Franz Schubert's Werke (Schubert, Franz)

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Serie IV. Quintett für Streichinstrumente

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Editor Eusebius Mandyczewski (1857-1929)
Publisher. Info. Franz Schubert's Werke, Serie IV, No.[1]
Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, 1890. Plate F.S. 22.
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Serie XX. Sämtliche einstimmige Lieder und Gesänge

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9 more: Band II • Band III • Band IV • Band V • Band VI • Band VII • Band VIII • Band IX • Band X

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Editor Eusebius Mandyczewski (1857-1929)
Publisher. Info. Franz Schubert's Werke, Serie XX, No.1-603
Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, 1894-95. Plate F.S. 304-969.
Reprinted New York: E.F. Kalmus, n.d.(1933).
Misc. Notes IMSLP #481354 (Band VII): Die schöne Müllerin is a scan of the original 1895 publication.

IMSLP #481553 (Band IX) is a scan of the original 1895 publication, originally scanned at about 160dpi, converted to 600dpi monochrome.
IMSLP #481683 (Band X): Auf dem Strom and Der Hirt auf dem Felsen are a scan of a Lea Pocket Scores reprint.

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General Information

Work Title Franz Peter Schuberts Werke
Alternative. Title Kritische durchgesehene Gesamtausgabe
Name Translations Franz Schubert's Works; 旧シューベルト全集
Authorities Wikipedia
Composer Schubert, Franz
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 21 series in 33 volumes, plus Revisionsbericht (Series XXII) in 12 volumes
First Publication. 1884–1897
Selected volumes were reprinted by New York: Dover Publications, 1965
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Romantic
Piece Style Romantic
Instrumentation various




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A dagger (†) signifies the first edition of the work. Parts for orchestral or chamber works were printed with a * after the plate number: e.g. F.S.1*.

Series I: Symphonies [for orchestra] (Symphonien [für Orchester])

Editor: Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Critical commentary: Volume 1, pp.1-26, 1890.

Volume 1

Score: 250 pages, 1884. F.S.1-4.
  1. pp.1-64: Symphony No.1, D.82†
  2. pp.65-142: Symphony No.2, D.125†
  3. pp.143-90: Symphony No.3, D.200†
  4. pp.191-250: Symphony No.4, D.417† (2nd movement published 1871)

Volume 2

Score: 260 pages, 1885. F.S.5-8.
Notes: D.759 and D.944 are referred to as No.7 and No.8, respectively, in the Deutsch catalogue. D.944 is usually referred to as No.9 in English-speaking countries; a sketch for a symphony in E major (D.729) is usually referred to as No.7.
  1. pp.1-48: Symphony No.5, D.485†
  2. pp.49-116: Symphony No.6, D.589†
  3. pp.117-238: Symphony No.9, D.944 (as Symphony No.7)
  4. pp.239-60: Symphony No.8, D.759

Series II: Overtures and Other Orchestral Works (Ouverturen und andere Orchesterwerke)

Editor: Johann Nepomuk Fuchs (1842-1899)
Score: 154 pages, 1886. F.S.9-18.
Critical commentary: Volume 1, pp.27-38, 1890.
  1. pp.1-12: Der Teufel als Hydraulicus, D.4†
  2. pp.13-30: Overture in D major, D.26†
  3. pp.31-46: Overture in B-flat major, D.470†
  4. pp.47-62: Overture in D major, D.556†
  5. pp.63-82: Overture in the Italian Style, D.590†
  6. pp.83-100: Overture in the Italian Style, D.591
  7. pp.101-40: Overture in E minor, D.648†
  8. pp.141-46: 5 Minuets, D.89†
  9. pp.147-53: 5 German Dances, D.90†
  10. p.154: Minuet in D major, D.86†

Series III: Octets (Octette)

Editor: Eusebius Mandyczewski (1857-1929)
Score: 82 pages, 1889. F.S.19-21.
Critical commentary: Volume 1, pp.39-50, 1890.
  1. pp.1-68: Octet in F major, D.803† (parts for movements 1, 2, 3 and 6 engraved before 1851, published March 1853)
  2. pp.69-80: Octet in F major, D.72† (2nd and 3rd movements)
  3. pp.81-82: Eine kleine Trauermusik, D.79†

Series IV: String Quintet (Quintett für Streichinstrumente)

Editor: Eusebius Mandyczewski (1857-1929)
Score: 44 pages, 1890. F.S.22.
Critical commentary: Volume 1, p.51, 1890.
Notes: Series IV, V and VI were originally sold together.
  1. String Quintet, D.956

Series V: String Quartets (Quartette für Streichinstrumente)

Editors: Joseph Hellmesberger Sr. (1828-1893) and Eusebius Mandyczewski (1857-1929)
Score: 286 pages, 1890. F.S.23-37.
Critical commentary: Volume 1, pp.52-83, 1890.
  1. pp.1-10: String Quartet in G minor, D.18†
  2. pp.11-18: String Quartet in C major, D.32† (1st and 3rd movements)
  3. pp.19-36: String Quartet in B-flat major, D.36†
  4. pp.37-52: String Quartet in C major, D.46†
  5. pp.53-70: String Quartet in B-flat major, D.68†
  6. pp.71-92: String Quartet in D major, D.74†
  7. pp.93-108: String Quartet in D major, D.94
  8. pp.109-28: String Quartet in B-flat major, D.112
  9. pp.129-46: String Quartet in G minor, D.173
  10. pp.147-64: String Quartet in E-flat major, D.87
  11. pp.165-82: String Quartet in E major, D.353
  12. pp.183-90: String Quartet in C minor, D.703 (1st movement)
  13. pp.191-214: String Quartet in A minor, D.804
  14. pp.215-50: String Quartet in D minor, D.810
  15. pp.251-86: String Quartet in G major, D.887

Series VI: String Trio (Trio für Streichinstrumente)

Editor: Eusebius Mandyczewski (1857-1929)
Score: 4 pages, 1890. F.S.38.
Critical commentary: Volume 1, pp.84-86, 1890.
Notes: For the String Trio in B-flat major, D.581, see Series XXI (Supplement)
  1. String Trio in B-flat major, D.471

Series VII: Piano Quintet, Quartet and Trios (Pianoforte-Quintett, -Quartett [und -Trios])

Editor: Ignaz Brüll (1846-1907)
Critical commentary: Volume 1, pp.87-88, 1890.

Volume 1 (Piano Quintet and Quartet)

Score: 77 pages, 1886. F.S.48-49.
Notes: Plate numbers F.S.39-47 appear to have no work associated with them.
  1. pp.2-51: Piano Quintet in A major, D.667
  2. pp.52-77: Adagio e Rondo concertante, D.487

Volume 2 (Piano Trios)

Score: 117 pages, 1886. F.S.50-52.
  1. pp.2-45: Piano Trio in B-flat major, D.898
  2. pp.46-105: Piano Trio in E-flat major, D.929
  3. pp.106-17: Piano Trio in E-flat major, D.897

Series VIII: For Piano and one Instrument (Für Pianoforte und ein Instrument)

Editor: Ignaz Brüll (1846-1907)
Score: 161 pages, 1886. F.S.53-60.
Critical commentary: Volume 1, pp.88-90, 1890.
  1. pp.1-25: Rondo in B minor, D.895
  2. pp.26-39: Violin Sonata in D major, D.384
  3. pp.40-55: Violin Sonata in A minor, D.385
  4. pp.56-69: Violin Sonata in G minor, D.408
  5. pp.70-99: Fantasie in C major, D.934
  6. pp.100-19: Violin Sonata in A major, D.574
  7. pp.120-41: Introduction and Variations, D.802
  8. pp.142-61: Arpeggione Sonata, D.821

Series IX: For Piano-four-hands (Für Pianoforte zu vier Händen)

Editor: Anton Door (1833-1919)
Critical commentary: Volume 2, 1890?.

Volume 1 (Marches)

Score: 117 pages, 1888. F.S.61-67.
  1. pp.2-19: 3 Marches héroïques, D.602
  2. pp.20-55: 6 Grandes marches, D.819
  3. pp.56-69: 3 Marches militaires, D.733
  4. pp.70-77: Grande marche funèbre, D.859
  5. pp.78-93: Grande marche héroïque, D.885
  6. pp.94-115: 2 Marches caractéristiques, D.968b
  7. pp.116-17: Kindermarsch, D.928

Volume 2

Score: 229 pages, 1888. F.S.68-78.
  1. pp.2-13: Overture in F major, D.675
  2. pp.14-25: Overture, D.597
  3. pp.26-39: Overture, D.592
  4. pp.40-65: Sonata for Piano Duet in B-flat major, D.617
  5. pp.66-117: Sonata for Piano Duet in C major, D.812
  6. pp.118-35: Rondo in A major, D.951
  7. pp.136-49: Rondo in D major, D.608
  8. pp.150-67: 8 Variations on a French Song, D.624
  9. pp.168-93: 8 Variations on an Original Theme, D.813
  10. pp.194-215: Variations on a Theme from Hérold's 'Marie', D.908
  11. pp.216-29: Introduction, Variations and Finale, D.968a

Volume 3

Score: 259 pages, 1888. F.S.79-92.
  1. pp.2-37: Divertissement à la hongroise, D.818
  2. pp.38-55: Divertissement sur des motifs originaux français, D.823 (1st movement)
  3. pp.56-65: Divertissement sur des motifs originaux français, D.823 (2nd movement)
  4. pp.66-87: Divertissement sur des motifs originaux français, D.823 (3rd movement)
  5. pp.88-111: Allegro in A minor, D.947
  6. pp.112-35: Fantasie in F minor, D.940
  7. pp.136-59: 6 Polonaises, D.824
  8. pp.160-71: 4 Polonaises, D.599
  9. pp.172-75: 4 Ländler, D.814
  10. pp.176-79: Fugue in E minor, D.952
  11. pp.180-87: Sonatine, D.968†
  12. pp.188-223: Fantasie in G major, D.1†
  13. pp.224-33: Fantasy in G minor, D.9†
  14. pp.234-59: Fantasie in C minor, D.48† (movements 1-4 published 1871)

Series X: Sonatas for Piano (Sonaten für Pianoforte)

Editor: Julius Epstein (1832-1926)
Score: 293 pages, 1888. F.S.93-107.
Critical commentary: Volume 3, 1893.
  1. pp.2-15: Piano Sonata in E major, D.157†
  2. pp.16-29: Piano Sonata in C major, D.279†
  3. pp.30-39: Piano Sonata in A-flat major, D.557†
  4. pp.40-43: Piano Sonata in E minor, D.566† (1st movement)
  5. pp.44-59: Piano Sonata in B major, D.575
  6. pp.60-73: Piano Sonata in A minor, D.537
  7. pp.74-93: Piano Sonata in E-flat major, D.568 (2nd version)
  8. pp.94-109: Piano Sonata in A minor, D.784
  9. pp.110-33: Piano Sonata in A minor, D.845
  10. pp.134-45: Piano Sonata in A major, D.664
  11. pp.146-77: Piano Sonata in D major, D.850
  12. pp.178-203: Piano Sonata in G major, D.894
  13. pp.204-31: Piano Sonata in C minor, D.958
  14. pp.232-63: Piano Sonata in A major, D.959
  15. pp.264-93: Piano Sonata in B-flat major, D.960

Series XI: Fantasy, Impromptus, and other Piano Pieces (Phantasie, Impromptus und andere Stücke für Pianoforte)

Editor: Julius Epstein (1832-1926)
Score: 199 pages, 1888. F.S.108-123.
Critical commentary: Volume 4, 1894.
  1. pp.2-27: Fantasie in C major, D.760
  2. pp.28-57: 4 Impromptus, D.899
  3. pp.58-87: 4 Impromptus, D.935
  4. pp.88-103: Moments musicaux, D.780
  5. pp.104-11: Rondo in E major, D.506
  6. pp.112-23: 10 Variations in F major, D.156
  7. pp.124-33: 13 Variations on a Theme of Hüttenbrenner, D.576
  8. pp.134-35: Variation on a Waltz by Diabelli, D.718
  9. pp.136-37: Andante in C major, D.29
  10. pp.138-41: Piano Piece in A major, D.604
  11. pp.142-45: Adagio in E major, D.612
  12. pp.146-49: Allegretto in C minor, D.915
  13. pp.150-69: 3 Klavierstücke, D.946
  14. pp.170-89: 3 Piano Pieces, D.459a
  15. pp.190-97: 2 Scherzos, D.593
  16. pp.198-99: March in E major, D.606

Series XII: Dances for Piano (Tänze für Pianoforte)

Editor: Julius Epstein (1832-1926)
Score: 157 pages, 1889. F.S.124-150d.
Appendix (Anhang): 4 pages, F.S.150e.
Critical commentary: Volume 5, 1890 ca.
  1. pp.2-13: 36 Originaltänze, D.365
  2. pp.14-27: 38 Waltzes, Ländler and Ecossaises, D.145
  3. pp.28-33: 18 German Dances and Ecossaises, D.783
  4. pp.34-47: Valses sentimentales, D.779
  5. pp.48-53: Wiener Damen-Ländler und Ecossaisen, D.734
  6. pp.54-59: 12 Valses nobles, D.969
  7. pp.60-65: 12 Grazer Waltzer, D.924
  8. pp.66-81: 20 Waltzes, D.146
  9. pp.82-87: 12 German Dances, D.790
  10. pp.88-93: 17 Ländler, D.366
  11. pp.94-101: 12 German Dances, D.420 and 8 Ecossaises, D.529 (includes only 5 ecossaises; the other 3 are in Series XXI)
  12. pp.102-05: 8 Ländler, D.378
  13. pp.106-07: 6 German Dances, D.970
  14. pp.108-09: 3 German Dances, D.971
  15. p.110: 3 German Dances, D.972
  16. pp.111-12: 3 German Dances, D.973
  17. p.113: 2 German Dances, D.974
  18. p.114: 2 German Dances, D.769
  19. p.115: German Dance, D.722
  20. p.116: German Dance, D.975
  21. p.117: German Dance and Ecossaise, D.643
  22. p.118: Cotillon, D.976
  23. pp.119-22: Galop and Ecossaises, D.735
  24. pp.123-24: Grazer Galopp, D.925
  25. pp.125-28: 12 Ecossaises, D.781 (Nos.2-12)
  26. pp.129-31: 8 Ecossaises, D.977
  27. pp.132-33: 6 Ecossaises, D.421
    1. pp.134-35: 6 Ecossaises in A-flat major, D.697 (Nos.1-4, 6)
    2. p.136: Ecossaise, D.158
    3. pp.137-56: 20 Minuets, D.41
    4. p.157: Trio in E major, D.610
    5. pp.158-61: Appendix: Early versions of Valses sentimentales, D.779 (Nos.1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 12, 14, 33); 18 German Dances and Ecossaises, D.783 (No.6); and 20 Waltzes, D.146 (Nos.2, 13)

Series XIII: Masses (Messen)

Editor: Eusebius Mandyczewski (1857-1929)
Critical commentary: Volume 6, 1887.

Volume 1 (Nos.1-4)

Score: 252 pages, 1887. F.S.151-154.
  1. pp.1-120: Mass in F major, D.105
  2. pp.121-56: Mass in G major, D.167
  3. pp.157-208: Mass in B-flat major, D.324
  4. pp.209-52: Mass in C major, D.452

Volume 2 (Nos.5-7)

Score: 341 pages, 1887. F.S.155-157.
  1. pp.1-166: Mass in A-flat major, D.678
  2. pp.167-324: Mass in E-flat major, D.950
  3. pp.325-41: Deutsche Messe, D.872

Series XIV: Small-scale Sacred Works (Kleinere Kirchenmusikwerke)

Editor: Eusebius Mandyczewski (1857-1929)
Score: 226 pages, 1888. F.S.158-178.
Appendix (Anhang): 1 page. F.S.179.
Critical commentary: Volume 7, 1890.
  1. pp.1-8: Totus in corde langueo, D.136
  2. pp.9-16: Salve Regina, D.223
  3. pp.17-22: Salve Regina, D.676
  4. pp.23-28: Tres sunt, qui testimonium dant in coelo, D.181
  5. pp.29-36: Gradual, D.184
  6. pp.37-38: Tantum ergo, D.739
  7. pp.39-42: Tantum ergo, D.460
  8. pp.43-46: Tantum ergo, D.750
  9. pp.47-58: Salve Regina, D.106
  10. pp.59-76: Auguste jam coelestium, D.488
  11. pp.77-100: Magnificat, D.486
  12. pp.101-08: Stabat Mater, D.175
  13. pp.109-74: Stabat Mater, D.383
  14. pp.175-88: Kyrie in D minor, D.31
  15. pp.189-202: Kyrie in D minor, D.49
  16. pp.203-14: Kyrie in F major, D.66
  17. pp.215-17: Deutsches Salve Regina, D.379
  18. pp.218-19: 6 Antiphonen zum Palmsonntag, D.696
  19. pp.220-23: Salve Regina, D.811
  20. pp.224-25: Salve Regina, D.386
  21. p.226: Kyrie in B-flat major, D.45
  22. p.227: Appendix: Tantum ergo, D.962 (sketch)

Series XV: Stage Works (Dramatische Musik)

Editor: Johann Nepomuk Fuchs (1842-1899)
Critical commentary: Volume 8, 1890 ca.

Volume 1 (No.1)

Score: 341 pages, 1893. F.S.180.
  1. Des Teufels Lustschloss, D.84

Volume 2 (Nos.2-4)

Score: 383 pages, 1893. F.S.181-183.
  1. pp.1-108: Der vierjährige Posten, D.190
  2. pp.109-68: Fernando, D.220
  3. pp.169-383: Die Freunde von Salamanka, D.326

Volume 3 (Nos.5-6)

Score: 357 pages, 1893. F.S.184-185.
  1. pp.1-111: Die Zwillingsbrüder, D.647
  2. pp.113-357: Die Verschworenen, D.787

Volume 4 (Nos.7-8)

Score: 480 pages, 1893. F.S.186-187.
  1. pp.1-341: Die Zauberharfe, D.644
  2. pp.343-480: Rosamunde, D.797

Volume 5 (No.9)

Score: 531 pages, 1893. F.S.188.
  1. Alfonso und Estrella, D.732

Volume 6 (No.10)

Score: 537 pages, 1893. F.S.189.
  1. Fierabras, D.796

Volume 7 (No.11-15)

Score: 418 pages, 1893. F.S.190-194.
  1. pp.1-106: Claudine von Villa Bella, D.239
  2. pp.107-200: Der Spiegelritter, D.11
  3. pp.201-314: Die Bürgschaft, D.435
  4. pp.315-64: Adrast, D.137
  5. pp.365-418: Das Zauberglöckchen, D.723

Series XVI: Works for Male Chorus (Für Männerchor)

Editor: Eusebius Mandyczewski (1857-1929)
Score: 204 pages, 1891. F.S.195-236.
Appendices I-IV (Anhang I-IV): 22 pages. F.S.237-240.
Critical commentary: Volume 9, 1891.
  1. pp.1-10: Nachtgesang im Walde, D.913
  2. pp.11-23: Hymnus an den heiligen Geist, D.948 (2nd version, formerly D.964)
  3. pp.24-40: Gesang der Geister über den Wassern, D.714
  4. pp.41-49: Das Dörfchen, D.598 (2nd version, formerly D.641)
  5. pp.50-58: Die Nachtigall, D.724
  6. pp.59-64: Geist der Liebe, D.747
  7. pp.65-75: Frühlingsgesang, D.740
  8. pp.76-82: Naturgenuss, D.422
  9. pp.83-88: Gondelfahrer, D.809
  10. pp.89-90: Bootgesang, D.835
  11. pp.91-92: Zur guten Nacht, D.903
  12. pp.93-97: Widerspruch, D.865
  13. pp.98-107: Nachthelle, D.892
  14. pp.108-18: Ständchen, D.920 (1st version)
  15. pp.119-27: Im Gegenwärtigen Vergangenes, D.710
  16. pp.128-30: Trinklied, D.75
  17. pp.131-32: Trinklied, D.267
  18. p.133: Bergknappenlied, D.268
  19. pp.134-36: La pastorella al prato, D.513
  20. pp.137-38: 4 Gesänge, D.983 (No.1)
  21. pp.138-39: 4 Gesänge, D.983 (No.2)
  22. p.139: 4 Gesänge, D.983 (No.3)
  23. pp.139-40: 4 Gesänge, D.983 (No.4)
  24. pp.141-43: Wehmut, D.825
  25. pp.144-47: Ewige Liebe, D.825a
  26. pp.148-52: Flucht, D.825b
  27. pp.153-56: Mondenschein, D.875
  28. pp.157-62: Schlachtlied, D.912
  29. pp.163-65: Trinklied aus dem 16. Jahrhundert, D.847
  30. pp.166-68: Nachtmusik, D.848
  31. pp.169-72: Frühlingsgesang, D.709
  32. pp.173-74: Der Geistertanz, D.494
  33. pp.175-79: Gesang der Geister über den Wassern, D.538 (2nd setting)
  34. pp.180-84: Lied im Freien, D.572
  35. pp.185-86: Sehnsucht, D.656
  36. pp.187-89: Ruhe, schönstes Glück der Erde, D.657
  37. pp.190-93: Wein und Liebe, D.901
  38. p.194: Der Entfernten, D.331
  39. p.195: Die Einsiedelei, D.337
  40. p.196: An den Frühling, D.338
  41. pp.197-98: Grab und Mond, D.893
  42. pp.199-204: Hymnus an den heiligen Geist, D.948 (1st version, formerly D.941)
  43. pp.205-10: Appendix I: Wer ist gross?, D.110
  44. pp.211-14: Appendix II: Beitrag zur fünfzigjährigen Jubelfeier des Herrn von Salieri, D.407
  45. pp.215-22: Appendix III: Gesang der Geister über den Wassern, D.714 (1st version, formerly D.704)
  46. pp.223-26: Appendix IV: Das Dörfchen, D.598 (1st version)

Series XVII: Works for Mixed Chorus (Für gemischten Chor)

Editors: Josef Gänsbacher (1829-1911) and Eusebius Mandyczewski (1857-1929)
Score: 250 pages, 1892. F.S.241-259.
Critical commentary: Volume 10, pp.1-6, 1892.
  1. pp.1-108: Lazarus, D.689 (fragment)
  2. pp.109-37: Kantate zu Ehren von Josef Spendou, D.472
  3. pp.138-41: Am Geburtstage des Kaisers, D.748
  4. pp.142-51: Namensfeier für Franz Michael Vierthaler, D.294
  5. pp.152-55: Glaube, Hoffnung und Liebe, D.954
  6. pp.156-63: Gott im Ungewitter, D.985
  7. pp.164-66: Gott der Weltschöpfer, D.986
  8. pp.167-69: Hymne an den Unendlichen, D.232
  9. pp.170-97: Mirjam's Siegesgesang, D.942
  10. pp.198-211: Gebet, D.815
  11. pp.212-17: Des Tages Weihe, D.763
  12. pp.218-24: An die Sonne, D.439
  13. pp.225-27: Die Geselligkeit, D.609
  14. pp.228-30: Der Tanz, D.826
  15. pp.231-40: Kantate für Irene Kiesewetter, D.936
  16. pp.241-43: Begräbnislied, D.168
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Series XVIII: Works for Female Chorus (Für Frauenchor)

Editors: Josef Gänsbacher (1829-1911) and Eusebius Mandyczewski (1857-1929)
Score: 33 pages, 1891. F.S.260-265.
Critical commentary: Volume 10, pp.7-8, 1892.
  1. pp.1-2: Coronach, D.836
  2. pp.3-9: Psalm 23, D.706
  3. pp.10-19: Gott in der Natur, D.757
  4. pp.20-30: Ständchen, D.920 (2nd version, formerly D.921)
  5. p.31: Das Leben, D.269
  6. pp.32-33: Klage um Ali Bey, D.140

Series XIX: Small-scale Vocal Works (Kleine Gesangswerke)

Editors: Josef Gänsbacher (1829-1911) and Eusebius Mandyczewski (1857-1929)
Score: 93 pages, 1892. F.S.266-301.
Appendices I-II (Anhang I-II): 4 pages. F.S.302-303.
Critical commentary: Volume 10, pp.9-12, 1892.
  1. pp.2-13: Die Advokaten, D.37
  2. pp.14-36: Der Hochzeitsbraten, D.930
  3. pp.37-47: Kantate zum Geburtstag des Sängers Johann Michael Vogl, D.666
  4. pp.48-52: Zur Namensfeier des Vaters, D.80
  5. pp.53-56: Beitrag zur fünfzigjährigen Jubelfeier des Herrn von Salieri, D.407 (2nd version: D.441)
  6. p.57: Das Abendrot, D.236
  7. p.58: Punschlied, D.277
  8. pp.59-60: Trinklied, D.148
  9. pp.61-62: Vorüber die stöhnende Klage, D.53
  10. pp.63-64: Dessen Fahne Donnerstürme wallte, D.58
  11. pp.65-66: Hier umarmen sich getreue Gatten, D.60
  12. p.67: Selig durch die Liebe, D.55
  13. p.68: Wer die steile Sternenbahn, D.63
  14. p.69: Die zwei Tugendwege, D.71
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  18. p.74: Trinklied im Winter, D.242
  19. p.75: Frühlingslied, D.243
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Series XX: Lieder and Songs (Lieder und Gesänge)

Editor: Eusebius Mandyczewski (1857-1929)
Score: details on a separate wiki page (see link below)
Critical commentary: Volume 11, 1894.
See Franz Peter Schubert - Complete Works Edition/Band XX

Series XXI: Supplement

Editor: Eusebius Mandyczewski (1857-1929)
Score: 349 pages, 1897. F.S.970-1014.
Critical commentary: Volume 12, 1890 ca.

Instrumental Works (Instrumentalmusik)

  1. pp.1-22: Der Spiegelritter, D.11 (Overture only)
  2. pp.23-45: Overture in D major, D.12
  3. pp.46-72: Violin Concerto in D major, D.345
  4. pp.73-92: Rondo in A major, D.438
  5. pp.93-105: String Trio in B-flat major, D.581
  6. pp.106-19: Overture in G minor, D.668
  7. pp.120-35: Fierabras, D.796 (transcription of the Overture for piano 4-hands)
  8. pp.136-39: Piano Sonata in E major, D.154
  9. pp.140-59: Piano Sonata in D-flat major, D.567
  10. pp.160-63: Piano Sonata in F-sharp minor, D.571
  11. pp.164-71: Piano Sonata in C major, D.613
  12. pp.172-85: Piano Sonata in F minor, D.625
  13. pp.186-89: Piano Sonata in C-sharp minor, D.655
  14. pp.190-213: Piano Sonata in C major, D.840
  15. pp.214-19: Fantasie in C major, D.605
  16. pp.220-21: Allegretto in C minor, D.900
  17. pp.222-29: Allegretto in C major, D.346
  18. pp.230-32: Allegro moderato in C major, D.347
  19. pp.233-35: Andantino in C major, D.348
  20. pp.236-41: Allegro and Scherzo, D.570
  21. pp.242-43: Adagio in C major, D.349
  22. pp.244-47: Adagio in G major, D.178
  23. pp.248-55: 12 Viennese German Dances, D.128
  24. pp.256-57: Minuet in A major, D.334
  25. pp.258-59: Minuet in E major, D.335
  26. p.260: Minuet in D major, D.Anh.I/15 (formerly D.336; authorship doubtful)
  27. p.261: Minuet in C-sharp minor, D.600
  28. pp.262-63: 3 Minuets, D.380
  29. pp.264-66: 12 Ecossaises, D.299
  30. p.267: 8 Ecossaises, D.529 (includes only 3 ecossaises; the other 5 are in Series XII)
  31. p.268: Waltz in G major, D.844

Vocal Works (Gesangsmusik)

  1. pp.269-76: Tantum ergo, D.962
  2. pp.277-312: Intende voci, D.963
  3. pp.313-19: Gesang der Geister über den Wassern, D.705 (3rd setting, 2nd sketch)
  4. p.320: Fischerlied, D.364
  5. pp.321-24: Frühlingslied, D.914
  6. pp.325-29: Frühlingslied, D.919
  7. p.330 Unendliche Freude, D.51
  8. pp.331-32: Hier strecket der wallende Pilger, D.57
  9. pp.333-34: Ein jugendlicher Maienschwung, D.61
  10. p.334: Thronend auf erhabnem Sitz, D.62 (fragment)
  11. p.335: Majestätsche Sonnenrosse, D.64
  12. pp.335-37: Frisch atmet des Morgens lebendiger Hauch, D.67
  13. pp.337-40: Dreifach ist der Schritt der Zeit, D.43
  14. pp.341-49: Die Schlacht, D.387 (sketch)

Series XXII: Critical Commentary (Revisionsbericht)

See Schubert's Werke - Revisionsbericht