List of Compositions Featuring the Viola

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Studies, Methods and Collections

Viola Solo

Viola and Piano or Basso Continuo

Original Compositions

Transcriptions for Viola and Piano

From Violin

From Cello

From Clarinet

From Horn

From Viola da Gamba

From Viola d’amore

From Flute

From Voice

From Piano

From Organ

From Viola and Orchestra


Viola and Orchestra

Original Compositions

For 2 violas and orchestra


Chamber Music

Viola Solo and Chamber Ensemble

Viola Ensemble


Viola and Violin, or Viola and Violoncello: See List of Compositions for String Duo

Trios (Viola + 2 Instruments)

For viola with two string instruments, see List of Compositions for String Trio.

Other ensembles

Works for Viola Variants

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