the village delights [glee, a3] [p.42]
  37. Carey: In these groves of content and tranquility [glee, a3] [p.44]
  38. Hayes: This tomb be thine, Anacreon [Epitaph, a3] [p.45]
  39. Tallis: Like as the doleful dove [madrigal, a4] [p.46]
  40. Holcombe: When here, Lucinda, first we came [song/harmonized, a4] [p.48]
  41. Webbe: A genrous friendship no cold medium knows [glee, a5] [p.50]
  42. Morley: Sweet nymph, come to thy lover [duet, a2] [p.52]
  43. Carter: Come my boys, let's sing a catch [The Royalty Catch, a3/sung by Mess. Bannister, W. Palmer & Arrowsmith] [p.53]
  44. Anonymous: Follow me, my jovial boys [catch, a3] [p.55]
  45. Arne: Rise, rise, glory rise [song/harmonized, a3] [p.56]
  46. Travers: Doubtless the pleasure is as great [catch, a3] [p.60]
  47. Anonymous: Hold thy peace, and I prithee hold thy peace, thou knave [Antient catch, a3] [p.60]
First Publication. 1790 ca.
Language English, Italian
Piece Style Classical
Instrumentation 2-5 voices

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Other composers (without IMSLP pages): Carter (which?), B. Thomas.